NSTU Guidebook & Operational Procedures

The NSTU Constitution and Policy can only be amended by Council Resolution while the Operational Procedures may be amended at any time throughout the year by the Provincial Executive.  For this reason:

Only the Constitution and Policy (NSTU Guidebook) are produced in a printed format.
The Operational Procedures are available in electronic format only.

As per Provincial Executive motion, the NSTU Guidebook contains only the NSTU Constitution and Policy.  The Operational Procedures are contained in a separate document which is only available electronically.

You can access any information you are seeking directly from the Table of Contents.  Simply click on the entry or page number to go to the desired page.

NSTU Guidebook

2023-24 Edition  (English

2023-24 Edition  (French)

NSTU Operational Procedures

2023-24 Edition  (English)