Statutory, Quasi-Statutory and Contractual

Standing Committees required by law, allowed for by law, or required by agreement fall within this category of committees.

Discipline Committee

May adjudicate conduct of Union members which is inimical to the interests of the Union. Members are appointed at Annual Council.

  • Susan MacIntyre, Cape Breton District, 2019
  • Gale Doyle, Dartmouth, 2020
  • Mona MacNeil, Halifax County, 2020
  • Nadine Arnold, Colchester-East Hants, 2021
  • Chad Warren, Yarmouth, 2021
  • Janine Kerr, NSTU Staff Liaison

Distributed Learning Committee

  • Jeff Raine, Yarmouth, 2020
  • Eliza Abbass, Pictou, 2021
  • Vince Jessome, Inverness, 2022
  • Simon Wilkin, NSTU Staff Liaison

Professional Committee

Investigates charges of conduct unbecoming a member of the teaching profession. Appointed by NSTU Annual Council.

  • Tracey Langille-MacKinnon, Colchester East Hants, 2019 (1 year term replacement)
  • Lana Pothier, Annapolis, 2019
  • Madonna Abbass, Cape Breton District, 2020
  • Paul Syme, Kings, 2020
  • Lindsay Ross, Cape Breton District, 2021
  • Tara McCormick, CSANE, 2021
  • Janine Kerr, NSTU Staff Liaison

Program Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)

Committee Reviews applications for financial assistance to support innovative curriculum projects and awards grants to successful applicants.

  • Jodie MacIlreith, Halifax County, 2020
  • Krista Moore, Digby, 2021
  • Peter Oldreive, Department of Education
  • Roy Bourgeois, Department of Education
  • Miguelle Légère, Chair, NSTU Staff Liaison