Department of Education and Early Childhood Development



  • A FUNctional Approach to Guitar in the Classroom
  • A Musical Smorgasbord
  • À pas de géant, vers une meilleure compréhension des maths 3/4 and 5/6
  • A Poem a Day Keeps the Bugaboos Away: Integrating the Writing and Reading
    of Poetry into Your Classroom Every Day
  • Apply Blended Learning to Your Classroom
  • Back to School Post-Concussion: Information, Resources, and Models
  • Book Love: Developing Depth, Stamina, and Passion in Adolescent Readers
  • Chemistry: Laboratory Safety and Investigations
  • Classroom Talk, Engagement, and Children’s Literate Development
  • Commercial-Free Classroom: How Schools Can Help Reduce the Harms Associated
    with Marketing to Children and Youth
  • Creating a Positive School Climate and a Sense of Community
  • Dance: Street Styles—Bollywood Bound!
  • Developing Collaborative Relationships: Enhancing Integrated Service Delivery for Students
  • Digital Photography for Communications Technology 11 and 12
  • Doing and Thinking Science: Olympic Freestyle
  • Edible Education: The Classroom Is the Tastiest Place to Learn!
  • EDUfest Kids!: Ages 5–7 and/or Ages 8–12
  • Energy Perspectives
  • Engaging Your Students: Project-Based Learning!
  • Food–Body Systems: Interactions
  • Gaelic in the Classroom
  • Global Challenges
  • Healthy Art in Selfie Culture
  • How Things Work
  • Impending Crisis?: The Importance of Conservation
  • Implementing Mathematics 4, 5, and 6
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: Teaching with Objects
  • Inspiring Future Ocean Leaders
  • Integration of Environmental and Sustainability Topics across Curriculum
  • Investigations: Science 6 to Science 9
  • IT Summer Camp for Teachers
  • Linking Classroom Assessment and Instruction in Mathematics (Grades primary–3)
  • Mathematics 10 and Mathematics at Work 10
  • Mathematics 11 and Mathematics at Work 11
  • Mi’kmaq Communities in Nova Scotia: Building a Knowledge Foundation
  • Music: Halifax Summer Choral Conducting Symposium
  • Online Mapping across the Curriculum: Engaging Students in Technology-Based,
    Inquiry-Based Learning!
  • Options and Opportunities: New Teachers’ Workshop
  • Physical Education at the X: The Place to Be August 19–21, 2014
  • Production Technology and Manufacturing
  • Quoi de neuf en français langue seconde? Beaucoup! (Niveau 1)
  • Removing the Mask: Facilitating Conversations around Healthy Living with Boys
  • Shifting Paradigms and Building New Schemes for Educating the Linguistically Diverse
    African Nova Scotian Learner
  • Teaching Guitar Workshops: Level 1 and Level 2 (open to Level 1 graduates only)
  • Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Elementary Grades
  • Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Secondary Grades
  • Technology Education 9 Teacher Workshop
  • The Effects of Addictive Drugs and Substances on the Human Nervous System
  • The Program Planning Process: A Guide for Parents
  • Transition Planning for Junior and Senior High School Students with ASD and Special Needs
  • Transgender 101
  • Trauma-Based Care and the Program Planning Process
  • Wood Production Technology: Basic Safety and Operating Procedures, Intermediate Level
  • Wood Production Technology: Basic Safety and Operating Procedures, Introductory Level
  • Registration Forms
  • Autism Atlantic Summer Institute 2014
  • EDUfest Kids!
  • EDUfest 2014 Mail-in Registration Form
  • 2014 EDUfest Formulaire d’inscription à envoyer par la poste

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