NSTU Growth Grants fund teacher-directed professional learning opportunities for groups of two or more teachers wishing to pursue professional learning around themes of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

NSTU Growth Grants provide resources, including time, to support teachers in deepening their understanding of inclusion issues and advancing their teaching practice to support all students.    

Teachers are invited to identify and plan professional learning that makes sense for them.  Creativity and originality are encouraged but here are some ideas that you might consider:    

  • Professional learning workshops;
  • Teacher-to-Teacher visits for sharing best practices;
  • Invitation of guest speakers/presenters/workshop facilitators including community elders, cultural leaders, etc.;
  • Community connection pursuits to better understand students’ lived experience

 Funding will be awarded based on the merits of each application using the criteria described below. Additionally, regional representation will be a consideration.

Approved proposals are intended to be funded upfront by the teachers/school and reimbursed by the NSTU Growth Grants fund.  If fronting the costs is a barrier, please contact us so that we can make suitable arrangements to accommodate the implementation of your proposal.


Does the application clearly identify the impact the professional learning and growth will have on advancing inclusive education? How far will the project reach? What people? What systems and social structures? What difference will the professional learning make beyond what would happen without it?


Is the professional learning and growth clearly identified in the application? Are the objectives of the professional learning and growth likely to be achieved given the details laid out in the application? Does the application outline details such as timing, and any necessary supports or issues that need to be considered and mitigated?

Successful grants will be shared with the system in a format to be announced at a future date.

Click here to download the application form