NSTU’s Dartmouth Local drops complaint against three members

The Dartmouth Local of the NSTU has dropped a complaint against three of its members. The Local made the decision last week, and registered letters were sent to the affected members on Friday, April 13.

The goal of the NSTU is to ensure members have access to a fair and impartial process whenever internal disputes arise. The process involving NSTU’s discipline committee is entirely independent of NSTU’s provincial executive. However, given recent media attention, it is important to ensure the public has the appropriate information.

While a formal complaint was filed, the complaint was dropped before it was reviewed by NSTU’s discipline committee. No sanctions were ever made.

As stated before, during the work-to-rule job action in 2017, directives were changed so students and teachers could participate in the Battle of Vimy Ridge 100-year anniversary celebrations. The NSTU was heartened that so many teachers and students from across Nova Scotia attended.