Pension Education

Short Video Presentations

We are still developing these short video presentations.  As they are completed, they will be linked below.

Presentation Handout
Canada's Retirement System
What is the Teachers' Pension Plan? What is the Teachers' Pension Plan?
Retirement Options Retirement Options
Survivor Pension Survivor Pension
Survivor Pension Options Survivor Pension Options
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Canada Pension Plan
Old Age Security (OAS) Old Age Security
Pension Accrual Pension Accrual
Pensionable Service Pensionable Service
Pension Contributions
Pension Member Statements
Calculating Your Pension
How to Estimate Your Pension
Pension Purchases and Transfers Pension Purchases and Transfers
The Flexible Pension Option Flexible Pension Option

Retirement Seminar Handouts

The NSTU provides a number of retirement seminars each school year for members who are within 5 years of retirement.  The handouts related to the NSTU presentations are updated at least annually. 


Session English Français Last Revised
Pension Structure Pension Structure Structure du régime de retraite September 2023
Money Management Money Management September 2023
Retirement Income Retirement Income Revenu de retraite September 2023
Insurance Insurance September 2023
Transitioning to Retirement Transitioning to Retirement Transition vers la retraite September 2023
Retired Teachers Organization Retired Teachers Organization September 2023
Miscellaneous Pension Matters Miscellaneous Pension Matters Questions diverses sur les pensions September 2023


Externally Hosted Information

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