Provincial and Local committees play a very important part in NSTU activities. All provincial committees report to the Provincial Executive.

Would you like to serve the NSTU at the Provincial Level?

The NSTU needs input from the widest-possible cross section of its members in order to make the most effective contribution to education. Members serve on most provincial standing committees for a maximum of two years,* so we are constantly in search of skilled and interested persons to make our committee structure operate successfully. Committee membership is open to Active and Active Reserve Members.

(*NSTU Operational Procedures state: Appointments to a committee will be for one defined term of two years. In extraordinary circumstances, an extension of one year is permissible.)

Most Committee appointments are made at the June meeting of the Provincial Executive. On occasion, a vacancy will occur during the year, when such vacancies arise information on the vacancy will be posted to the NSTU website and you may access the application form below.


We require replacements to fill vacancies on the following NSTU Committees


Comité de programmation acadienne: examiner la programmation et toute modification proposée à celle-ci en ce qui concerne les sites éducatifs acadiens sous la direction du CSAP; faire rapport de ses conclusions et fournir des recommandations au Comité exécutif provincial;

Deux membres (CSANE) pour combler les postes vacants dont le mandat expire le 31 juillet 2025

Group Insurance Trustees: oversees the operation of the NSTU Group Insurance Plan, which offers Life, Optional Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Total Care/Medical, Total Care/Dental, LTD, NSED Travel and Trip Cancellation, Critical Illness, EFAP, CAREpath, Senior Care Assistance Program, and Automobile and Home Insurance. NSTU members and PSAANS members are eligible to be appointed to this Committee.

An Insurance Trustee shall not hold or run for any elected office in the NSTU while serving as a Trustee.

One appointment will be made from the Chignecto Region (Colchester-East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou Locals as well as CSANE members that teach within the Chignecto Region) with a term to expire July 31, 2027

Program Development Assistance Fund Committee: reviews applications for financial assistance to support innovative curriculum projects and awards grants to successful applicants.

One member to fill a two-year term replacement ending July 31, 2024


You may apply online at the following link:

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The Nominating Committee will be accepting applications to Committees until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 9, 2022. If you have questions or concerns please email 



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Please note: If you need to cancel your room, please advise the NSTU prior to 11:59 a.m. TWO DAYS BEFORE the reservation.

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