Government's Glaze Report wants to increase teacher mobility and choice to work in any region in Nova Scotia by removing barriers.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this topic

How will the government address issues of seniority?

The Government is not being transparent with its procedural plan, but seniority is currently calculated very differently from board to board. For example, one key difference is when boards start to accrue seniority. It is uncertain whether accrual  will start at the beginning of your first term or when you are permanent. This will be an issue that the government must address.

Will those with greater seniority in other boards have greater rights than me?

The Government is not being transparent with its procedural plan, but the implementation of this recommendation will pick winners and losers based on their originating school boards and pit member against member.

Will relocation across the Province be a teacher’s choice or the Government’s choice?

The Government is not being transparent with its procedural plan, so the NSTU cannot comment at this point. Increased mobility and choice of region could have unintended negative consequences. Please feel free to ask your MLA to answer this question before agreeing to anything related to this recommendation.

How does the ability to move around the Province address the teacher shortage?

The NSTU does not see how the ability to move around the Province will create or even attract new teachers. It will have the opposite effect and will create teacher shortages.

Isn’t there already an In-Province Teacher Exchange?

Yes, teachers are currently able to apply for positions in other areas of the province if there is a vacancy or through In-Province Teacher Exchange. However, if the Government implements the recommendations, they will not be able to use the structures already in place, as negotiated through fair and collective bargaining.

Didn’t Avis Glaze say “This is not to be used as a means of ‘bumping’ younger teachers from their jobs.”?

The Government is not being transparent with its procedural plan, but current collective agreements include staffing articles that prevent “bumping”. The NSTU is unsure if Province-wide seniority will restrict younger teachers’ employment options or if younger teachers will likely be forced to move in order to fill vacancies.

I was really offended by Avis Glaze’s statement “I would encourage all who care about having outstanding teaching across the province to embrace this possibility.” Does she mean that there is not outstanding teaching happening without the mobility? Does the government support this statement?

The NSTU does not know what Dr. Glaze is implying with the statement ,or if the Government supports it, other than the Government has endorsed her report.

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