Zika Virus and Trip Cancellation


Zika Virus and Trip Cancellation

We are aware of the growing health threat in countries affected by the Zika virus. While the Zika virus is of little risk to most people, it poses a danger to pregnant women. The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that pregnant women and women considering becoming pregnant postpone travel to areas where the Zika virus has been confirmed.

The Government of Canada listed the Zika Virus as a Level 2 threat on January 15, 2016. According to Global Affairs Canada's 4-tier advisory system, trip cancellation without penalty would apply when the advisory reaches Level 3. That said, for groups with trip cancellation coverage, Medavie Blue Cross will honour trip cancellation claims for women who are pregnant and travelling to locations that the Government of Canada has identified as areas of risk when:

  • The airline carrier, travel agency, or credit card company will not provide a refund, travel credit or rebooking to an alternate destination
  • A physician confirmation is provided that the member or travel companion is and will continue to be pregnant during the period of travel, and
  • The trip was booked prior to January 16.

This approach is consistent with others in the industry. We expect the number of claims to be low, and for a relatively short period of time.

Members of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union who are covered by Medavie Blue Cross travel insurance and are considering filing a trip cancellation claim as a result of the Zika virus can contact CanAssistance at 1-800-563-4444.

Learn more about the Zika virus on the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website


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