Regional Elections

Procedures and Timelines for the Northside-Victoria  Regional By-Election:

NSTU Operational Procedure 9 – Election Procedures sub-section B outlines the voting procedures for Regional Provincial Executive Members in by-elections:

III.   Campaigning

  1. Campaign guidelines are as set out in NSTU Standing Orders and these Operational Procedures.
  2. Active campaigning for the office of Regional Provincial Executive Member may begin no sooner than the close of nominations.
  3. A one-page (8 ½ x 11) poster will be printed and circulated to NSTU Representatives within the Region by NSTU Central Office upon receipt from a candidate. An electronic copy of the poster shall be circulated, by NSTU Central Office, to members in the region.
  4. If a Local invites candidates to attend a Local meeting or event, the invitation must be extended to all candidates.
  5. Campaign spending by or on behalf of each candidate may not exceed two hundred dollars ($200). Candidates are solely responsible for all campaign spending.
  6. All candidates shall submit an official financial statement report form to the Executive Director or designate within sixty (60) days from the conclusion of the election. This report is to include an itemized list of expenditures.
  7. Suspected violations to these campaign guidelines shall be resolved in the following manner:
    1. suspected violations shall be reported to the Regional Electoral Officer, in a timely manner, for resolution;
    2. the Regional Electoral Officer will attempt to resolve the issue informally;
    3. if the Regional Electoral Office is able to resolve the issue informally no further action is required;
    4. if the Regional Electoral Officer is unable to resolve the issue informally the suspected violation shall be referred to the Executive Director or designate for resolution;
    5. the Executive Director or designate will attempt to resolve the issue informally;
    6. if the Executive Director or designate is able to resolve the issue informally no further action is required;
    7. if the Executive Director or designate cannot resolve the issue informally the Executive Director or designate shall make a ruling and inform candidates and the Regional Electoral Officer regarding this ruling, the ruling shall be final; and,
    8. rulings may include but are not necessarily limited to:
      1. a written warning,
      2. a notice of censure to other candidates,
      3. a public notice of censure to the membership, or
      4. removal from ballot.

V.    By-Election

Notwithstanding I, II, and IV above, in the event of a vacancy as outlined in NSTU By-Laws Article III – The Provincial Executive Section 7 – Vacancy, the following process shall be followed:

  1. At the Provincial Executive’s earliest convenience, they shall meet to set a closing date for nominations and a by-election date. Consideration shall be given to the timelines given above as well as the difficulty in holding a summer vote.
  2. Notice of the by-election shall be posted to the NSTU website and be sent to NSTU leaders from within the boundaries of the region.

        Northside-Victoria Regional By-Election:


        Nominations will open on Monday, October 24, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. and will close on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

        The official Nomination Form is submitted online at: Confirmation of receipt of the Nomination Form will be emailed to the Candidate upon submission. Candidates will be contacted soon after the close of nominations regarding election procedures.

        Voting Day

        The voting day is set for Wednesday, December 14, 2022  between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

        Contact Person:

        For further information regarding the 2022 Regional Provincial Executive Elections, contact Louis Robitaille Executive Staff Officer Research, Governance, and Policy at or 1-800-565-6788 (local 902-477-5621).