Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the signature of my superintendent?

Signatures of the teacher, principal and Superintendent or designate must be included before the committee can evaluate your PDAF application.

Can I apply for more than one PDAF Award in a school year?

Teachers are eligible to receive only one PDAF Award in a single school year. Teachers must have all final reports submitted to the NSTU office before making application for another PDAF Award.

Is there a limit on the number of PDAF Awards in a single school?

All active teachers are eligible to apply for a PDAF Award. The Program Development Assistance Fund is not limited by quotas at the school or board level.

If an award has been granted for an idea, does this mean that I cannot apply with a similar idea?

Each PDAF application is reviewed on its own merit. The Program Development Assistance Fund is designed to support innovative ideas at the school level but projects which may seem similar have a particular local approach which make them eligible for an award.

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