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The items below are available free on request.  To view each item in a larger format simply click on the image.

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A. Well Done Certificates

A nice way to reward student achievement in academic, school or extracurricular activities.  Signed by the classroom teacher. Letter sized, white stock, English or French! (one per student)

B. Visitors Welcome Hello Cards

Greet visitors to your class and school.  Bright 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" card with space for your name and subject areas.  Perfect for Open Houses and Parent Teacher Conferences! (one per teacher)

C. Student Name Tags

Ideal for start of school or class travel off site.  Easy peel 'n' stick!  (English and French together.)

D. Mini Hello Cards

Class sets to introduce you as the homeroom teacher.  Purse or wallet size; space for school phone/fax number; the NSTU Code of Ethics: Teacher and Pupil is excerpted on the back.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Tips for Teachers)

A useful pamphlet chock full of ideas and guidelines for meeting with parents, whether the conference is to report on a student's progress or to respond to a crisis. Prepared in conjunction with the other Atlantic teacher organizations.




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