NSTU Representatives

  1. A NSTU representative is an active member of the NSTU assigned to an educational site within the geographical or educational site boundaries of the Local.
  2. Each educational site shall elect a minimum of one NSTU representative. Educational sites with up to twenty-five (25) members may elect one representative. Educational sites with twenty-six (26) to fifty (50) members shall elect two; and educational sites with over fifty (50) members shall be entitled to the maximum of three representatives. The educational site shall be entitled to an equal number of alternate representatives.
  3. Under exceptional circumstances, a Local General Meeting may approve additional NSTU representatives at an individual educational site.
  4. The NSTU representative(s) shall be a member of the Local Council.
  5. List of duties for NSTU representatives. Because of the importance of regular communication with our members,

two key duties are:

a. Timely distribution and posting of NSTU information received through the provincial NSTU representative network
b. Timely distribution and posting of information received from your NSTU Local.

The NSTU representative will be called upon to:

c. Direct members’ requests to the appropriate Local or provincial support persons.
d. Coordinate annual membership registry data collection in his/her educational site.

Because of the principal’s leadership role within the educational site, it is important to:

e. Keep the principal informed regarding NSTU matters.
f. Request time on the staff meeting agenda for NSTU updates.

The NSTU representative will also be expected to:

g. Call other meetings when necessary.
h. Assist new members to become informed NSTU members. 

NSTU Operational Procedures

Membership Registry

Among the duties of an NSTU representative is the responsibility to keep the membership list for their site up-to-date within the Membership Registry. For further information on the Membership Registry and maintenance instructions click here.