In-Province Teacher Exchange Program

The In-Province Teacher Exchange Program was initiated to provide a mechanism for teachers to experience new work environments through alternate teaching assignments in different geographical settings. Such work experiences may be beneficial to the professional growth of NSTU members by providing new challenges and opportunities in their teaching careers.


The In-Province Teacher Exchange Program has been in existence since the 1983-1984 school year. The program was negotiated on behalf of teachers between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Department of Education. Official documentation of the program is found in the Teachers' Provincial Agreement, Article 40 "In-Province Teacher Exchange Program."

Application Procedure

Click here to access the In-Province Teacher Exchange application form or contact the NSTU:  1-800-565-6788 or by email:

To apply for an extension click here.

Forward completed form to the NSTU Central Office by January 15 in any school year. Forms should be directed to:

Supervisory Committee
In-Province Teacher Exchange Program
Nova Scotia Teachers Union
3106 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3L 4L7

Selection Process

A Supervisory Committee made up of representatives from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is mandated to review all applications and make decisions regarding the status of each application.

Criteria used in the selection of exchanges are as follows: similar teaching positions; similar teaching experiences; similar teaching qualifications; similar extracurricular interests and complementary geographical site selection.


  1. Exchanges are organized on a position-to-position basis for permanent contract teachers for a one-year period.
  2. Exchanges cannot occur without the approval of the two employers involved.
  3. An exchangee remains in the employ of their own employer and continues to have salary remitted while on exchange.
  4. An exchangee retains all rights and privileges of their employer (service, increments, seniority).
  5. Notwithstanding #4, an exchangee has the responsibility to acquaint themselves with the conditions of employment of the host employer and must agree to abide by them. Should a disagreement occur, the exchangee shall be bound by the decision of the Supervisory Committee.
  6. Exchangees are responsible for their travel and accommodation requirements. However, exchange of living accommodations is encouraged in the program.
  7. An extension to an exchange may occur with the agreement of the employers involved and with the sanction of the Supervisory Committee.
  8. An exchangee must agree to return to the original employer for a full year of service following the exchange with the host employer.
  9. An exchangee is guaranteed their original teaching position upon return from the exchange subject to conditions of the regional agreement.

Important Dates

January 15 Application Deadline
by February 28 Meeting of Supervisory Committee to review applications
during March Notification to applications of application status
Notification to employers of possible exchanges

In the event of any conflict arising between the contents of this page and the Teachers' Provincial Agreement, the Agreement shall prevail.

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