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Membership Registry

NSTU reps should be updating the Membership Registry online and in real time.  When an NSTU rep updates the site list, the changes are immediately made to the database ensuring the Union's membership information is current and accurate. 

Individual members can also update all their personal, employment assignment and contact information themselves (see instructions below)

Membership figures are pulled from the Registry on the first Monday in December and the first Monday in March each year.  NSTU representatives are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the site information within the Membership Registry.  All site updates should be completed at least one week prior to each of the above mentioned dates and may be completed any time prior to that point.  The Site Management instructions below are intended to assist NSTU reps with this process.  Should you require additional information please contact NSTU Central Office.

Site Management Instructions - NSTU Representatives 

The instructions below are also available in PDF format with screenshots. 

Click here to access the PDF document.

Access your personal profile in the NSTU Membership Registry.  Click here to access to the Membership Registry ( Important Note:  Access to your profile is based on your NSTU web account username and password.)

Once you login a homepage will appear.  As an NSTU Rep you will be presented with two options.  You may either “Edit Profile” (your personal information) or “Edit Site”.  (Please Note:  NSTU Reps do not have the ability to self-identify. Local Presidents will identify these assignments.)

Edit Site

If you click on “Edit Site” you will be presented with the site list.

If a member on the list is no longer at the site, and you know the reason why, you should click on “Employment Status” and select the reason.  If the member has retired please check the “Retired” box.  If you are uncertain of the reason they are no longer at the site you may select “Unknown” from the dropdown list.

If you select “New Site” from the dropdown list another field will appear.  Once you begin to type a site name into the field it will present you with options.  Click on the name of the site and it will pop into the field.

If a member is missing from the site enter their professional or NSCC employee number into the field above the list that says “start typing to search”.  The system will present you with a list of names which will narrow down to a single name once all the digits have been input.  (In the case of NSCC Employee numbers the Registry may provide more than one choice if the number you are inputting is part of another Employee number – for example NSCC #329 is within #5329 or #83296).  When you see the name to be input, select it.  Once it replaces the number in the box select “Add”.  This will add the member to the bottom of the list.  (Note:  Once any changes are saved the name will move to the appropriate spot alphabetically.) 

If the member is NOT in the system you will receive the message “no match found”.  If this occurs please ensure that the member completes a “Membership Information” form and submit it to Central Office so that we may input them into the system.  Once they have been entered they will automatically appear on your site.   Until the member completes and submits the “Membership Information” form, that person will not be included in the membership database and; therefore, not in the Local’s membership numbers.  (NOTE:  “Membership Information” forms may now be completed and submitted electronically.  The forms are available on the NSTU website on the Membership Registry page, or under the menu item “Communications” – submenu item “Online Forms.”) 

In order to save any changes, you must click the “Save” button at the top of the page. Once this button has been clicked, any updates that have been made are saved.

When you are satisfied that all the necessary changes have been made to the list simply select the box for “submit completed information” then click the "Save" button.

Note:  Additional changes may still be made after both these steps.

FIRST TIME USERS - Personal Profile Access Instructions

  1. Access your personal profile in the NSTU Membership Registry. Click here to access the Membership Registry.
  2. The next screen will be the login page.  Login to your profile is based on your NSTU web account username and password.
  3. If you do not have an NSTU web account, activation has been automated.  You may activate a free account from the NSTU website.  Simply follow this link ( click here) to the page containing activation information.  Please read the information on the page carefully before activating your account.

Membership Information Forms to submit online:  Public School - English / French 

Membership Information Forms to download:  Public School - English / French 

If downloading the form to complete, you may fax the completed form to (902) 477-3517.

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-477-5621 or (800) 565-6788 (toll free)