John Huntley Internships

The purpose of this program is to honour the contribution to the NSTU of John Huntley, who was an active Local leader as well as an Executive Staff Officer in 1993-94 and 1998-99.

Through the provision of an internship experience for active members, this program helps fulfill Mr. Huntley's desire that all members develop a thorough understanding of the NSTU.

A few days in the life of your Union...
This internship enables 18 teachers per year to spend two days at the provincial office shadowing executive and professional services staff.

The Fellowship is not intended as a precursor to employment with the NSTU. Rather, it is intended to provide active members with an opportunity to learn more about the NSTU by increasing their awareness and knowledge of the workings of the organization.

Application Process
Applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in Union affairs
  • Reasons for applying
  • Benefit to the Union
  • Regional representation

Applications must be received at the NSTU Central Office by October 1, February 1 and April 1.



Download:  the poster English / French ), the brochure English / French ), the application form (English / French).