February 15, 2018

Rushed implementation of the Glaze report unreasonable and irrational

Liette Doucet says teachers are taking a stand because they do not want the same turmoil in public education that Nova Scotia currently has in its health care system. She says adopting the Glaze report without consultation will bring chaos to our schools at the expense of students.

“This report will bring division to our schools. It will create a shortage of teachers in rural communities. It will create more unnecessary bureaucracy, and it will bring turmoil to the entire system,” says Doucet.

She believes the way the government has gone about implementing its plan is nothing short of “unreasonable and irrational.”

A responsible government does not throw the entire education system into chaos based on a hastily prepared consultant’s report that has not been seen by the public,” says Doucet. “Meaningful and positive change requires dialogue and consultation, that just has not happened. The manner in which the government has chosen to adopt this report gives the impression it does not have the best interests of students in mind.”

She adds, “there is still plenty of time for the Premier to do the right thing—put a stop to legislation—and start a transparent and reasonable process to improve education for students and their teachers.”