Appropriate Online Cyberconduct

NSTU Policy


Electronic communication and online activity are prevalent in our education system and the community-at-large.  As such, the NSTU holds the following beliefs in regards to cyberconduct:

  1. Appropriate cyberconduct is the ethical, legal, and positive manner in which we conduct ourselves online and is part of ensuring a safe learning and working environment for our educational sites.
  2. Inappropriate cyberconduct should be discouraged and acted upon swiftly and decisively.
  3. Education is an essential part of promoting appropriate cyberconduct.
  4. Ensuring appropriate cyberconduct is a shared responsibility between educational stakeholders, government departments and agencies, and the community-at-large.

Reference: Resolution 2008-NB1, Reaffirmed 2009-104, Amended 2015-66, 2018-73, Reaffirmed January 2021