Local Service Award

To recognize the outstanding contribution of members who provided leadership and service at the Local level of the NSTU.

Local Service Recipients


Local Recipient(s)
Annapolis Allister Wadden
Antigonish Tammy Landry
APSEA Shawna MacKay
Colchester-East Hants Eileen Dwyer-Crane
CSANE Ian LeBlanc
Mélanie Belliveau
Jacqueline LeVert
Cumberland Lisa Wilson
Nancy Letcher
Nancy Reid
Halifax County William Penney
Kelly Osborne-Barteaux
Jim King
Inverness  Betsy Jardine
Kings Cathy Townsend-Fuller
Heather MacLean
Lunenburg County Heather Foote
Betty-Jean Aucoin
Pictou Damian Hall
Shelburne County Leah Weare
Yarmouth Patty Kenney
Robyn McKenzie
Trudy Comeau


Local Recipient(s)
Antigonish Neil MacIsaac
Cape Breton Sally Capstick
John Helle
Joyce Lively
Colchester-East Hants Cherie Abriel
CSANE Denis LeBlanc
Cécile Thériault
Cumberland Sylvia Stewart-Pitts
Bev Curry
Dartmouth Ellen Louth
Halifax City Derek Carter
Peter Wicha
Halifax County Meg Ferguson
Phil Goora
Karen Hudson
Terry Ryan
Hants West Kim Frank
Inverness Denise Aucoin
Kings Corena Burbidge
Cathy Burgess
Donna Griffin
Mike Landry
Lunenburg County Sandra Himmelman
Northside-Victoria Chris Nicholson
Queens Stacy Thorburn
Dawn Uhlman
Shelburne County Gary Deviller
Andrea Mood-Nickerson
Yarmouth Roland Hannem


Local Recipient(s)
Colchester-East Hants Gerry Alley
CSANE Joël Chiasson
Lauren Currans
Sue Larivière-Jenkins
Virginie Latour
Cumberland Pamela Hoar
Greg Nix
Halifax City Paulette O'Connor
Carmel Rooney
Halifax County Jodie MacIlreith
Lisa Nearing
Kings Rosalie MacDonald
Northside-Victoria Shane MacRae
Susan Spurrell
Pictou Nancy Doyle
Cynthia MacKinnon
Ann Slater


Local Recipient(s)
Antigonish Margaret O'Neil
Cape Breton District Patsy MacQueen
Laurie Ross
Colchester-East Hants Robert George
Community College Sandy Dyke
Cumberland Pat Hillier
Holly MacDonald
Halifax County Peter Boudreau
Arlene Hagen
Rod Hassey
Tim MacLeod
Kings Shelley Morse
Lunenburg County Carole Hipwell
Chris Phillips
Northside-Victoria Charles Yorke
Shelburne County Lee Goreham-Smith


Local Recipient(s)
Colchester-East Hants Eric Boutilier
Community College Peggy Joiner
Ann Windsor-Hall
Cumberland Robert Beardsley
Carol Ann King
Irene Legere
Guysborough County Susan Cameron
Halifax City James Rooney
Halifax County Dominique Duchesne
Elizabeth Fraser
Joel Fraser
Turk MacDonald
Susan Noiles
Lorna Trethewey
Hants West Gary Schmidt
Inverness Sheila Hawley
Kings Theresa Pelley
Queens Leo Campbell
Shelburne County Rena Balcom
Yarmouth Larry Fitzgerald


Local Recipient(s)
Cape Breton District Arnold Burke
Sheila Jones
Mary MacPherson
Mary McLeod
Colchester-East Hants Cathy Doucet
Community College Peter Doucette
Damian Hall
Cumberland Louise Cloutier
Debra Ripley
Halifax County Kevin Currie
Ernestine Oakley
Inverness Stanley Cameron
Kings Larry Coldwell
Bev Roy
Northside-Victoria Paul Bowne
Charles Colson
Pictou Alison MacPherson
Richmond Jane Dorey
Donna Machin
Shelburne County Dawn Smith


Local Recipient(s)
Cape Breton District Jed Corbett
Community College Janice Henderson, Richard Gilbert
Guysborough County Christopher West, Wayne Weir
Halifax City Cynthia Davies
Halifax County Peter Balcom, Donna Elliott
Hants West Belinda Snow
Inverness Local Donna MacDonald
Lunenburg County Bill Bruhm, Danny Eddy, Michael Stewart
Northside-Victoria Flora Cantwell, Jacinta Gracie
Queens Terry Doucette
Richmond Marlene Boyd
Shelburne John MacKay, Wanda Nickerson
Yarmouth Heather Rideout


Antigonish Mary MacDougall
Cape Breton District Blair Lafford
Community College Joseph Salah, Pat Twast
Guysborough County Dianne Raoul
Halifax City Mary-Lou Donnelly, Marcia Webb
Halifax County Alexis Allen, Gwen MacLeod Farquhar
Inverness Monica Ryan
Lunenburg County Rhoda Crouse Eisnor, Renata Graham, Elsie Rhodenhiser
Northside-Victoria Garland Standing
Shelburne Dan Morrison
Yarmouth Gayle Noah, James Rideout


Annapolis Glen Pulley
Antigonish Jerry Berthiaume
Cape Breton Redmond MacDougall, William (Bill) Sidney
Colchester-East Hants Ray Boudreau
Community college Scott McKellar, Deborah McVeigh
CSANE M. Clifford Maillet, Linda Samson
Cumberland Cynthia McCarthy
Digby Bobbie Archer, Tony Kelly
Guysborough County Edward Avery
Halifax County Brenda Butler, Sue Hannem
Inverness Marlene MacDonald
Kings Cathy Reimer, Pam Shelton
Lunenburg County Deborah Mitchell, Glynda Wimmer, Brenda Zwicker
Northside-Victoria Mike Dunphy, Chris MacInnis
Pictou Joel Pratt
Shelburne John Markotich, Jeffrey Norman
Yarmouth Becky Anthony, Janet Smith


Antigonish Dave MacNeil
Cape Breton District Ron MacIntosh, Rick MacKinnon, Donna Rankin-Neville
Cumberland Barb Black, Norman Jean Collison, John Gillis
Dartmouth Judy Knowlton
Guysborough County Berkley Guthro
Halifax City Barry Imber, Myles McCormick
Halifax County Charlotte Myers, Kathy Siddall
Hants West David Ritchie
Inverness Sharon Ryan
Kings Susan Serieys
Lunenburg County Carol Hyson, Donald Rice, Ed Kelly, Glen DeMone
Northside-Victoria Jack Toomey
Shelburne Marilyn Moore
Yarmouth Eileen Coady, Ken Langille, Sharon Sullivan

Guidebook excerpt

D.    Local Service Award

I.      Purpose

To recognize the outstanding contribution of members who provided leadership and service at the Local level of the NSTU.

II.     Criteria

  1. The member has served for multiple terms on the Local Executive and/or Local Council;
  2. The member is viewed by peers as having given meritorious service which has helped to advance the objectives of the NSTU; or,
  3. The member has given particularly outstanding service to the Local, to education, or to the teaching profession; and,
  4. Awarded to Active Members and Retired Members or individuals who have ceased being NSTU Active Members.

III.    Applications

  1. Candidates must be recommended by the Executive of the Local.
  2. The Local President must write a letter to the NSTU President seeking the approval of the Provincial Executive. The letter must outline why the member is deserving of this Local Service Award. The letter must be accompanied by a biographical description indicating the number of years of service in the teaching profession and with the Local, and any specific Local, Regional, or Provincial involvement with the NSTU. The biographical description should be approximately 125 words in length (must not exceed 150 words) and will be used for publication purposes.
  3. Application letters with biographies (one per member) must be received no later than one week prior to either the March or April meeting of the Provincial Executive. Applications may be forwarded earlier than the dates noted above.

IV.   Selection Process

  1. Local Service Awards are granted solely at the discretion of the NSTU Provincial Executive.
  2. The Provincial Executive member representing the Local(s) from which the names have been submitted will be responsible for notifying the President of the Local of the outcome of the decision of the Provincial Executive (Note: Some Locals like to keep the Award a surprise, if possible, until the time the Award is to be received). All notification to the individual is the sole responsibility of the Local Executive.

V.    Presentation of the Award

  1. The Local Service Award consists of a certificate and special pin which are given to recipients by the NSTU President on behalf of the Provincial Executive.
  2. The biographies of the recipients will be provided at the event to celebrate recipients.
  3. All costs associated with the attendance at the event to celebrate recipients (accommodations, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the Local.