February 15, 2018

Statement from Liette Doucet

I spoke with Zach Churchill earlier today. While it is positive the Minister is willing to keep the lines of communications open, it is unfortunate he is still not open to doing the proper thing for our education system.

In essence the government’s position has not changed. As I have stated before teachers are not prepared to allow Stephen McNeil to do to our schools, what he has already done to our hospitals.

The Glaze report as presented will bring chaos to our education system at the expense of students. What is worse is that the government has taken our public education system down this path without any meaningful consultation. Our position remains the same, the government needs to halt the implementation of the Glaze report, and collaborate with teachers, students and parents to help create meaningful change in our schools. 

The collective voice of teachers and school administrators, the NSTU, has been hosting community meetings for the past two weeks. It is clear from these discussions that the public is not comfortable with the government’s implementation of the Glaze report.