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To recognize the outstanding contribution of members who provided leadership and service at the Local level of the NSTU

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Annapolis Mark Bezanson

Mark Bezanson, also known as Annapolis’ late bloomer, and boy has he bloomed! After “volunteering” himself to join the local executive as the Vice-President of Professional Development, Mark has been able to foster member engagement throughout our local. We currently have more members attending workshops and applying for local PD grants than ever before. He served two years as our Article 60 Representative. To learn more about the NSTU and how to help our members, he has attended Summer Leadership and the John Huntley Internship.

As a music teacher, he is dedicated to his students and instilling in them a love of the music they have taken with them as they grow. Working with someone who is enthusiastic and dedicated to our members is an honor. Thank you for all you do!

Antigonish Mary Murrin

Mary Murrin is from Ohio, Antigonish County NS. Mary, a graduate of St. Francis Xavier & Acadia Universities, and a long-serving Learning Support Teacher at Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School.

Mary Murrin, as the School Representative at Dr. John Hugh Gillis School, displayed exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication. In her role as the Local Executive Secretary, Mary exemplified professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, fostering inclusivity and ensuring smooth administrative operations within the local chapter. She actively participated in committees, including the Budget and Resolutions Committees, demonstrated her unwavering commitment and expertise and actively engaged in significant events such as the Rep Retreat and served as an Annual Council delegate. Additionally, her selfless volunteerism on the Retirement Banquet Committee honored retiring members for their invaluable service.

Mary Murrin's remarkable focused dedication, leadership, and passion for advancing NSTU's goals make her a deserving candidate for the NSTU Service Award.

Amanda O’Regan-Marchand

Amanda O’Regan-Marchand, from Glace Bay NS and has taught with the Strait Regional Centre for Education, Cape Breton Regional Centre for Education, and CSAP. She is a graduate of St Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education and Acadia with Master of Education in Counselling.

Amanda has served the local, regional, and provincial levels of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. She was a member of the New Teacher Committee, Local President, Vice President of PD, 1st Vice President Economic Welfare. Amanda served as REWC chair, and Provincial Executive Antigonish/Guysborough. She also held the offices of secretary, and president of the Nova Scotia School Counsellors Association. In August 2021, Amanda began working as an Executive Staff Officer Professional Learning for the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, she splits her time between Halifax and St. Andrews with her children Emilie, Joya-Brynn, and husband Dean.

Cape Breton District Yolanda Aubrecht

Yolanda has been a teacher for the last 25 years. She began her teaching career with the Northside Victoria Local and is currently with the Cape Breton Local. Yolanda comes from a strong union background and has been actively involved in the union since she began her career and has worn several hats at both the provincial and local levels. One of her greatest contributions has been as a school representative, a role she filled for a number of different schools over the years.

Yolanda has also served as the Provincial Executive member for 1 term and has been VP of the PA/ PR committee. Currently she is serving as the 1st VP and Chair of the Economic Welfare Committee. She has also served on provincial Governance and Policy, Pension and Curriculum committees. Yolanda has always been an informed, supportive, active and passionate union member and the Cape Breton District Local thanks her for her many years of service.

Scott Murchison

Scott Murchison began his teaching and Union career in 2005. He first began as a French immersion teacher and then went on to become a guidance counselor and later as an Equity Consultant for the CBVRCE. Scott was heavily involved in local and provincial Union affairs throughout his career, such as Local Vice President, VP of Communications and Chair of the Equity Committee as well as serving on the Provincial Equity Committee. Scott was always willing to help in any way he could to foster engagement within our local union. He encouraged many substitutes to get involved and encouraged seasoned teachers on the importance of becoming more involved.

In 2022, Scott became a Vice-Principal which meant he is now a member of PSANNS, our loss, was definitely their gain. On behalf of the Cape Breton District Local we want to thank you, Scott for your dedication and involvement with the NSTU.

Colchester-East Hants Rob Barrett

Rob was an active school rep of the NSTU for over twenty years. His love and commitment to the work of the union was instilled in him from an early age as his mother was an active member in the NSTU as well. Rob was a team player and believed that in solidarity, great things could be accomplished. Rob was all about inclusiveness, ensuring everyone felt welcome and safe to use their voice and be heard. He had great respect for his colleagues with the majority of his years spent representing Tatamagouche at the local level.

The highlight of his involvement in recent years was his participation in Annual Council. He spoke highly of this experience and encouraged his colleagues to get involved & get informed.

The Colchester-East Hants Local expresses our gratitude and appreciation for all Rob has done to support and promote the NSTU. Rob, you are missed!

Lori MacIntosh

Lori MacIntosh has been an active member of Colchester East Hants Local since becoming a school rep at Hants North Rural High. Her love of math, science and learning is obvious in her teaching style and her dedication to the school community has created life-long friendships. Lori transitioned from rep to executive member over a decade ago and has been a strong advocate for members ever since. She has served locally and regionally in many roles and most recently as CEHL President.

Lori Mac is well known for her unique laugh, unbridled enthusiasm, and profound empathy. Lori’s passion for unionism is fueled by her determination to make schools better; she knows that teachers who are appreciated and respected will show up and teach their kids with passion and excellence. Lori has demonstrated great personal fortitude and resilience but never wavered from representing and working tirelessly for CEHL members.

CSANE Collène Cyr

Collène Cyr est membre active du NSTU, depuis 2005. Elle travaille fort comme trésorière de l’executif de CSANE depuis 2021 et elle était membre associé en 2020. Pas seulement la trésorière, Collène siège aussi les comités de développement professionnel, employé/employeur, programmation acadienne et négociations. Elle a aussi représenté les enseignants de ses écoles quand elle était représentante CSANE.

Pendant les dernières 18 années, Collène a une présence positive et appuie toujours les enseignants dans les écoles du CSAP, présentement à l’École secondaire de Clare, mais elle a aussi enseigné à l’École Stella-Maris, l’École secondaire de Par-en-Bas, l’École Joseph-Dugas et l’École Jean-Marie Gay.

Collène Cyr is an active NSTU member since 2005. She is a hard-working treasurer on the executive of CSANE since 2021 and was also an associate member in 2020. Collène is an active member who sits on multiple committees: Professional Development, Programmation Acadienne,Teacher/Management and Negotiations. Collène has also represented her fellow teachers as a school representative for CSANE prior to joining the CSANE executive.

During the last 18 years, Collène has had a positive presence supporting teachers in CSAP schools, currently teaching at École secondaire de Clare, she has also taught at École Stella-Maris, École secondaire de Par-en-Bas, École Joseph-Dugas and École Jean-Marie Gay.

Caroline Linehan

Diplômée de Waterloo avec un bac en français, Caroline a ensuite complété un bac en éducation à STFX et travaille présentement une maîtrise en counselling. Caroline Linehan a commencé sa carrière à Frank H. MacDonald en 2006 où elle a enseigné la 6e année. En 2017, Caroline a fièrement fait la transition au Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial et depuis huit ans elle enseigne comme enseignante titulaire d’une classe combinée de 5/6 année, à l’École Acadienne de Truro. En tant qu’enseignante et représentante syndicale pour son école, Caroline a eu l’occasion d’assister au Conseil Annuel, la conférence de Leadership et participé au programme de John Huntley au NSTU. Caroline est respectée et appréciée pour son travail au sein du CSANE. Ces expériences de travail et ses expériences syndicales n’ont fait qu’enrichir son coffre à outils.

As a graduate from Waterloo, Caroline went on to complete a B.Ed. from STFX and is currently completing a master’s in counseling. Caroline began her teaching career at Frank H. MacDonald in 2006, where she taught grade 6. In 2017, she proudly transitioned to the CSAP and for the past eight years has taught a grade 5/6 class at École acadienne de Truro. As a teacher and union representative, Caroline has had the opportunity to attend Annual Council, the Leadership Conference, and the John Huntley program. Caroline is well respected and appreciated for her dedication to the CSANE members. These work and union experiences have only enhanced her toolbox as a classroom teacher.

Line Rousseau Murphy

Actuellement dans sa dixième année d'enseignement au CSAP, Line est active au sein de notre local depuis maintenant 7 ans. Elle a fait preuve de leadership au niveau de l’école en tant que représentante syndicale et au niveau local et provincial en tant que membre de notre exécutif provincial. Line a travaillé de près avec différents enseignants de partout dans la province, a acquis des connaissances sur le fonctionnement du syndicat dans son ensemble et a fourni au local CSANE un aperçu unique en son genre. Line n'a pas peur de lutter pour ses membres surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de situation qui nécessite l'équité et est toujours prête à les écouter et les défendre. Pour cela, nous remercions Line pour son dévouement constant envers notre local.

Presently in her tenth year of teaching for the CSAP, Line has been active within our local for 7 years now. She has demonstrated leadership at the school level as a union representative and at the local and provincial level as one of our provincial executive members. Line has worked closely with different teachers from across the province, gained information on how the union works as a whole and provided the CSANE local with insight like none other. Line is not afraid to stand up and fight for her members especially when it comes to matters that involve equity and is always ready to listen to her members. For that, we thank Line for being a huge asset to our local.

Cumberland Lindsay Crossman Wheaton

A leprechaun emerged in 1978; impacting thousands of students’ and staff’s lives ever since. Acadia alumni Lindsay started teaching in Bass River, NS. She then swam north and found her nest at E. B. Chandler Jr. High School, where she’s been a classroom teacher and mentor for multiple decades.

In addition to winning cars, writing jingles, and collecting turtles, she’s stoically led as Cumberland local president for the past 5 years. She’s also been local 1st VP and secretary, RRC chair, and a member of numerous standing committees. In all roles, she creates an environment for learning, growth, structure, and lots of laughter.

Lindsay initially rejected this award during our executive meeting… She’s impacted members in getting involved, trying out, and thriving in our union. This moment amplifies the excellence she brings to the union as a meritorious lifelong member who’s positively impacted those who have crossed Mme. Crossman Wheaton’s path.

Tammy Harrison

Tammy has been an exemplary active member of the NSTU, participating in various committees over the years in Cumberland. She has been a full time teacher working in several schools, in a variety of roles - presently teaching Grade Primary at CNA.

Some of her past involvement includes: Articles submitted to Aviso; Ongoing regular attendance at local NSTU Meetings; Attendance at Annual Council; Committee member on the Local Nominating/Social/PD/Communications/PAPR Committees and holding various VP positions on the Local Executive. Tammy has been a Rep in many schools and very dedicated to the Local. She received 2 Excellence in Teaching Awards for her outstanding contributions as an educator.

She has trained preservice teachers, educational assistants and provided professional development to educators. Tammy believes one needs to have passion in education. Her passion shines in all she does. Her contributions to her profession have influenced many.

Hope Lemoine

Hope Lemoine is known as a legend throughout the Cumberland Local. Her commitment to the NSTU has been a career long passion spanning 28 years.

Hope started as an NSTU school rep and soon moved into many different roles, including Local President, First VP, VP of PD, Chair of the REWC, Provincial Executive member and a lengthy list of other local, regional and provincial committees. As a person who loves teachers as much as she loves teaching, she could always be relied upon to know the answer to a question or find it if she didn’t!

Finishing her career with an NSTU Life Membership Award demonstrates that her knowledge of procedure, NSTU’s history and her passion will be missed. We wish her well in her retirement, where she will be spending more time at the beach, traveling, enjoying the company of her feathered friends and perhaps continuing with the odd sub day.

Chris Weeks

Chris Weeks has been a teacher dedicated to Cumberland County since 2001.

Chris has become a heart of the Chignecto Family Office. Chris’ involvement in PowerSchool training and SIS has led him all over the region. He has also served River Hebert District as guidance and science teacher.

Chris has faithfully served his staff as NSTU Representative, PAPR, Treasurer and Local President. He is always visible at a Cumberland Pride event or a Christmas Parade. Chris’ term ended early when he took adoption leave to take care of his son, Tyr!

Chris is an inspiration to all who know him, among colleagues, students and community. For these reasons, Cumberland Local believes Chris is a deserving recipient of the NSTU Local Service Award. The recipients nominated for the 2023 Cumberland NSTU service awards have spent countless hours dedicated to bettering the profession together around the same table over the 20 years.

Dartmouth Mark Savoury

Mark has been a steadfast advocate for educators in a Dartmouth, and province wide, for well over a decade.

Having been a former PE member and local president for 8 years, Mark has made many positive and effective contributions to better the profession in Dartmouth and abroad.

He has been a passionate advocate for members rights and safety and uses his knowledge and experience to voice the concerns of the sovereign state of Dartmouth.

Digby Krista Moore

Krista was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley and she was in the last graduating class at Nova Scotia Teachers College in Truro. Following graduation, Krista spent a year in Texas and then moved to Berens River where she taught grade 2 for 3 years in Northern Manitoba.

During the summer of 2001, Krista accepted a position at one of the few remaining 2 room schools in NS teaching grades primary to grade 3 at Westport Village School. When Westport Village School closed in 2011 with just 3 students, Krista followed those students to Island Consolidated School where she has taught grade 5 ever since. Krista lives in Freeport with her husband and 2 kids.

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth was born and raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. She earned a BA from Saint Mary's University and obtained her teaching degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. After working at Gaetz Brook Junior High for 6 years, she moved to North Range, Digby Co. in 2004. She has taught at St. Mary's Bay Academy since her arrival in the TCRCE.

Deborah Walker

Deborah Lee Walker was born in Chatham, Ontario, and moved to Nova Scotia at the age of 10. She earned a Bachelor of Child Study Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. Deborah continued her education by earning a Diploma in Educational Technology from Cape Breton University, a Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies and a Masters of Leadership from University of New Brunswick. Deborah taught in several schools within TCRCE including Islands Consolidated School, Barton Consolidated School, Weymouth Consolidated and Digby Elementary. She has taught in Digby Elementary since 2005 in a variety of capacities such as a classroom teacher from grades 2 to 6, Learning Support Teacher and a Literacy Coach.

Halifax County Paul Boudreau

Paul's many contributions to the NSTU and Halifax County Local have been strong representation for two decades. Paul first attended a New Member Conference at the turn of the century, Paul has been active ever since.

Paul was a reliable school representative for Musquodoboit Rural High School. Spent five years serving the Halifax Region as Insurance Trustee, facilitating workshops and informing members of benefits. Afterward, he went to the Provincial Executive during "the troubles" and also took steps to ensure the Local President felt both connected to the provincial table and supported. For the later part of those challenging years, our union brother was the local’s First Vice President, including acting in the capacity of President when we made history with our first ever strike. Paul took on the role with determination, compassion, and care.

Paul continues to support members as a NSTU as an Executive Staff Officer.

Desiree Daniele

Desiree began teaching in 2005 and in 2014 attended her first local meeting. And since 2014 Desiree has been a committed member to the local and its executive. She has been a member of and is the current VP of our Reps and Equity committee. She has attended and provided the upmost assistance in organization of both our Executive and Rep training. And has been an Annual Council delegate faithfully and has represented the County at the provincial NSTU Equity committee and CTF Women’s Symposium.

It is Desiree’s service to members that exceeds every expectation. If someone says “Help Me”, Desiree is the first to be there for them and her ability to stay on top of things is second to none. She is our “Queen of Reps” in our training, meetings and overall well-being. Her conferences are extremely appreciated by attendees.

Jason Jennings

Jason is a 27-year teacher and national award winner in teaching Physics. It would be an understatement that Jason sets the bar high for the rest of us. Jason spent more than a decade as a School Rep for both Millwood and Sackville High schools. Jason then went on to both serve on, and lead, the Nominations committee as its current VP. Jason has been both an active Annual Council delegate and our local’s “AC Organizer” these past few years.

Jason has been an essential to our Exec. He has taken on Nominations and been integral in realigning our positions. He assures that the elections are set well in advance in order to keep Reps and potential candidates informed. Jason has taken courses on Robert's Rules of Order and is our “Go to Guy” for questions regarding Nomination by-laws. It is with great pleasure we nominate our “Nominations Guru”.

Lawrence Rigby

Many in unions believe that having the designation of President is its greatest accolade, when truly it is being called a “Brother” or “Sister”. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Brother Lawrence.

First and foremost, Lawrence is part of a family NSTU duo, with his wife Shelley (2022 recipient) who are both stalwarts at our local meetings. Lawrence has taught 28 years and served as a dedicated member in
Halifax County as a School Rep since 1999 including attending Annual Council 22 times. Provincially, Lawrence sat on the NSTU Discipline committee. But locally is where Lawrence shines in service to our members having sat on the Social, Professional Development, Communications and Reps and Equity committees.

Lawrence truly exemplifies a unionist, even wanting to bring a burn barrel to our first ever strike. While that was declined, Lawrence assuredly stayed warm on our lines and in our local’s hearts.

Tanya Smith

It is an honor to nominate Tanya Smith as a Local Service Award recipient. Tanya is also a part of our Eastern Shore power duo NSTU couple with her husband Trevor. While Tanya is a mid-career teacher, she is a seasoned NSTU rep having spent the past 16 years in that role. Tanya’s dedication may best be demonstrated by her spotless attendance at our evening meetings, travelling well over an hour each way in service.

Tanya currently sits on our Communications Committee and has attended Annual Council for 6 years. Tanya has submitted many resolutions and has been the local’s delegate at CONTACT.

Tanya’s strongest attribute is her willingness to share the needs and concerns of her fellow colleagues at her school site. And this is something that is admired and respected by the reps and local executive. Tanya exudes the best parts of unionism.

Inverness Lisa Cameron

An enthusiastic educator, Lisa has spent countless hours representing her colleagues within the Inverness Local. For many years, Lisa served as site representative for three different schools, and she always enjoyed attending Annual Council. During Local meetings, Lisa always gave a voice to the concerns of members in her schools. Lisa also served on several committees of the Local including Finance and co-chair of the Social Committee. Lisa was often tasked with organizing the Local’s Annual Evening of Honour. This event recognizes members of the Local but especially those retiring.

Lisa always offered her incredible musical talents at this event and even wrote a song to celebrate our retirees. Lisa’s contributions to unionism and the continued support of her colleagues makes her a worthy recipient of this service award. Lisa's leadership, talents and persistence have benefited the membership of the Inverness Local. Thank you, Lisa.

Karen MacIsaac

The Inverness Local was lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Karen for many years. Karen served in our Local as school Rep and then VP of Professional Development for over four years. As VP of PD, Karen worked hard to engage our members by asking them to consider their personal welfare and wellbeing as well as their economic welfare. Karen was always willing to attend union events and conferences and then bring back and share information that would support our membership. Karen enjoyed attending Annual Council, Developing Successful Schools, Contact, Leadership Summer Institute and Sheonoroil.

Karen also volunteered with the Family Studies Teachers Association first on their Executive and then as President. Karen is well known as a kind and caring teacher and supportive colleague and the Inverness Local has benefitted from Karen’s professionalism and dedication to our Union. Thank you, Karen.

Richmond Paul MacLean

Paul MacLean is a valued and longstanding member of the Richmond Local. He graduated with a Baccalaureate en français langue seconde, Université Laval in 1987 and went on to complete his BEd, from Saint Mary’s University in 1988.

Paul has accumulated over 30 years of teaching experience. From the beginning, Paul has provided leadership and service to the Richmond Local as a School Rep, Member of the Executive (VP of Public Affairs and Public Relations) and most recently as our Local Treasurer.

He currently teaches Junior High Immersion and English at Richmond Education Centre/Academy. Paul has volunteered his time coaching Basketball and Volleyball to both boys and girls all across Richmond County. He is approachable and willing to help members with union matters. His pride in Unionism is well known and admired. Richmond is lucky to have such a dedicated, life-long member involved with the NSTU.

Shelburne County Michelle Goreham

Throughout her career, Michelle has taught at both elementary and secondary levels, and has prioritized establishing relationships with her students and school community. She is a dynamic, involved teacher, but also a dedicated union member. Michelle has been involved with the NSTU at the local and provincial levels for many years. She has held several local executive positions, including Local President from 2018-2022. She is also TCRCE RRC secretary and sits on the TCRCE Article 60 committee. Michelle is a member of the Provincial NSTU Discipline Committee as well.

Michelle is a master of time management as she ensures both her teaching and union duties are completed to the highest standard while making ample time for her family, especially her grandchildren, Owen and Sophia.

Yarmouth Lori MacKinnon

Lori has been a supporter of the NSTU and public education throughout her teaching career. She began her career in Ontario where her first Rep job was on the picket line. The camaraderie and willingness of members to fight for their rights instilled in Lori a deep respect for unionism.

Lori has served her school and TCRCE colleagues in various positions. Over her career she has taken on the roles of: school rep, secretary, Article 60 rep,1st VP, VP of PD, and local President.   Regionally she has served as REWC Chair and Treasurer.   Provincially Lori represented TCRCE on the Provincial Executive where she was elected 2nd VP.  Some of her favourite work was done in the following committees: Finance and Property, Personnel, Appeals, Resolutions and PEWC.

As her NSTU involvement slows down Lori looks forward to books, chai lattes and walks with her family and black lab, Lola.

Glenys Stephenson

I wanted to be a full time student, but I could not afford that lifestyle. So I decided I would teach. I graduated with my B Ed from Acadia University in 1999. I worked in Halifax until 2001 and then moved to Yarmouth to teach at Barrington High and Digby High and 15 years at the elementary level. I now teach at the Alternative High School in Yarmouth, which I think is a perfect fit!!  I have an ATC 3, still just want to be a full time student! 

I have held several positions at the local level including rep, VP of PD/Social, 1st VP, President, RRC Chair, and now Treasurer. I have enjoyed every position and have met some amazing people along the journey.

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Annapolis Jill MacDonald  
Krista Wright  
Antigonish Catherine MacDonald  
Cape Breton District Peter Murphy

When a member in Cape Breton has a question related to anything NSTU, they immediately think about contacting Peter. Peter Murphy has been a valued representative locally, regionally, and provincially for many years where he has been in many leadership positions in both the Cape Breton District Local and Northside Local where he has served as president in both. He also has been a strong RRC Chair for the Cape Breton Region where he has been known for advocating solidly for members rights on various committees including Management Teacher and Article 60 Professional Development Fund Committee.

As a relational leader, Peter consistently demonstrated passion for inclusion and equity and demonstrated this in supporting and encouraging our membership to consider accessibility in our building. We are so thankful for Peter’s voice of reason as he has helped sail us all through uncharted rough waters the last few years.

Raylene Nicholson

Raylene is a proud NSTU member who has been involved in the NSTU for most of her teaching career as an NSTU rep, committee member, member of the Cape Breton District Local executive and RRC table leader for the Cape Breton Region. Raylene is proud of unionism as she articulates so often the importance of being on the ground listening to our members.

As a teacher and former department head of Social Studies at Glace Bay High, her messages about empathy and democracy are parallel to the way that she listens to members' concerns and ideas as a leader in our local. Raylene is not afraid to ask the tough questions because she truly believes that everyone should be heard. Raylene has been our most beloved treasurer for the Cape Breton District Local because she is always resourceful in ensuring that all of our initiatives can be supported.

Colchester-East Hants Christine Caudle  
CSANE Céleste Chiasson  
Nadine Doiron  
Suzette d’Eon  
Digby Josée Desjardins  
Halifax City Andrew McIntosh  
Keri Butler  
Halifax County Cindy Gillis  
Angela Wisen  
Kathy Tucker  
Shelley Luddington  
Grant Frost

The significance Grant Frost's contributions to not only the NSTU, but to public education as a whole reaches further than Halifax County Local.

Before it was common knowledge in Nova Scotia, this leader educated our members on the issues surrounding the Global Education Reform Movement, as well as on pension concerns through presentations to the local. He brought members' concerns forward as our First Vice President of Economic Welfare and Resolutions, speaking passionately at Annual Council, not to mention two rounds of Regional bargaining. Grant has also been an active member of provincial committees, but we contend that his greatest, most direct impact on local siblings was as our full time Local President.

Grant's reassuring voice, both audible and written, has captured and promoted the realities of our profession. So much so that his books and presence are moving to the international stage.

Carolyn Armitage  
Cindy Ng-Ivanoff  
Leah Gillis  
Melva Reynolds  
Sheri Scott  
Andrew Ardley  
Duncan Cameron  
Paul Wozney  
Inverness Sheldon Beaton  
Lunenburg County Annette Carey  
Queens Dawn Wamboldt  
Richmond Brenda Burt  
Yarmouth Susan O’Brien  
Wanda Rodgerson-Fuller  
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Annapolis Karla Britney

Karla Britney taught in Annapolis County for 33 years. Of those, she spent 27 years at Middleton Regional High School teaching Physical Education, Yoga, and Sociology, to name a few. Karla has been a complete educator throughout her career as a teacher: dedicated coach, NSTU rep, local first VP, and valued colleague. She has given considerable time to her community, over and above the teaching of students, which was shown in her 33 years of coaching soccer, volleyball, and track and field. At MRHS she is affectionately known as "Track Mom."

Karla retired from teaching after the 2019-20 school year and as one of the supporting pillars and icons of MRHS, she has been greatly missed.

Antigonish Phil Doucette

It is with great pleasure we present Phil Doucette with a service award this year. Phil has had involvement with the union throughout his teaching career.

He started his union involvement in Ontario where he began his teaching career. He was the OECTA school rep for 8 of the 10 years he taught in Ontario. In the NSTU Phil had been on the Time to Teach Time to Learn committee, an Insurance Trustee for the Strait Region, Director on TPPTInc. (Teacher Pension Plan Trust Inc.) for active teachers.

Phil, at the local level, has been member at large for the RRC, VP of PD, treasurer and school rep. Phil is well respected and a go to for union questions and was always a strong voice brining member concerns to the table.

APSEA Reg Dunphy


Cape Breton District Colin Landry

Colin Landry has enjoyed a 28 year career teaching full time with the Cape Breton-Victoria Centre for Education. During his career, Colin has been deeply involved in the NSTU.

Locally, Colin was a school rep for Brookland Elementary and served on many Local union committees. Provincially, Colin was the president of the L'Association des enseignants acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse and worked tirelessly to foster an appreciation for French language and culture in our schools.

The Cape Breton District Local would like to congratulate Colin on this Service Award and thank him for all his efforts over the years.

Stewart Marsh

Stewart Marsh has enjoyed an 18 year career teaching full time with the Cape Breton Victoria Centre for Education, starting as a classroom teacher, but also spent time in administration and as a mathematics coach at the elementary level.

During his career, Stewart has been involved in many union committees and has acted as a school rep for Shipyard Elementary. Stewart has been a dedicated and tireless worker for the Local pitching in wherever needed to see the job done.

The Cape Breton District Local would like to congratulate Stewart on this Service Award and thank him for all his efforts over the years.

John White

John has enjoyed a 20 year teaching career with the CB-VRCE. At the school level John served as a School Rep for six years and during that time he also volunteered as the OHS committee member for three years. Once John got a taste of union life he began to serve more and more within the Local including as a member of the Local Executive, Chair of Professional Development/Equity Committees, Chair of the Social Committee, along with being a member of the Building Renovations and the OHS committee.

Before John knew it he was hooked and set his sights to serve at the Provincial level. He served three terms as the Provincial Executive member for the CBDL. He also served on numerous Provincial Committees such as the Special Associations Committee, the Sheonoroil Board of Directors, the Governance and Policy Committee, the Equity Committee and the Professional Development Committee.

CSANE Sam Samson

Nous sommes heureux de reconnaître l’implication syndicale remarquable de Samuel, tant au sein de la CSANE que d’autres locaux du NSTU. Parmi les divers postes occupés, il a été représentant au niveau des écoles entre 2000-2002 et 2008-2009. Samuel a été président et vice-président du local de Queens entre 2002 et 2006 ainsi que membre du comité Employé/Employeurs de SSRSB. Samuel a également assumé la présidence du conseil régional représentatif de la Rive-Sud de 2003 à 2006. Toujours soucieux de bien représenter les membres de son local, Samuel a aussi participé à de nombreuses Conseil Annuel du NSTU et était dans le comité organisateur de l’Association des administrations scolaire en 2015. De plus, il a été membre et président du Comité de programmation acadienne tout comme membre et vice-président du comité de développement professionnel. Nous lui souhaitons la meilleure des chances dans ses projets futurs et une excellente retraite.

We are happy to recognize Samuel’s remarkable union involvement, both within CSANE and other NSTU locals. Among the various positions held, he was a school representative between 2000-2002 and in 2008-2009. Samuel served as Local President and Local Vice-President of the Queens Local between 2002-2006 and was also on the Teacher Management Committee of SSRSB. Samuel also held the Presidency of the Representative Regional Council of the South Shore from 2003-2006. He is always keen to stand up and represent the members of his local. Samuel also participated in numerous Annual Councils and was on the organizing committee of the School Administrators Association in 2015. He was also a member and chair of the Comité de Programmation Acadienne. Samuel was also the Vice-President of the Article 60 committee and on the CSANE Local Executive. We wish Samuel the best of luck in his future endeavors and an excellent retirement.

Eric Morneau

Nous sommes heureux de reconnaître le dévouement d’Eric lors de son implication syndicale. Il a commencé son travail au sein du syndicat en 1998 lorsqu’il a commencé sa carrière en enseignement. Éric a toujours été une voix forte pour les membres du CSANE et surtout les membres dans la région Nord-Est lorsqu’il siégeait comme vice-président du Nord-Est de l’exécutif local. Éric a aussi tenu le rôle de trésorier au CSANE et a fait partie du comité de développement professionnel. Comme père d’une grande famille, Éric est expert à bien gérer son temps afin d’accomplir plusieurs tâches. Les voyages du Cape Breton à Halifax après avoir entraîné l’équipe de hockey de son fils ne seront pas oubliés par nos membres. Nous espérons qu’Éric trouvera maintenant plus de temps pour la famille et pour faire de la pêche dans les beaux paysages qui l'entourent.

We are pleased to recognize Eric’s dedication towards union involvement. He began his work with the union in 1998 when he began his teaching career. Eric has always been a strong voice for CSANE members and especially members in the North East region when he served as Vice President of the North East. Éric sat on the CSANE Local Executive and held the position of treasurer. He also was a member of the Article 60 committee. As the father of a large family, Eric is adept at managing his time well in order to multitask. Trips from Cape Breton to Halifax for CSANE executive meetings after coaching his son’s hockey team will not be forgotten by CSANE members. We hope that Eric will now have more time for his family and to go fishing in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Breton.

Anne d’Entremont

Nous sommes heureux de reconnaître l’implication syndicale d’Anne. Elle était représentante d’école à l’École Wedgeport de 2009-2013. Elle siège couramment sur le comité de développement professionnel depuis 2016. Elle travaille en collaboration avec tous et à le souci de trouver des solutions concrètes. Anne a également assumé le rôle de représentante d’école à l’École secondaire de Pars-en-bas depuis 2014. Anne met toujours le bien-être des membres du CSANE en premier. Anne a un sens d’humour unique qui nous aide à passer à travers des moments difficiles et intenses au sein de notre travail syndical.

It is with honour that the CSANE Local recognizes Anne’s union involvement. She was a school representative at Wedgeport School from 2009-2013. She currently sits on the Article 60 Committee since 2016. She works in collaboration with everyone and with the desire to find concrete solutions. Anne has also assumed the role of school representative at the Pars-en-bas secondary school since 2014. Anne always puts the well-being of CSANE members first. Anne has a unique sense of humor that helps us get through difficult and intense situations in our union work.

Dartmouth Rob Wigle

Rob was born in Halifax, but his family moved to Eastern Passage when he was just a few months old. He graduated high school in 1982 and studied at the Nova Scotia Teachers College from 1983 to 1986. He then embarked on a teaching career that would span more than 30 years, mostly at schools in Dartmouth. Although he also taught Technology Education, Rob’s passion was for the Arts, in particular teaching Drama. During his teaching career, Rob also completed his Masters Degree at Queens University.

During most of Rob’s career he was involved with the NSTU as a School Union Rep. He also served as the Dartmouth Local Treasurer for four years and as Local President for two years. His commitment to unionism and solidarity were evident right up until he retired in June, 2019.

Congratulations Rob and thank you for your service!

Halifax County Tina Broderick

Tina has been an active member in all three locals during her teaching career. She has been active in the County local for 6 years serving as a school rep.

During Tina’s time in the local she has been actively involved and engaged on committees. She has been a member of both the Economic Welfare and Professional Development committees here in the County. Tina has been an Annual Council delegate for 13 years and is actively engaged at Council speaking and voting on motions.

During our negotiations and job action Tina volunteered to be a Strike Site Rep and participated at both our local and provincial rallies.

Preman Edwards

Preman had a long career in teaching at Auburn Drive, which included a long involvement in the Halifax County Local as both a School Rep and member of the Local Executive. Preman then went on to work full-time for the NSTU as an Executive Staff Officer in Member Services and continued working for the teachers in our Local in that capacity with both passion and commitment.

Preman, better known as Superman to those closest to him, was the epitome of a unionist with his engagement, commitment and service to his fellow colleagues. As much as Preman is remembered for these attributes, he will fondly be remembered for that big smile he would have when he saw you, which was only second in size to his heart. It was there in every conversation you had with him, either at a local meeting or Annual Council. Preman will be missed by all.

Drew Fournier

Drew has had an active involvement both within our local and on the provincial body of the NSTU. Drew has been a school rep in the County for 6 years, having previously being active in the Dartmouth Local.

Drew has been a valuable member of the Equity and Reps committee for 4 years; and has grown in that portfolio to become a member of the provincial Equity Committee in 2019. This year he is serving on that committee as Chair. Currently Drew is actively a member on the Communications Committee for the County.

Wendy Hargreaves

After serving in the military as an air traffic controller and raising 4 children while living abroad, Wendy discovered a love for teaching after volunteering in several school systems both internationally and here in Nova Scotia. Since then, Wendy has been teaching for 15 years in Halifax. Within those 15 years, 10 of them have been involved with the Union, first serving as a school rep for 6 of those years.

Wendy has gone on to serve on the Economic Welfare committee and served as the Halifax County Local Secretary for the past 5 years. In addition, Wendy has been recognized and nominated both at the Halifax County Local level for an Inspire Award and for an Education Week Award.

Wendy has remained committed to the NSTU by participating at Council, rep training, rallies and other leadership opportunities offered by the NSTU. Thank you Wendy for your service.

Mona MacNeil

Mona has had an active involvement within the County local for two decades. Mona had previously been actively involved in the City local as both a school rep and local executive member.

Mona has been a regular Annual Council attendee from both locals. In the County she has been a school rep for members in her school and has held numerous local executive positions. She was both the MAL for Social Wellness and filled in as the VP of PD in an interim basis when the need arose.

Regionally, Mona served as a MAL for HRRC from 2018-2020. Provincially, Mona has served on the Provincial Discipline Committee.

Shelley Rigby

Shelley has been an active member and school rep in the County for over two decades of service. Shelley has volunteered immensely to the County during that time as a member of the Women in Education, Public Relations, Communications and Reps & Equity committees. Her positive presence and friendly personality reach near and far within the County membership. Whenever the need, whether during cuts to education, job action, or annual celebrations of Labour Day; Shelley has always been there, with Lawrence, her husband and fellow teacher and unionist in support of the NSTU and in support of quality public education.

Shelley was also a member of the Contact 2000 delegation. As a Rep, Shelley has been a stalwart at our local executive Rep Retreats, and epitomizes the meaning of a grassroots NSTU member.

Hants West Tami Cox Jardine

Tami has been an incredibly strong, reliable and influential member of the NSTU over an amazing career spanning four decades. Tami has represented the union in many positions and always brought the same warmth, kindness, respect and dedication.

She has experience at the local level as local President and was involved in almost all positions on the local executive and sat on many local, regional and provincial committees, helped negotiate local and provincial contracts. In recent years Tami was selected to be a delegate at CTF and became First VP at the provincial level. Her strong work allowed Tami to become associated with NSTALL and the CTF Aboriginal Advisory Committee.

If you talked to Tami she would always tell you that her life revolved around raising three amazing children. She can light up a room with a smile and can be counted on as a friend and fellow NSTU member.

Inverness Angela Deagle

The Inverness Local is honoured to nominate Angela Deagle as a recipient of a 2021 Local Service Award. Until recently, Angela was an active member of the Inverness Local, Strait RRC, Provincial Executive, ATENS executive as well as numerous local, regional, and provincial committees.

Angela is known for her insight into the operations and governance of the NSTU – at all levels. Our Local has benefitted from the many years of service that Angela offered to our members.

Angela is very personable and approachable, and this is one of reasons why she is so respected throughout Inverness County, and indeed across the province. Angela continues to teach at Bayview Education Centre and as such, our members know that they can turn to her for advice and guidance.

Angela is happily married to her soulmate and has two grown children. She also enjoys walks along the beach, reading and doing anything crafty.

Kings Stefanie Conway

Stefanie graduated from Teachers College (‘97) then taught for 22+ years before she was taken from us far too soon. In her own words, “Teaching was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.” She taught in Labrador, Nunavut, the Middle East, Gaza and then Grade 5 at KCA.

Stefanie was always active in the Kings Local. She was passionate about advocating for positive change. She was a rep then served on the PD, Substitute and Steering Committees. She was a longstanding delegate to Annual Council, VP of Communications, Banquet Coordinator and Insurance Trustee. She participated in the JHMIP, Leadership Institute and CONTACT.

Stefanie lit up every room she walked into with the sparkle in her eye and her infectious laugh. Stefanie will be forever #NSTUProud! Stef’s greatest joy was her family: “My reason for breath, my everyday joy, my proudest accomplishments, my heartbeat on feet, Bernie, Rylan and Maryn”.

Lunenburg County Ray Aucoin

Raymond retired after 31 years in education. He taught in three locals during his career. Throughout Raymond’s career he served the NSTU as a school representative than as the Treasurer for the Lunenburg County Local for 5 years. As an active NSTU member he also, served on the Executive of the Math Teachers Association and supported the NS Language Teachers Association.

Raymond also supported at home so his wife Betty Jean Aucoin, NSTU Exec Staff Officer to support NSTU members. Raymond now enjoys retirement with Betty Jean. They work together on education contracts and Raymond continues to support staff and students.

Colleagues, students and parents knew Raymond as a kind, humble and accomplished teacher. It wasn’t surprising that 78 cars paraded past his home for 45 minutes celebrating their teacher, their colleague and most importantly their friend. People who know Raymond are often heard saying, "Everyone loves Raymond!"

Sandy Mitchell

A passionate educator, Sandy has been actively involved in union activities since she started teaching. Sandy has held many positions throughout the years.

As a school rep and later a member of the Local Executive, Sandy has chaired various committees including the RRC and Professional Development Committee. As Provincial Executive Member, Sandy was our voice on local issues at the provincial level.

Her wealth of experience and support of the members of the Lunenburg County Local have been much appreciated.

Shelburne County Colleen Scott

Locally, Colleen served as a rep, Secretary, First VP, as well as on Education Week, Retirement, Nominations, Finance, Equity, Constitution/OPs Review, Awards, and Resolutions Committees. She chaired regional negotiations and served as the OHS Committee’s Regional Representative.

Provincially, Colleen served as a member of the PDAF, Discipline, AC Elections, and Resolutions Committees. As Provincial Executive, she served on Political Action, Status of Women, Governance/Policy, Nominating, PA/PR, and Special Awards Committees. She has been an electoral officer, and spoken at Law Amendments.

Nationally, Colleen was elected NSTU’s representative to CTF’s AGM and currently works with the Status of Women Committee. She worked on TCR’s RCH Lead Team, HPS Steering Committee and is currently active with NSFL's Anti-Racism-Human Rights Committee and ESJ-NS Group.

A lifelong learner, Colleen has attended countless PD sessions, conferences, and has completed two Master Degrees and two Certificate Programs. She constantly works toward both advancing the teaching profession and building a stronger union for all members.

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Antigonish Bill Murphy

Bill has been an active member of the NSTU throughout his teaching career. He has served as REWC chair, RRC chair, school rep and Provincial Executive for two terms.

Bill is known in our local as the man who always remains calm and this has been a trait much appreciated by our members. As a result of his vast understanding around Regional and Provincial contracts and the workings of the NSTU, he is seen as a source of knowledge for our local when our members are seeking advice.

The Antigonish Local extends much gratitude to Bill for his service especially his service on the Provincial Executive team during a difficult period for NSTU members in our Province. We are thankful for his representation, time, commitment and availability in keeping solidarity among our locals.

Cape Breton District Dayna Enguehard

Dayna Enguehard has enjoyed a 32 year career with the Cape Breton Victoria Centre for Education, starting as a Core French/ French Immersion and French First Language teacher and ending as a Learning Disabilities and Resource teacher.

During her career, she has held many union executive and committee positions, most notably as the President of the Cape Breton District Local from 2017-2019.

Dayna also has always had a keen interest in finance, having served many years as Local treasurer and as a member of the local Finance committee. Although Dayna has started the next chapter of her life, one of joyous retirement, her door is always open for advice and a union history lesson. The Cape Breton District Local would like to congratulate Dayna on this Service Award, a culmination of a long and fulfilling career. 

Anna Mae Muise

Anna Mae Muise entered the teaching profession in 2001 at the tender age of 46. Anna Mae embarked on her new career path after leaving Devco with 25 years of service. Her organization, level of commitment, experience and her desire to seek learning opportunities are valuable assets to those fortunate to work with her.

Anna Mae has been a school rep for 19 years. She has been a member of the PA/PR and social committees at the Cape Breton District Local. She has represented her colleagues on numerous occasions at NSTU Annual Council.

Provincially, she has served on the Pension Committee and the Sheonoroil Committee. She loves to recruit and encourage fellow teachers. She is an invaluable member of the Sherwood Park staff and is very deserving of this Local Service award.

Colchester-East Hants Theresa George

Theresa recently retired from our Local. She was an elementary school classroom teacher for over 30 years, before she became a part-time Vice Principal at her school.

Theresa was actively involved with the union locally for many years. She was a school rep for many years, a member of CEH’s Social Committee for 18 years and she also served a term as Chair of the Social Committee on our local executive.

Theresa was passionate about retaining administrators in the NSTU and actively joined the fight against Bill 72. Theresa was a great supporter of the NSTU and inspired our members, especially new members, to be active and aware. Theresa has been a friendly face at countless local events over the years and we are fortunate to have her continue to attend functions and share the benefits of a well-deserved retirement.

Kevin Farrell

Kevin is well known as an informed, proud and active member of our Local. As a school rep and past executive member, Kevin’s knowledge of the NSTU and its workings is invaluable. He is always willing to share what he knows when members have questions.

Kevin is active on our Local's Facebook page answering questions members have, when he can. Even though recently he has stepped away from active involvement in the union, he still shares his passion and many years of knowledge with anyone who asks. Kevin is a dedicated teacher in the Science Department at Cobequid Education Centre in Truro. He has taught Physics and other science courses for years.

Kevin has been recognized both locally and nationally for his teaching. We have immense gratitude and appreciation to him for his decades of contributions to the NSTU.

CSANE Louanne Comeau

Louanne Comeau a débuté sa carrière en enseignement en 2006 et elle fait partie du CSANE depuis plusieurs années. Elle a commencé comme représentante de son école à l’École secondaire de Clare. Par la suite elle a fait partie de l’exécutif du CSANE en tant que membre associé et vice-présidente de la région Sud-Ouest.

Pendant ce temps, elle s’est impliquée dans divers comités tels que : Employé-Employeur, Négociations, Programmation acadienne entre autres. Louanne a toujours été très dévouée dans ses rôles et elle prenait ses responsabilités au sérieux. Le support et le bien-être des membres étaient toujours une priorité.

Tara McCormick

Tara McCormick enseigne depuis plus de 10 ans au CSAP. Elle a démontré une grande implication au sein du NSTU en siégeant sur de nombreux comités dont l'exécutif du CSANE. Son dévouement envers le NSTU s'est particulièrement démarqué lorsqu'elle a pris les responsabilités de présidence du CSANE dans son rôle de première vice-présidente pendant la période de négociations et grèves de 2016-2017.

Suite à cela, Tara a siégé sur le Conseil pour l’amélioration des conditions en salle de classe. Elle a démontré de grandes qualités de leadership lors de son travail aux comités de programmation acadienne et Employé-Employeur. Elle a aussi ajouté à son portfolio de développement professionnel avec sa participation aux conférences de Contact et Leadership. Tara encourage toujours les membres à s'impliquer davantage au sein du syndicat.

Andrée Morin

Andrée Morin est une enseignante au CSAP depuis 2008. Comme enseignante ressource, elle a à cœur les élèves ayant des besoins et comme enseignante, elle a à cœur ses collègues.

Toujours prête à aider les membres du NSTU, Andrée est une bonne mentor aux membres du NSTU et est toujours prête à aider.

Elle a contribué au NSTU, entre autres, en étant représentante de CSANE à l’école Beaubassin, Vice-président de la région centrale du CSANE, trésorière de la Région Centrale du CSANE et secrétaire du CSANE. Pendant les négociations et les défis de la grève, Andrée a joué un rôle important pour appuyer les membres et pour encourager l'engagement des membres. De plus, elle a siégé au comité de Développement professionnel (article 60) et au comité Employé - Employeur.

Renée Samson

Renée Samson est impliquée avec le Conseil syndical acadien provincial depuis dix ans. Elle a comblé plusieurs positions à la table du CSANE au fils des années. De plus, elle a siégé sur plusieurs comités tel que le comité de Développement professionnel, Programmation acadienne, Employé-Employeur et l'équipe de négociations régionales.

Ella a aussi participé à Contact et Leadership à plusieurs reprises. Elle fût présidente du CSANE de 2015 à 2019. Elle présidait nos rencontres avec une abondance d'énergie et de positivité.

Nos rencontres n'étaient pas complètes sans la présence d'un de ses quatre enfants pendant ses termes de présidence! Elle est très ambitieuse et toujours prête à se débattre pour les membres du CSANE. Renée peut clairement articuler les défis de notre local et elle a créé de bons liens avec les membres des autres locaux. Nous comptons sur son expertise institutionnelle continue afin d'appuyer le bon fonctionnement du CSANE.

Cumberland Angela Blenkhorn

Angela is currently a literacy based resource teacher at EB Chandler Junior High in Amherst. She came to EB from River Hebert District School in 2006 to teach Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. In 2010 Angela completed a Master of Education Degree in Diverse Learners.

Angela started out as a NSTU school rep for River Hebert District School under the encouragement of Gail Walsh, longtime Cumberland Executive member. She has also held a Member at Large position on the Executive and now holds our Professional Development role as well as Article 60 representative.

Angela has spent countless hours coaching student sports in Cumberland County. In her spare time, she makes the best donair dip, attends her nephew Jaxon’s hockey events, enjoys a weekend road trip with her husband Todd to see their daughter, Ashley, and is an avid NASCAR fan.

Kim Drysdale

Kim Drysdale has been a teacher dedicated to de-mystifying math for all students.

Kim has become a heart of both her school community and the extended community outside of the school. Kim’s involvement in muffin Monday, crib club, and WE program put Advocate students on the map. She has also served as advisor for Student Council, Prom committee, Safe Grad, the Green Team, Yearbook, Home and School, SAC and every school fundraiser.

Kim has faithfully served her staff as NSTU Representative for almost a decade. She is always willing to help when a member needs an extra hand or to give her perspective on an issue. Driving country roads to Amherst for monthly meetings didn’t slow her down! Kim is an inspiration to all who know her, among colleagues, students and community.

For these reasons, Cumberland Local believes Kim is a deserving recipient of the NSTU Local Service Award.

Nancy Tucker

Nancy retired from Cumberland North Academy in 2019 from a very rewarding career as a music teacher.

In 2000 Nancy was awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2014 she completed a Master of Education Degree in Music. In 2017 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NSTU NSEMA Professional Association for her dedication to the profession and members.

Nancy attended Local Meetings and events and offered leadership within the Local area. In 2018 and 2019, Nancy contributed by supporting the Cumberland Local Exec. in producing “Children’s Voices” with over 2000 people in attendance. Nancy has been a choral conductor for over 40 years with the school community and has taught summer schools for many years with the ORFF Program teaching levels 1-3 training teachers.

Nancy has provided outstanding service to the teaching profession and we are honoured to present her with this Service Award!

Wade Van Snick

Wade graduated from River Hebert District High in 1983. He returned to RHDH and completed the Commercial program in 1984. Wade graduated from Mount Allison with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1988. Wade moved across the country to Vancouver and became an encyclopedia salesman. He then got his B.Ed. from UNB and a Masters of Education in Counselling in 2000.

Wade has taught since 1991, at Amherst Regional, and a bit at NSCC and RHDH. He taught evening classes for Desktop Publishing as well as summer camp at Mt. A. Wade started guidance in 2001 and has been involved with the NSTU since 1994, holding positions including Local Treasurer, President, Provincial Exec, RRC Chair, NS School Counsellors’ Association Treasurer and President and CO-Chair of October Conference. Wade practices Yoga and has completed a yoga instructor’s course. His mindfulness and care he shows is appreciated among us.

Halifax County Nancy Comeau

Nancy Comeau has been teaching for 33 years and has dedicated many of those years to our Union. She has been a loyal rep for over 25 years in Halifax County and also served as Rep when she was with the Dartmouth Local. As part of our Local, she was has served a number of times on our finance Committee, has actively participated in local meetings and represented members well at annual council.

Crystal Isert

Crystal has been a long standing and dedicated member of the Halifax County local. She has served in many capacities both as a committee member and, most recently, as the chair of our local Communications Committee. She was also a major advocate and voice for our local at the Provincial Executive Table.

Kings Thérèse Forsythe

Thérèse Forsythe is no stranger to the NSTU having served on the Kings Local Executive, AVRRC, Provincial Executive and more recently as our Provincial First Vice President. A native of Cape Breton, Thérèse moved to the Annapolis Valley as a teen and attended Acadia where she has earned five degrees! Throughout her 26 years of teaching, she has worked as both a classroom teacher and consultant for the AVRCE and DOEECD.

She has been recognized provincially, nationally and internationally for her excellence in teaching especially in the areas of math and sciences. Although recognized for her many talents and selfless giving of her time, her most important role is Mom to her two sons Jack and Thomas both for which she feels great pride.

When she's not working and donating numerous hours to her union, Thérèse enjoys spending time at the cottage with her husband Scott and boys.

Lunenburg County David Kokocki

David first became a Union Rep back in 1999. He did this because the current Rep at his school was not regularly attending Local meetings. So, David took it upon himself to usurp his school's Rep and attend the Local's meetings as he knew he wouldn't run into his school's Rep anyway.

Put simply, being involved in the NSTU made David a better teacher and colleague. How so? Being part of the Lun Co Local Executive for over 15 years, he developed invaluable leadership skills by regularly organizing county wide events like educational displays and free public skating sessions to name a few. Attending what was once called, NSTU Summer Leadership, allowed for worthwhile PD and skills to share with colleagues.

After 34 years of teaching, David will retire next year. In his second life, he will indulge in his 2 passions: canines & cars.

Bev Langley

Bev graduated from the Nova Scotia Teachers College in the spring of 1985 with an associate in education diploma. His first teaching job began in the fall at Centre Consolidated school on the south shore of Nova Scotia. This is where he taught both elementary and junior high for the next twenty-eight years. During these years he was actively involved in both coaching and refereeing. Countless hours were spent in the gym and on the soccer field. Over these years Bev continued his professional growth by obtaining a bachelor of education degree and a masters of education. The next eight years of his career were spent working in the role as behaviour support teacher at Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg.

Bev has always had an interest in the role the NSTU played in education. He is currently the school NSTU Rep and has served as a school representative for ten years.

Richmond Bernard LeBlanc

Bernard LeBlanc is a valued and longstanding member of the Richmond Local. He graduated from Education at StFX in 1995 and has accumulated 23 years of teaching experience. From the very beginning, Bernie has provided leadership and service to the Richmond Local as a School Rep, VP of Economic Welfare, President, and Past President. He has also been a member of the Strait RRC and has held the position of REWC Chair.

Provincially, he has been involved with the Pension and Curriculum Standing Committees, as well as the Nova Scotia Social Studies Teachers Association.

He currently teaches senior high Social Sciences at Richmond Education Centre/Academy with the SRCE. Bernie is approachable and always willing to help members with union matters. His pride in Unionism is well known and admired. Richmond is lucky to have such a dedicated, life-long learner involved with the Local.

Yarmouth Beth Hannem

Beth has been a devoted teacher for over 20 years and has given extensively to the NSTU at the local and provincial levels. Beth graduated from NSTC in 1985 and entered the teaching profession in 1993. Her full time career has been solely at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School.

She has taught a variety of subjects across the grade levels there and is presently in a resource position. Beth's involvement in the NSTU includes: school rep along with membership on a variety of sub committees. She has also served on the local executive as VP of PD and Secretary. Beth worked with teachers from across the province in developing the Business Tech 11 curriculum.

Beth is always willing to step up and assist the union in whatever needs to be done. She has been dedicated to getting the word out amongst her staff regarding union news and upcoming events.

Karen Bowers

Karen was all set to go back to Acadia to continue studying when she got her first job. In those days, you didn’t give up a job! It was grade 5 in Port Maitland School. When she went to her interview she was terrified. Karen had to keep straight who was Mr. Daley (the superintendent) and who was Mr. Dagley (the principal of Port Maitland). She must have done alright because she got the job and never really looked back. Thirty-four years (most of them primary), five schools, 11 Principals and of course, hundreds of children (who have made her day time and time again) and here she is finally ready to leave.

There have been ups and downs but the good has definitely outweighed the bad. Karen has been very active with Yarmouth’s PD/Social committee for 15 years as well has served on the Teachers Center committee for many years!

Judy Rogers

Judy Rogers started her teaching career in an out port school in LaPoile, Newfoundland in 1978. Transportation to and from the community was by coastal boat. In 1982 she moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with her husband Neil and started to work as a substitute teacher with the Tri County District School Board.

For many years she worked at the Adult High School teaching a variety of subjects until moving into the regular school system. Most of her career has been at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School teaching Biology, her dream job. Judy has been involved in many capacities with the NSTU.

At the local level she has served as school rep and treasurer. Provincially Judy has sat on the Finance and Curriculum committees. Judy is a highly valued member of the local executive and her school community.

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Allister Wadden was a dedicated NSTU member and a strong union activist. He was generous with his time and worked extremely hard for and with teachers for many years through his varied roles within the NSTU.

Allister was passionate about unionism and activism, and his forte was his knowledge of the Local Constitution and Operational Procedures.

Allister worked tirelessly on behalf of teachers locally, regionally, and provincially, representing his union brothers and sisters from the Annapolis Valley on the Provincial Executive. While there, he was a Table Officer, and was elected 2nd VP by the members at the table. Allister served on many committees at the provincial level: Member Services, Professional Development, Nominating, Professional Associations Coordination, Personnel, Professional, and Governance & Policy.

Allister passed away unexpectedly in December, 2018. His loss has left a large void in our local, our regional and our provincial NSTU organization.




For the past thirty years, Tammy has worked tirelessly for members. Tammy is a fountain of information, a fair and firm negotiator and a solid counsellor on union affairs. For many years, Tammy has been the go-to person for union advice and professional support in Antigonish and Guysborough Counties and beyond.

Tammy has been dedicated to her profession as a Music Teacher, and has long been committed to The Nova Scotia Music Educators' Association (NSMEA), serving faithfully in all aspects of their executive. Tammy has worked on behalf of NSTU colleagues in both Antigonish and Guysborough locals and in the Strait Region. She was a long time school representative, Local President in both areas, RRC Chair for the Strait, Co-chair of the Strait Professional Development Committee (SRISD) and is a respected and dynamic member of the Provincial Executive (2010-2014 and 2018-present).




Shawna has a Masters of Education in both Deaf Education, from the Université de Moncton, and Blind/Visually Impaired Education. She has been teaching for many years, working throughout the Maritimes for APSEA as a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing after spending part of her career in British Columbia. This experience provided her with the opportunity to teach both hearing impaired and visually impaired students in the lower mainland. Shawna will be retiring soon after a career of helping students on both coasts.

Shawna has served two terms as the APSEA Local 1st VP, and as a regional rep. She has also filled roles on our negotiations committee, teacher management committee, nominations committee, and has acted for many years as the chair of the social committee.

Shawna is married with a son and lives in Enfield with her husband and two dogs.

Colchester-East Hants



Eileen Dwyer-Crane is very deserving of a Local Service Award. Prior to her retirement last year, Eileen dedicated thirty-six years of her life to the teaching profession, and twenty of these years were dedicated to involvement in the NSTU as a School Representative for Shubenacadie District Elementary School and then Enfield District Elementary School. Eileen was a School Rep who took her position very seriously in both disseminating NSTU information to her staff and in supporting her colleagues with any questions or needs they may have had. In all the years Eileen was a School Rep, she rarely missed a meeting and was a voice for the teachers at her schools. Eileen continues to support the NSTU in her retirement.

Eileen's dedication to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and her passion for teaching.




Lors de ses voyages, son enseignement en Chine et 12 ans ici au CSAP, Ian LeBlanc a requis des grandes connaissances en sociologie, géographie, culture et histoire. Il est très respecté par ses élèves ainsi que ses collègues. Ian est toujours prêt pour une aventure et de partager le goût de voyager avec les autres. Depuis quelques années, il a organisé des voyages avec les élèves en Chine, Europe et Costa Rica.

Ian continue à dévoué son temps aux membres du CSANE et à siéger sur le comité de Programmation Acadienne et le comité PEWC au NSTU. Il a siégé comme membre associé du Sud-Ouest et président de l'exécutif du CSANE. De plus, Ian représentera les membres du CSANE à la table de l'exécutif provincial l'année prochaine.

Merci pour ton dévouement au NSTU et aux membres du CSANE.



Depuis 7 ans d'enseignement, Mélanie Belliveau a enseigné à Truro Junior High et l'École acadienne de Pomquet Mélanie est très respectée par les élèves, ses collègues et est toujours prête à appuyer en toutes situations. Son énergie positive rayonne en salle de classe autant que dans le salon du personnel!

Mélanie est impliquée avec le NSTU depuis 2014, comme membre associé de l'exécutif du CSANE, vice-présidente des affaires publiques et les relations publiques et a siégé comme membre du Conseil pour l'amélioration des conditions en salle de classe. Mélanie a représenté les membres du CSANE avec compétence, une voix forte et tenait toujours l'enseignement et l'apprentissage à coeur. Mélanie siège aussi sur le comité de Programmation acadienne.

Mélanie aime beaucoup le camping et La Plage St. Pierre. Elle aime aussi prendre la charge, organiser et cuisiner pour tout le monde! Merci pour ton dévouement aux membres du CSANE.



Jacqueline LeVert est une enseignante passionnée, reconnue pour son souci envers ses élèves, ses collègues, son amour de la langue française et sa passion de l'enseignement. Elle est actuellement mentor en communication orale à l'école Beaubassin, respectée par les élèves, parents, enseignants et membres de la communauté.

Originaire de Saint-Joseph du Moine, Jacqueline a fait ses études à NDA, Dalhousie, Mont Saint-Vincent et à l'Université de Moncton. 

Jacqueline a 25 années d'expérience en enseignement et travaille avec le CSAP depuis sa fondation, au Carrefour, Beaubassin, entre autres comme directrice, et au ministère de l'Éducation. Elle est impliquée, avec le NSTU, depuis une dizaine d'années, comme membre et présidente de L'AEA, vice-présidente de la région centrale et secrétaire de l'exécutif du CSANE.

Mordue de voyages, un bon café ou un verre de vin avec des amis, son plus grand amour sera toujours de passer du temps avec sa famille.




Lisa Wilson has been involved in the NSTU for many years, serving as Local Rep as well as Cumberland Local Secretary. She helped plan the Retirement Banquet and attended a few on behalf of her colleagues as well. We thank her for her creative placards that she made for the Cumberland Local to use as we marched in Halifax, in solidarity.

Lisa started her teaching career in her hometown of Oxford, and then River Hebert. In 2004, she transferred to EB Chandler where she hangs her hat as a Grade 8 English Teacher. She holds a Masters of Education Degree from Acadia, focusing on Curriculum Studies.

Lisa is truly a life-long learner. She takes it upon herself to stay current in pedagogical practice and has created a warm and supportive environment for her students.



Nancy Letcher was an NSTU Representative and invaluable member on the Cumberland Professional Development Committee. She pushed for an expansion in the definition of PD and advocated for the importance of wellness sessions for the membership. She expanded her union involvement to the Local Executive in her role as VP-Communications. She put together wonderful newsletters for the Local and was creative in the year end retirement issue of said newsletter. She was an active participant in working on behalf of the Cumberland membership and brought her passion to several Annual Councils.

Nancy took her many skills into administration and has been a Vice-Principal as well as a Literacy Mentor and Education Services Consultant. She now teaches a delightful group of Primary students at Spring Street Academy.



Nancy has been involved in the Cumberland NSTU for many years, serving as Local Rep. She was instrumental in September-November in making sure that the Oxford Regional Education teachers were supported when they were displaced to Cyrus Eaton Elementary during their 3 month stay.

Nancy graduated from MSVU in 1988. She taught her first year in Collingwood (the last year the school was open). She went on to Wallace Elementary in 1989-2014 and now teaches at Cyrus Eaton in Pugwash.

Nancy advocates strongly for the Cyrus Eaton members and all students in the Pugwash area. She has a huge heart and always lends a helping hand. She is missed at our Local meetings of late as she is currently off on leave, supporting her ill husband. However, she took it upon herself to find a replacement and contact me, showing her character and dedication to unionism.

Halifax County



William (Bill) has long been a strong voice at the local level, having served in a number of capacities in all three metro locals. He started his union service in Halifax City before moving to Halifax County and then on to Dartmouth, where he served a number of years on their local executive. Bill is currently serving as an alternate rep Sir John A. MacDonald high school in Tantallon.



Kelly became involved with the NSTU in 2008 when she was elected a rep for Auburn and was elected into the Women in Education committee. She has been a rep or alternate for the Halifax County Local ever since. She served on many committees over this time including Equity and Reps (twice); Communications (4 times); Social and Wellness (twice). She is also a previous recipient of the NSTU's “Teachers make a difference” award in 2015-16.



Jim was a long-standing advocate of principals being considered primarily as teachers with administrative responsibilities. His passion on this front was clearly displayed during his tireless efforts to maintain the standing of administrators as belonging to the NSTU. A former NSTU staff officer, Jim has now retired from the NSTU.




Betsy began her teaching career at We'koma'q First Nation Community, teaching grade 1. Over the following 10 years, she worked with students from Grade 1 to Grade 12, with one of her main teaching areas being Junior High Science.

Betsy has been a resource teacher and Reading Recovery teacher at Whycocomagh Education Centre, working to support young readers and writers. She has also worked as a mentor within the SRCE for three years.

Betsy was a school rep for the Inverness local for a number of years, finishing in 2012. During this time she attended Annual Council and represented the NSTALL professional association at Annual Council. She has been active in planning and co-ordinating the October Conference for NSTALL and has always been a contributing member of the school and local community. Betsy will retire this year. Her contributions locally, board-wide and provincially have been many and appreciated by all.




Cathy has been in the teaching profession for 35 years. She graduated from MSVU. Cathy taught grade 1 her first year in Freeport, Bahamas. She then taught grade primary at Hantsport School and worked in Special Education at Cornwallis District High School before completing 28 years at Gaspereau Valley Elementary School. Cathy taught grades 4, 5 and 6 before moving to Primary or P/1 for 25 years. Cathy was actively involved with PETA for 15 years; serving as treasurer for 10 of those years.

She represented PETA on the Professional Associations Committee for 4 years and attended Annual Council 5 times as their rep. Cathy also was a member of the Sheonoroil Committee and has been a school rep for the last 7 years. Cathy considers her own 3 children as her greatest accomplishment.



Heather graduated with a BSc in Home Economics in 1976 and her BEd in 1977; both from Acadia. Her first job was teaching grades 5-12 Home Economics at Lunenburg Town School. There was no curriculum so Heather developed one. Heather left teaching to parent full time when her children were young. She later became an elected member of the Annapolis District School Board and was part of the amalgamation into the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. She served as chair of many of the associated committees including Vice-Chair and Chair of the Board for many years. Heather has been teaching at Evangeline Middle School since 2006.

She has been actively involved with her Local as school rep, Banquet and Communications committees as well as the REWC. Heather has participated in Annual Council, John Huntley Internship and CONTACT. Heather was a recipient of the NSTU “Teachers Who Make a Difference” award. 

Lunenburg County



Over her 32 year career, Heather has worked as both a teacher and administrator at Hebbville Academy; RCH and NSISP consultant for the SSRSB; and vice-principal at Park View Education Centre. She holds B. Mus. And B. Ed degrees from Mt. Allison and M. Ed. Degrees from St. FX and Acadia.

Heather was active in the NSTU Professional Association of NSMEA and SAA and served a term on the TWAR committee. She presented at conferences and staff PD, organized student summer camps, and worked on provincial initiatives.

She served on school committees including SAC, PEBS, JOHS, and IB, and volunteered with several student extracurricular activities.

In retirement, Heather looks forward to family and leisure time, maintaining a connection with schools, and pursuing her hobbies of running, triathlon, and volunteer work.



Betty-Jean Aucoin, retired as NSTU Executive Staff Officer in PD from 2008 - 2018.

Prior to the NSTU, Betty Jean had been in education for 21 years as a teacher, principal and Coordinator for the SSRSB, and associate professor at STFXU. Betty-Jean was SAA's Administrator of the Year in 2000 and received the Golden Leaf Writers Award for her article, Tool Box for Administrators in 2005. Betty Jean was Corporate Lead for NSTU, SAA CAP 2005 raising over $60,000. Betty-Jean was the president of SAA Lunenburg/Queens and was Co-chair of SAA Conference 2000. She initiated the NSTU's Teacher Induction Program and New Administrators Program for Lunenburg/Queens Local. Betty Jean was a Member of Queens and Lunenburg Local and member of NSLTA, ATYA and SAA. Betty Jean now consults provincially nationally and internationally supporting educators, public education and business.




Over the last 3 decades, Damian Hall's name has become synonymous with Annual Council and the former Community College Local. However, Damian began his NSTU involvement with the Pictou Local. He started as the school rep. for the Pictou Campus of the NSCC on the Pictou Local in 1989-90. He would later move on to become the VP of Professional Development where he played an important role in the development of mental health workshops, fair distribution of Article 60 funds, and organization of the first ever Rep. Retreat.

Although Damian Hall's service to the NSTU could be clouded by the amalgamation era of the 90s, the rise and eventual independence of the Community College Local, there is no doubt that he spent his entire career as an NSTU member and contributed to his union in every step.

The Pictou Local is proud to nominate Damian Hall for this deserving honour.

Shelburne County



The Shelburne County Local NSTU is seeking approval from the Provincial Executive for our Local Service Award nominee, Leah Weare.

Leah has 25 years of service in the teaching profession. She has taught French, grade two, three, four, five and six in both Shelburne and Queen's County.

Leah has served as a school representative for nine years. She has served on various committees for the Local including Social/Wellness, Retirement, and Education Week. Leah's contribution has and continues to be outstanding and greatly beneficial to promoting and advancing the objective of the Local and Provincial NSTU.




Teacher since 1979. 4 years teaching in Nunavut and NWT, 29 in Nova Scotia and a few years substituting.

Patty served as school rep, on Resource Centre committee and longest committee membership is the current PD committee. Has attended summer Contact conference.

Patty grew up on a farm in western PEI, the youngest of six. She attended UNB Fredericton, completing a four year Bachelor of Education. Her first teaching job took her to the NWT, to what is now known as Nunavut. After seven years, Patty moved south and then back east. She has two very scientific sons, one in PEI and the other in the Netherlands. She has just recently began a new life with her fiancé, Brad, and they have lots of happy plans in our future as she joins him in retirement at the end of June after many happy years as mostly a Primary teacher.



Robyn went from a Dalhousie Medical School dropout to IBM Systems Analyst for hospitals in Montreal to back home in '88. She became a teacher in 1992 (Dalhousie), Robyn worked in Adult Education for a year, then signed on at YCMHS in '93. Her biggest accomplishment was mentoring robotics where her teams competed at Dalhousie Robots East scoring trophies in all categories as well as best overall. This hands on activity is the epitome of project based learning and inspired many students to study engineering and science based professions. Robyn was awarded the Canadian Association of Physicists Award for Excellence in Teaching (Atlantic Region) in 2010. In 2011, she has since taught Physics 11, 12 academic and IB Physics and math.

My pride and joy is my son, as it was just him and me throughout. He is a military piper with the 48th Highlanders stationed in Toronto.



Trudy has been teaching for 29 years in NS. Trudy has been a local representative at her school, served as VP of PA/PR at the local level, and is presently serving on Article 60 and the Tri-County RRC.

Trudy first started teaching at YCMHS 29 years ago as a senior high Economics and Mathematics teacher. She has spent her teaching career at Yarmouth High teaching various levels of math and for the last ten plus years her teaching has concentrated on the IB Math, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. She has worked as Math Coach and is presently the Math Consultant for the TCRCE.

She has served on numerous mathematics committees including curriculum and assessment both at the local and provincial level. Trudy is married with a daughter and son and lives at Eel Lake with her husband and two German shepherds.

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Mr. Neil MacIsaac's teaching career spanned thirty-four years of what he refers to as "constant change in Education" where his Union involvement began as a School Rep. He was encouraged to become more involved and over the course of the rest of his career, has held the following positions: Vice President of Communications, Vice-President of Economic Welfare, First Vice-President, Local President, Past President and Member-at-Large on the Strait RRC. Provincially, Neil has served on the Public Affairs/Public Relations Committee, serving as Chair in his final year.

The Antigonish Local would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. MacIsaac for the dedication and creativity that he has shared with his students and for the time, energy and commitment that he has shown to our organization.

Cape Breton



Sally Capstick grew up in a very union oriented family, so it is not surprising that she has been involved in the NSTU for most of her teaching career. While Sally raised her four children, she was a union rep in her schools. As a trained art teacher, Sally taught art and various other subjects in 28 schools at all grade levels.

In later years, Sally took an even bigger role in the NSTU, serving three years as our provincial executive member and two years as our local president.

Sally was a strong leader, who always put her members well being and concerns first. Sally was never afraid to voice her opinion and fight for her members.

Most of all, Sally has been a steadfast friend to all who know her and have had the pleasure to work with her.



John began his involvement with the NSTU in the late-1990s as a School Representative. From there he added to his involvement in the NSTU by joining committees and serving on the local executive. Some noteworthy offices that he has held over the years include Vice President of Public Affairs/Public Relations, VP of Communications, Provincial Executive (4 years), three years as NSTU Secretary-Treasurer, Chair of the NSTU Finance and Property Committee, Chair of the NSTU Appeals Committee, member of the regional Board-Teacher committee, and Chair of the local Resolutions Committee. John has stated that he was extremely proud to stand united with teachers throughout the “Kids not Cuts” campaign and to stand in front of Minister Geoff MacLellan's office “on strike” to stand up for teachers' rights.

John has served with great pride and dedication in his various responsibilities for the NSTU and is most deserving of this local service award.



Joyce entered the teaching profession in 1987 as a music specialist with the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board where she ha spent her entire career in the music, and elementary classroom and most recently as an elementary administrator.

Joyce began her union service as a member of the Cape Breton District Local Social committee, a position that she still holds. Additionally, Joyce has held executive positions as Vice President of Professional Development, First Vice President, and Chair of the Equity and Professional Development Fund committees to name a few.

Provincially, Joyce has served on the Resolutions Committee as well as the Nova Scotia Music Educators Association, and the School Administrators Association.

Joyce remains committed to the work of the Cape Breton District Local and is engaged in recruiting new teachers to the many union committees throughout the province.

Colchester-East Hants



Cherie Abriel has been a devoted teacher for the past twenty-six years and has given extensively to the NSTU at the local, regional and provincial levels. She continually demonstrates her commitment to her profession and her resolute loyalty to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. Cherie is currently our Provincial Executive member and Second Vice-President of the NSTU, has chaired several standing committees, locally was the VP of Professional Development and Secretary, has attended provincially organized conferences, completed the NSTU Leadership Skills Training, and has presented resolutions at Annual Councils.

For the past four years, as a member of our Provincial Executive, Cherie has worked closely with her fellow PE members, her Local Executive and NSTU members across the province to keep lines of communication open and to promote the teaching profession. Cherie is a passionate union member and the Colchester-East Hants Local thanks her for her many years of service.




Denis Leblanc prendra sa retraite cette année de l'École Centre ScolaireÉtoile de l'Acadie,à Sydney. Il a enseigné pour 29 ans où il a complété 22 ans avec le CSAP. Lors de sa carrière, Denis à participé au comité curriculum pour le NSTU, trésorier du CSANE et il détient présentement le poste de trésorier pour la region Nord-Est du CSANE. Il a enseigné à l'école North East Margaret, à NDA et à l'Étoile de l'Acadie ou il a occupé le poste de directeur adjoint pour ses deux premières années et ou il enseigne présentement. Lors de sa carrière, il a enseigné au secondaire, premier et deuxième cycle, pour de nombreuses années, en plus il s'est impliqué au NSTU.

Il est évident qu' il sera manqué lors de la retraite, mais nous sommes certain qu'il va remplir sa vie avec d'autres projets et passes-temps.



Cécile Thériault prend sa retraite en juin cette année, et l'École Joseph Dugas perd une resource valable, en tant qu'enseignante et représentante pour son école depuis 15 années au syndicat. Cécile est reconnue pour son souci envers ses élèves, sa bonne gestion de classe et pour pousser ses élèves à faire leur possible.

Lorsque Cécile a terminé ses études en 1983 à l'Université Sainte-Anne, sa formation était pour l'élémentaire, mais en tant qu'enseignante en milieu minoritaire rural, Cécile a fini par enseigner plusieurs niveaux, à l'élémentaire, intermédiaire et au secondaire. Ces expériences de travail n'ont fait qu'enrichir son coffre à outils en tant qu'enseignante et représentante syndicale. Bien que la salle de classe et les collègues vont lui manquer, Cécile va remplir sa vie avec d'autres projets de retraite.

Merci de ton dévouement au syndicat et à ta profession! 




Sylvia has taught in a number of schools throughout her career. She has worked in Advocate, Leamington, Northport, Brookdale, West Highlands, and Spring Street Academy. Sylvia loves her students and works long hours each and every day to make sure that learning is fun for them. Sylvia has been involved in fundraising and winter carnival activities over the years. She is very caring and makes delicious cakes for the staff to enjoy.

While at West Highlands and Spring Street Academy, Sylvia has volunteered as NSTU Rep for at least 10 years.



Bev has been a valued and longstanding member of the Cumberland Local of the NSTU for her 29 years in the teaching profession. She has taught most of her career in the Amherst schools, both at the Junior High and elementary level. Bev has served as a School Representative for most of her career and spent approximately 8 years as a strong member of the Professional Development Committee and even represented Cumberland at the annual Provincial Teachers' Bowling Tournament.

Both within the classroom and at union meetings/functions, Bev's honesty, hard work and organizational skills have been a great addition; but, it's her ability to applaud the fun and laughter that make others feel at ease and welcome wherever Bev can be found.




Ellen Louth started teaching with the Halifax Regional School Board in 1997, but her teaching career dates back to 1977, when she began her career in Ireland. In terms of her union involvement, she started out as a School Union Rep for Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth and then served in multiple roles for the Dartmouth Local Executive including VP of Professional Development and VP of Public Affairs and Public Relations. Ellen has also served at the Provincial level, being a member of the NSTU Equity Committee and the NSTU Discipline Committee.

Ellen retired from Prince Andrew High School in June of 2017.

Halifax City



Derek has been a valued and longstanding member of the Halifax City Local. He has been a teacher for 33 years, and most recently the principal of Park West School. Derek is dedicated to the diverse community of Park West and is well known outside the walls of his school. Derek's experience has provided the Local and our members a unique perspective. His rapport with his staff, and his unwavering support of his teachers have made him an incredible asset to his school, and to our Local. His mantra "We're all in this together" has become a consistent message to his teachers and other support staff.

Derek is a true believer in the collegial model, and most recently spoke out very publicly against the removal of administrators from the NSTU. His courage to speak out shows his pride and dedication to our Union.



Peter has been a valued and longstanding member of the Halifax City Local. He has taught for many years, most recently as the Principal of Fairview Junior High School. Peter is dedicated to his school community. He coaches the FJHS soccer team, chaperones many school trips, and is heavily involved in athletics at his school. Peter has been a NSTU Rep, and an Annual Council delegate for many years. Peter is always happy to lend his unique perspective as an administrator and is often able to help clarify the issues. Peter is a staunch supporter of his teachers, and the collegial model. Peter is a true testament to the saying “Principals are teachers first.”

He has served his school, his community, and our Union with dedication.

Halifax County



Ms. Ferguson has had a long career of involvement in the NSTU, starting back in 1999 when she first joined as a school rep. Since that time, Meg has been involved in just about every capacity imaginable, from local secretary to local president to provincial executive.

In many ways, Meg is the epitome of engagement and commitment. Whether, it was through her efforts to have an NSTU presence at the first Halifax Pride Parade in 2008, through her creation of the Halifax County Inspire Awards to recognize the contributions of others, or her passionate defence of members rights during regional negotiations, Meg has consistently been a strong leader within our organization.



Mr. Goora has been involved in many aspects of the NSTU over the years. He has been predominantly involved at the local level, serving as a Halifax County Executive member in a number of capacities, including VP of Communications and VP of PA/PR. He served regionally as the chair of the communications committee for the HRRC, as well as volunteering time on the provincial PA/PR committee and the provincial discipline committee.

Phil has long had a passion for communicating ideas, as evidenced by his long tenure as a Film and Video teacher at Lockview. It was this passion that first inspired Phil to, in many ways, bring Halifax County into the social media age. Phil was a pioneer in our local in the use of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and introduced our local to the power such technology had to promote local events and keep members in the know.



Ms. Hudson has been an educator for a number of years now, and is deeply committed to community development, social justice, education and youth advocacy. She has been tremendously involved over the course of her career in efforts to ensure the voices of African Nova Scotians are part of the conversation around education.

She has long served as a member of the Black Educators Association of Nova Scotia and is currently serving as president of that organization. During the days following the release of the Glaze report, Ms. Hudson was a vocal critic of the document, and spoke on many occasions against the lack of meaningful consultation embarked upon in its preparation, particularly with the Black Educators Association. This voice added tremendous weight to the efforts of Halifax County and, indeed, to all NSTU members as we fought to mitigate the damaging effects of that report.



Terry has long been involved in the NSTU, first as a school rep, then eventually as a member of the Halifax County Local executive. He has served in one capacity or another for 15 years now, and his service has included stints as 1st VP, Professional Development Committee, and 1st VP, Communications. He has also facilitated numerous workshops and sessions during rep training, and currently sits on the Provincial Discipline Committee.

Along with this direct involvement, Terry has always shown himself to be a strong advocate for members' rights and is known for his persistence and passion when speaking out on issues. Never afraid to ask the tough questions or challenge the status quo, Terry has always provided an emphatic voice to the table. He has accepted leadership roles on numerous occasions and has always fulfilled his role dutifully and with commitment.

Hants West



Ms. Frank has served for multiple terms on the Local Executive and Local Council of the Hants West Local. After 22 years of involvement she has demonstrated meritorious service to advance the objectives of the NSTU. She has been a member of the Provincial Executive, President of the Annapolis Local, Chair of the Annapolis Valley Regional Representative Council, Chair of the Regional Economic Welfare Committee, and Chair of the Regional Grievance Committee.

As an administrator, this is Ms. Frank's last year as a member of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, and we are deeply grieved by this involuntary removal of an exemplary member and advocate from our union. Ms. Frank exemplifies leadership and service to our union, and the Hants West Local commends her to you without reservation to receive this award.




It is with great honor that the Inverness Local of the NSTU present Denise Aucoin for the Local Service Award. Denise retired in June 2017 from the "One room school house in Pleasant Bay" with the Strait Regional School Board after 30 years of service. She began teaching in the North East Margaree for the Inverness District School Board and was an advocate for French Immersion for the students of the Margaree area. Denise started as a school rep for the little school in North East Margaree early in her teaching career. She held many executive position with the Inverness Local, including VP of PD and 1st VP. She also served on many Provincial committees such as the Communications Committee throughout her career.

Although Denise was not involved as much near her retirement, she was always a big supporter of the NSTU.




Corena has been in the teaching profession for 33 years. Corena started her career as a resource teacher and moved into Administration at Glooscap Elementary School where she is loved by students, parents and staff. Every morning she greets all of the children as they come through the door with a "Good morning", or "How are you?" and is often seen giving out many hugs as the students come off the bus.

Corena has been very active in the Kings Local as a school representative and is involved in passion projects like Equity and Retirement Banquet. She has a strong social justice heart and is always on the lookout to improve students' lives.



Cathy has been an elementary teacher for all of her professional career; she has taught at Berwick School, Cambridge Elementary and Glooscap Elementary. Cathy has been a valuable and active Union member for most of her career. Cathy began as a school rep. With the Kings Local, she has both served on and been the VP of Professional Development, VP of Communications, Equity Liaison and was the Kings Local rep for the Article 60 - AVRSB-NSTU PD working group. Cathy is also an engaged member of the special association, NSTALL and has helped plan their annual conference.

Cathy is a dedicated union member. She values the opportunities of collegiality and professional growth that this work allows. Cathy has provided awareness of the supports and benefits the union offers members. She has encouraged participation and responds to union queries with good grace. Cathy has served the union with pride.



Donna graduated in 1986 from NSTC with an A.Ed Diploma in Physical Education. She has taught at Kingston & District School and West Kings District High School. Donna was a beloved Resource teacher for many years before transitioning into administration; first as Vice-Principal and now as Principal. She also has a Masters in Technology from MSVU and is currently enrolled in the NSELC Program for Admin. Donna has been wholeheartedly involved in the Kings Local since her first meeting as a school rep. She has held the position of Secretary, VP of Communications and is currently the 1st VP. She has also been involved on the AVRRC. She also participated in the John Huntley Internship.

Donna believes in the value and work of the union and is quick to help others whenever she can. Donna will always be #NSTUProud!



Mike is in his 29 th year as an educator. He has held various union roles including school union rep, SAA Rep for AVRSB, SAA Provincial president, TWAR executive member, CAP - VP and Board of Directors member and Co-chaired/chaired several SAA Leadership conferences.

Mike has devoted his teaching career to helping make schools a safe learning environment for all of his students. Mike is currently the Vice-Principal at NorthEast Kings Education Centre. Kings Local appreciates his vast knowledge of the role of administrator and all he has contributed to our Local.

Lunenburg County



Sandra's interest in the NSTU began early on in her career, but she was also involved with the NSTU as a parent and through other organizations. While working as a Home Economist with the Dept. of Agriculture, she became heavily involved with the Home and School movement, locally, provincially and nationally. She was the president of the NS Federation of Home and School Associations for about 6 years and during this time she sat with the NSTU Presidents on many committees, Department of Education forums, and Provincial Education Partners meetings with the Education Ministers over the years. She worked with the NSTU leaders to help organize Education Week ceremonies, stood alongside NSTU Provincial Presidents during numerous protests, fighting for a better Education system for the children of our province.

Sandra has a huge interest in Equity and Social Justice, at both the NSTU and school level.




An early career context (Glace Bay High) shaped Chris's purpose for understanding and developing his unionism perspective. A teacher and administrator for the CBVRSB, Chris can be described as a colorful, reasonable and supportive voice for all educators. He is simple and honest in his aim and leads not by accepting things as they are but with a spirit for modernist ideas.

Chris served regional positions of treasurer, Council Member, multiple terms as VP of PD and that of Communication for the Northside-Victoria Local. His hard work on the provincial scene gained respect of administrator peers serving TWAR (member), SAA President, webmaster, executive member, conference presenter, twice Conference Chairperson and served the Sheonoroil Foundation Board. What carries Chris forward are the opportunities in his day to sing and play his guitar for the special education classes at Memorial Composite High School. Chris is supported by his wife Barb and son Keigan. 




Stacy completed a Bachelor's degree at MSVU in Child and Youth Studies in 1997 and started working as a Teaching Assistant with TCRSB. Stacy enjoyed her role as a TA but realized her true calling: to teach and to lead. Stacy then completed her Bed at University of Maine in 2004.

Stacy became involved in the NSTU as Secretary with the Shelburne County Local. She then represented Queens-Shelburne as Provincial Executive Officer. Stacy moved to Queens to teach and married the love of her life, Jamie Thorburn. Stacy studied Administration – Instructional Leadership at St. FX and received her Master in Education in 2013. She accepted the position of Vice Principal at South Queens Middle School, still working closely with the NSTU. Stacy was elected Queens County Local Secretary and then President, a position which she currently holds. Stacy has also held many positions on Local and Regional Committees.



Dawn is a very respected and well-known teaching vice principal at a small community elementary school in Greenfield. Dawn makes it a point to enhance the education of her students by providing them with opportunities that they may not otherwise experience.

Dawn has been in the teaching profession for 23 years and has been involved with the Queens Local for much of that time: as a member of the Executive- being first VP for many years, as well as the Chair of the REWC. She was also VP of Professional Development planning and executing many PD sessions, rep retreats and socials during her time.

Dawn is always eager to learn and has attended many NSTU conferences that have allowed her to bring back a wealth of knowledge to share around the Queens Local table. The reps and executive around the current Queens Local table value Dawn's expertise, experience and knowledge.

Shelburne County



Gary will celebrate retirement this year. His career includes working at the Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School for fourteen years, teaching Math, and most of the science courses. He was Vice Principal at Drumlin Heights Consolidated School for three years. During the last nine years, Gary has been teaching Math and Science at Barrington Municipal High School.

Gary's union involvement included eight years as the School Rep for BMHS. During that time, he attended many in-services and conferences. He has taken care of all of the rep's responsibilities. This includes attendance at most meetings, the sharing of information and the implementation of the votes.

Gary has enjoyed being part of the Shelburne County NSTU Local. The Shelburne County Local wishes him much success in the next milestone of his life.



Andrea is a graduate of Nova Scotia Teachers College and she has been involved with the NSTU since 1984, and this year, she will retire with a "happy heart." Andrea has taught physical education, Reading Recovery, Resource and grades primary-six. In 2005, Andrea became the School Rep for Forest Ridge Academy and in 2008-2013, she became the treasurer for the Shelburne County Local. Andrea faithfully attended the Leadership Institutes each summer. She was nominated and honored as the Education Week Award recipient in 2012.

Andrea has been an asset to our union. She is a "hands-on" teacher who has organized and/or participated in Fun Runs, Healthy Promoting Schools, Doctors Runs, and Running Club at her school.

"Well done, kind and faithful friend." Congratulations on a wonderful career!




Roland Hannem has spent over 30 years as a teacher and counselor. He began his career on the rocky shores of Newfoundland and Labrador and moved back to his native province of Nova Scotia in 1989. Rollie has served in many capacities within the NSTU. At the local level he has been Local President, VP of Communications and served on many committees including finance, PD/Social, and Teacher Centre Management. He also served as school rep.

Regionally, Rollie served as Chair of the RRC. Provincially he has sat on the Communications and PA/PR committees, served on committees at annual council and is presently an Insurance Trustee for the NSTU.

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Colchester-East Hants Gerry Alley

Gerry Alley has been involved in teaching for 35 years, with the last 22 years being with the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. Gerry has been a dedicated member of the Colchester-East Hants Local of the NSTU for many years and has worn several hats at both the provincial and local levels.

While Gerry is often seen as “Union Guy” by his fellow staff members at his school he has been viewed as this persona by many outside members as well. Locally, Gerry has served as the VP of Public Affairs (2 years), President (3 years), Provincial Executive Member (4 years) and RRC Chair for the Chignecto Region (2 years), while provincially he has occupied the seat of 2nd Vice President as well as several committees.

Gerry has always been an informed, supportive, active and passionate union member and the Colchester-East Hants Local thanks him for his many years of service.

 CSANE Joël Chiasson

Diplômé de l'Université de Moncton en 1995, il a commencé sa carrière en faisant de la suppléance tout en poursuivant une carrière comme musicien.

C'est à l'été 2000 qu'il reçoit le poste d'enseignant de musique au Centre scolaire communautaire Étoile de l'Acadie à Sydney. Pendant ses dix-sept ans d'enseignement, il a enseigné les cours de musique aux élèves de la maternelle à la douzième année, ainsi que des cours de français aux élèves du secondaire.

Il est devenu représentant syndical au début de sa carrière et a participé au stage John Huntley au NSTU. Joël a travaillé comme secrétaire au CSANE pour 7 ans. Il a agi comme président du comité de programmation acadienne pour une durée de deux ans.

Lauren Currans

Avant de se retirer, Lauren Currans a eu l'opportunité d'enseigner pendant 32 ans pour les conseils en Nouvelle-Écosse. Pendant son temps comme membre du NSTU, elle a pris l'occasion d'apprendre beaucoup à ce sujet comme l'organisation, les articles, le contrat, nos droits et nos responsabilités.

À travers ses années impliquées avec le CSANE, elle a rencontré de nouveaux amis, a été rep à l'École de Plymouth et à l'École de Pubnico-Ouest et a été trésorière pour son sous-local pendant les derniers cinq ans. Elle croit que chaque membre devrait avoir la chance de s'impliquer avec le syndicat au moins une fois dans leur carrière, car c'est une très belle expérience.

Sue Larivière-Jenkins

Sue Larivière-Jenkins est un membre actif au sein du syndicat depuis 2002. Elle a commencé son travail avec le syndicat comme membre associé et est présentement la représentante du Conseil Syndical Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse sur le comité exécutif provincial du NSTU. Elle est aussi toujours dévouée à siéger sur les comités syndicaux afin de représenter la voix des enseignants francophone de la Nouvelle-Écosse.

Au niveau local, elle a travaillé sur le comité des communications et des affaires publiques, le comité des finances, le comité de développement professionnel (Article 60), le comité employé/employeur, le comité de nomination, le comité de programmation acadienne, le comité de grief, elle était trésorière de CSANE, est fini son premier terme de deux ans en tant que membre sur le comité exécutif provincial NSTU. Elle est aussi toujours présente aux Conseil Annuel du NSTU. Le travail de Sue est apprécié de la part de membres de CSANE.

Virginie Latour

Virginie Latour est impliquée au syndicat depuis 2009, occupant une variété de poste avec la CSANE et à son école. Elle est représentante de son école depuis 2009 et elle a participé à John Huntley en 2009. Elle a été trésorière et VP de la sous-section pour la région centrale du CSANE de 2010 à 2015. Elle a été secrétaire de la CSANE de 2012 à 2014 et VP de DP de 2013-2015. Elle a aussi fait partie du comité de négociation pour le contrat local en 2014-2015, et partie du comité employé/employeur en 2015.

Nous tenons à souligner son dévouement et son travail pour la CSANE et pour les membres de la CSANE. Merci Virginie!

Cumberland Pamela Hoar

Pam's professional goals lead her to become a school administrator. She was an integral instructional leader at Parrsboro Regional Elementary and High School when they became the first accredited schools in Nova Scotia under the DOE's NS School Accreditation Program. She also took part in the Mike Rutherford Instructional Coaching and Feedback labs to further develop her leadership skills. In addition, she embraced restorative approaches to help enhance her abilities as a school administrator. Her leadership skills have been appreciated in other schools in the Cumberland Local including Amherst Regional High School and most recently West End Elementary School.

Although not as personally active within the Cumberland Local as in her early career, Pam continues to follow and maintain an understanding and appreciation for union affairs. As a true teacher, she encourages learning in all with whom she works.

Greg Nix

Greg Nix has been an educator for over 30 years and his commitment to NS schools has led him to various teaching positions and administrative roles throughout the CCRSB. He has taught many different subjects from grades 3 to 12, has mentored, and has held various administrative positions. He currently is working as the Coordinator of Programs for CCRSB. He has been a life-long learner obtaining two master's degrees. He is passionate about education and had played a role in creating systematic change through creating and leading professional learning opportunities for teachers and principals. He has enjoyed coaching basketball, badminton, skiing, orienteering and other sports.

He has participated in the NSTU as a Rep, on many committees and representing schools on the NS Health Board. He also shares his leadership within the community, playing an active role in multiple organizations, including various trail's associations, the NS boater's association, Friend's of the Pugwash Estuary, the Orienteering Association, and Search and Rescue.

Halifax City Paulette O'Connor

Paulette O'Connor has been a longstanding and energetic fixture in the Halifax City Local. She has taught at Saint Joseph's-Alexander McKay Elementary School for most of her career. She has taken her students to the Tim Horton's Children's Camp countless times – an opportunity that many of her students would never have if not for Paulette's dedication. She has partnered with a school in Kenya so her students have the chance to broaden their horizons and increase their global connections. Paulette and her students have fundraised each year to ensure that the school's community has access to clean drinking water.

Paulette always has the best interest of her NSTU members at heart, and has been a thoughtful advocate for them over the years. She has been a member of the Halifax City Local Social Committee, and has been instrumental in organizing our yearly Retiring Teachers' Banquet.

Paulette always has a smile on her face, and her approachable demeanor has made her an incredible asset to our Local.

Carmel Rooney

Carmel Rooney has been a valued and longstanding member of the Halifax City Local. She has taught at Joseph Howe Elementary school for many years. Carmel is dedicated to the inner city and to the community of North-end Halifax and is well known outside the walls of her school. Even towards the end of her career, Carmel has continued to evolve as an educator, attending conferences and always looking for new ways to engage and educate her students.

Carmel has been a NSTU Rep, a member of the Halifax City Local Executive, and a member of countless local committees. She's served as VP of Professional Development and Treasurer on numerous occasions.

Carmel is a vocal advocate for the members of the NSTU, and always has their best interests at heart. Because of Carmel's longstanding involvement, she is able to remind our membership how far we've come, and the sacrifices that were made. She has also been a member of our Local Social Committee, where she has taken pride in organizing our annual Retiring Teachers' Banquet.

Halifax County Jodie MacIlreith

Jodie has been involved in the NSTU since 1995, and has served in a number of capacities in that time, including local representative, local Finance Committee member and provincial Pension Committee member. She is a past recipient of the John Huntley Internship, a NSTU PDAF grant, and numerous teaching awards including the MSVU Senate Medal of Distinction, the EnCana Students' Choice Awards, and was a finalist for the Progress Women of Excellence Awards.

Finally, not only has she contributed to several provincial student and teacher resources, she has found time to share her expertise as a course instructor at St. FX. Jodie exemplifies the guiding principles of the NSTU, and we hope you will accept her nomination.

Lisa Nearing

Lisa has been teaching since 1988 in the HRSB as a substitute then moving on to Colby Village, Fort Sackville Elementary, George Bissett, Waverley Road, and Joseph Giles Elementary. She has taught grade primary and combined P/1. Lisa has been involved in the NSTU since 1994, and has served in a number of capacities in that time, including local representative, local Finance Committee member and local Economic Welfare Committee.

She has served the local in many other capacities, including volunteering for an ad hoc Property Committee, ad hoc Committee on Grade Primary and as a representative for Annual Council. During the recent job action, she went above and beyond in her service of the local and the NSTU, spending countless hours ensuring that the members' needs were met in one of our most troubling times.

Kings Rosalie MacDonald

This double-Masters, hard-working woman is truly a beautiful soul. She has been quietly active in the NSTU for most of her career as a Resource teacher. Never one to be looking for recognition, she helps others with respect and confidentiality; she has an excellent rapport with her colleagues. Ro has been a school rep for many years, and has served on committees including Equity, and Women in Education. She is the driving force behind Diversity Day and Music Therapy activities at Wolfville School, and she encourages others to participate as well. She has attended Annual Council several times and is a strong advocate for members' rights.

Ro graduated from MSVU, and earned her Master of Education degrees from Acadia and MSVU; she is a true lifelong learner, who works continuously to improve professional practice and programs. Kings Local is proud of her and fortunate to have her as a friend and Union sister.

Northside-Victoria Shane MacRae

Shane MacRae has been an enthusiastic and strong voice on union matters, in our local, throughout his career. He began his career as a circuit physical education/science teacher in 1989 at Bay St. Lawrence Elementary, Dingwall Elementary, and Cabot High. Shane transferred to Memorial Composite High in 1992 to teach physical education/biology until he transferred to Seton Elementary in 2016 as a physical education teacher.

In our local, Shane has assumed different roles at various points throughout his career. He has been a school representative and a member of the Regional Representative Committee and has been an avid participant in functions such as the Teachers' Bowling Tournament, Teachers' Hockey Tournament, Teachers' Softball Tournament, Local Retirement Dinner, and more. Shane's contribution is more than a list of volunteer roles, held over the years, in our local. He likes to lead by example but is always more than happy to share his experience and answer questions regarding both union and professional matters.

Susan Spurrell

Susan Spurrell graduated from Mount St. Vincent University with a Bachelor of Child Studies and a Bachelor of Education. She began her career teaching in Prince Edward Island where she taught for four years. In her 27 years of teaching, she has taught Special Education, Resource, Grades Primary, 1, 2 and 3.Susan presently teaches Grade Primary.

Susan has been employed by the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board for the last 23 years. She has been a member and involved with the Northside Victoria Local during those years, and has served on the following committees: Social Committee, PD Committee, Scholarship Committee, Resolutions, and Board Teacher.

For many years, Susan was actively involved with the Executive as an Area Rep, School Rep, and Chair of the Social Committee. When Susan attends meetings she arrives with an infectious laugh that makes others feel at ease and at home.

Pictou Nancy Doyle

Nancy is a very dedicated educator and member of the NSTU. She has devoted countless hours to the Union at the local, regional and provincial levels. Nancy has had a long time affiliation with the Professional Association, ATYA (Association of Teachers of Young Adolescents). She has served as the Secretary and President of ATYA. Locally, Nancy served as Treasurer and President. She worked on several committees of the local including Social, Professional Development and Equity.

At the regional level, Nancy has been a member of the CRRC for several years. She has served as the Secretary of the council. She has been a member of the Employment Equity, Education Week Awards, Marking and Prep, Excellence in Teaching Award Committees and has participated on the Board/Teacher Committee.

At the provincial level, Nancy has just completed her term as Provincial Executive Member. She has worked on various committees including Finance, Member Services, Professional Development and PACC.

Cynthia MacKinnon

Cindy became involved with the NSTU as a member of the Local Executive in the early 2000's. She has been serving our membership for almost 20 years. Cindy has held many positions locally, President of the Local, VP of Communications, VP of Professional Development and is currently the VP of Economic Welfare. She has also served on several committees.

Regionally, Cindy has been a longstanding CRRC Member. She has been on committees, such as the Nominating, Negotiating, Time to Teach, Marking and Prep, Teacher Board and others. Currently she is the Regional Chair of the Economic Welfare Committee.

Cindy has also gone onto serve at the Provincial level, where she was a Provincial Executive Member. She was also on the Provincial Development, Member Engagement, Contact Steering, Curriculum, Governance and Policy, the Provincial Associations Coordinating Committees.

Nationally, Cindy served as a Nova Scotia delegate at the CTF AGM.

Ann Slater

Ann Slater has been an active member of the NSTU. Ann served on the first established Substitute Committee of the NSTU as the Chairperson for the first two years. She served two terms on this committee. After that, she continued to serve the interests of substitutes as the Substitute Liaison in Pictou Local.

At the local level, Ann served as the V.P. of Communications then the Local Secretary. She served on the Local's Social and Professional Development Committees both of which were very active committees of the local. This year, Ann has stepped back from her leadership duties in Pictou Local to concentrate her time and efforts as Principal of Walter Duggan Elementary School. Even though she stepped down from her leadership roles, she continues to remain an active member supporting all our Local and provincial activities.

Ann's expertise, organizational skills and knowledge of the union have been greatly missed this year.

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Antigonish Margaret O'Neil

Margie first began her teaching career in 1980 in McLennan Alberta, where she taught for three years before moving to Toronto. While teaching in Toronto, she attended evening classes at York University where she completed an FSL course.

It was in 1984 when Margie returned to Antigonish where she taught at various grade levels in many schools. She first became a school rep in 2002 while teaching in Heatherton/Reverend H.J. MacDonald School and attended Annual Council as an observer. She was also a member of the former Women in Education Committee (Equity Committee) for three years, in which she not only attended but organized various workshops on teacher wellness.

After having transferred to the Antigonish Education Centre, Margie once again became a rep in 2009 to present day. Margie's dedication to the teaching profession and as a local rep has proven her to be a candidate well deserving of this award.

Cape Breton District Patsy MacQueen

Patsy MacQueen has been a dedicated union member since the beginning of her career over thirty years ago. She has served on several committees, among them: Employee Assistance, Professional Development and Public Affairs/Public Relations. She also lent her support to other committees by attending sessions they sponsored.

Perhaps her greatest contribution has been as a school representative, a role she filled for a number of different schools over the years. In that capacity she was an active participant in both General and Council meetings, and could always be counted upon to “get the answers” for fellow teachers seeking information.

For your service, always rendered with a smile, Cape Breton District Local thanks you with this Service Award. Well done, Patsy!

Laurie Ross

Laurie is a long standing NSTU supporter and worker dating back to 1980. She has spent 5 years as school representative at Sacred Heart Elementary School in Sydney, along with 12 years in the same role at both St. Anne's Elementary School and Oceanview Education Centre in Glace Bay.

Along with performing the duties of school representative, Laurie has also been heavily involved in local committee work as a member of the Communications committee and some time on the local Nominations committee. Laurie regularly attends local workshops and has attended many rep retreats over the years. One of her proudest moments was when she stood in solidarity with hundreds of other NSTU members during the “Kids not Cuts” demonstration held outside former Deputy Premier Frank Corbett's office in New Waterford.

Laurie is to be commended for her involvement in local NSTU affairs. Her leadership in this regard is absolutely noteworthy.

Colchester-East Hants Robert George

CEHL is proud to nominate Robert George who is very deserving of a Local Service Award. He has dedicated 33 years of his life to the teaching profession, a large part of which was dedicated to involvement in the NSTU. He contributed locally, regionally and provincially.

Robert served on CEHL Executive from 2004-2010 as Social Chair and VP of Economic Welfare and from 2010-2015 he served as President. Previous to serving on the executive he was on committees and a school representative for many years. He also attended Annual Council from 2003-2015.

Regionally Robert was on the RRC from 2009-2015 and served as Chair from 2012-2014. In addition he was on the negotiating committee for two regional contracts.

At the provincial level, Robert had the opportunity to participate in the John Huntley Internship. He served on the Appeals Committee from 2008-2010 and on the Public Affairs Committee from 2011-2013.

Community College Sandy Dyke

Sandy has been one of the most active and effective members of our local from its inception to the present and he is certainly "outstanding" and has given "meritorious service" throughout.

During his working life, Sandy has been constantly involved in the Union or Professional Association movement. Starting with the Loggers and Paperworkers Unions, he then became involved in the Manitoba Teachers' Society as a local president and provincial committee member. In the College system in Manitoba, he served as the local president of the Manitoba Government Employees Union. Here in Nova Scotia, he has been involved with the NSTU from the creation of the Community College Local. He has served as Local Rep, Local Committee member, VP Economic Welfare for Faculty, Local Secretary, Pension Appeals Committee member, Negotiations Team member, Provincial PD Committee member, and is currently a member of the NSTU Provincial Executive.

Sandy has always offered the wisdom of his experience to colleagues. As a mentor to many, he has modeled what is best in unionism with tactful, supportive guidance and genuine caring.

Cumberland Pat Hillier

Pat has been actively involved with the NSTU since returning to Nova Scotia in 1999 as a mid-career teacher. Presently, she teaches Science and Healthy Living at E.B. Chandler Junior High in Amherst.

Pat is a most valued member of the NSTU who over the years has served in the capacity of volunteer of many local, regional and provincial groups and committees. Locally, Pat has been elected to local executive positions including Treasurer, VP Communications, and Local President. She also gave her time as a committee member on the Finance, Professional Development and Social Committees. Regionally, Pat was elected as Vice Chair of the CRRC, and was a member of the Negotiating and Regional Asking Package Committees.

At the provincial level, Pat was elected to the Provincial Executive and served for five years. Over the years, Pat held many positions on the following committees: Personnel, Governance, Finance & Property, Resolutions, Curriculum, Professional Development, Pensions, Public Affairs, Nominating (Chair 2010), PEWC. Pat also attended Annual Council for many years serving many times as a voting delegate and also as a chair of a provincial committee.

Pat's non-union/non-teaching activities find her involved with the Cumberland Child Advocacy Association & Youth Foundation, Cumberland Futures Community Fund and the Teachers Plus Credit Union.

Pat has two adult daughters, enjoys walking on the beach and has a love for life! She is an inspiration to all who know her and Cumberland Local highly recommends her for this honour.

Holly MacDonald

Holly MacDonald has been an exemplary active member of the NSTU, participating in various committees over the years in Cumberland area, Cape Breton region and Halifax area for approximately 30 years. She has been a full time teacher with CCRSB and APSEA and presently serves as an Executive member - VP of Professional Development Committee NSTU Cumberland.

Some of her past involvement includes: NSTU Appeals Committee; Aviso Editorial Content Committee; PACC–Provincial Committee; Member of PA ATYA Treasurer on Executive; Presently NSTU member of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee working with NSGEU, CUPE and administration; Ongoing regular attendance at local NSTU Meetings; Attendance at Annual Council – observer; Past Chairperson of Nominating Committee – Cumberland Area; Past NSTU - Excellence in Teaching Committee and previous involvement - recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award.

Holly continues to lead Professional Development for colleagues in all areas. She provided training for administration and scoring of various tests in the areas of language development, reading and writing, provided sign language support, etc. Teachers from other schools have requested teacher initiated in-service days in order to meet with her so she could support their learning in usage of reading strategies, sources of information - meaning, syntax, semantics, etc.

Holly has made many wonderful contributions to her teaching profession which have greatly influenced her colleagues, her students and their parents.

Halifax County

Peter Boudreau

Peter Boudreau is one of those people whose enthusiasm is infectious, he is game for anything and when he is in, he is ALL IN. This grade Primary French Immersion teacher started at St Catherine's Elementary School in 1998, coming to Halifax County in 2001 via Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Junior Elementary, Millwood, Gertrude Parker and now back to BLT, Jr.

In our Local, Peter has been a NSTU Representative for 13 years as a strong voice to and for the membership.

He linked our members to our union and to their rights and responsibilities. Peter was a member of the Women in Education, Equity & Reps, as well as Social & Wellness Committees. He was involved with the Teacherspiel, Teachers' Bowling Tournament and Local Retirement Dinner & Dance for the last number of years.

Peter's contribution is more than the list of volunteer roles he has taken on in our Local. It is that he engages the members around him, ready to answer questions, take on a task or just chat.

Arlene Hagen

Arlene Hagen has been an NSTU Rep for 28 years. During that time she has also been a committee member of Board/Teacher, Professional Development and now the Local Finance Committee. Arlene was part of our Local Executive as the Vice President of Professional Development and has been a delegate to Annual Council for 9 years.

Arlene's leadership skills are a tremendous attribute to our Local. Her style does have her to lead from the front of the room, but from the floor where, with her vast knowledge and experience, she makes sure that our Local is wording resolutions properly, asking the right questions of Management/Teacher and balancing the budget with our core values in mind.

Arlene has taught in a number of different schools in Halifax County and has settled in at Colby Village Elementary since 1998. During this time she also earned her M.Ed., married and had three children, Sean, Mark and Kelsey.

Rod Hassey

Rod Hasey began teaching in the Northwest Territories where he began his union contributions in the NWTTA.

He continued his union involvement at an NSTU Representative for 20 more years in 6 different schools. Currently, Rod teaches at Hammonds Plains Consolidated School.

Rod's dedication to his role as union rep is second to none. He actively engages the members at his school through meetings, displays, guest speakers, internal surveys and more. He also seeks information from them to provide to the Local so that we can do our best to improve the conditions for his members and for the Local / Region. His personal quest to enhance the teaching/learning conditions for our membership is steadfast.

Rod Hasey is a member who leads “from the floor”. He asks great questions and shares important information. This instills the significance of these two activities in the Local Council, which, in turn, strengthens our Local and our membership.

Tim MacLeod

Tim's leadership style and skills have been developed throughout the last couple of decades through professional development at Saint Mary's University, Halifax Regional School Board, course work and the NSTU LSDI for the last number of years. He has also held dozens of leadership roles within our organization and it is there that Tim's work is deserving of this award.

As a Local President, Tim worked one-on-one with dozens, if not hundreds, of our members who were facing difficult issues and/or times. Whether Class Climate concerns, grievances, working conditions disputes or the implementation of PowerSchool, Tim's compassionate approach made members feel wellserved and cared for. When Tim was unable to assist through the agreements or regular channels, he would take things to the next level and advocate strongly for the members in need. This was truly inspiring to see from the floor at our Local Council Meetings...motivating enough to rouse others to follow in his footsteps in Local leadership roles.

Tim's unwavering support for our union and its members is to be commended. He does his best to hear all sides of situations, to gather information and to approach things with a fresh perspective in order to come to a palatable resolution.

Kings Shelley Morse

Shelley Morse has been a visible, vocal, strong leader in the Kings Local, and has represented members of the NSTU at all levels of the organization. Shelley's devotion to the teaching profession and to those who share her passion for it, is admirable.

She is a proud graduate of the Nova Scotia Teachers College, and her own continued time as a student earning Masters degrees is further evidence of her passion for and support of learning. At Port Williams, Gaspereau, Aldershot and New Minas, Shelley spent most of her career in elementary school classrooms and as an administrator, and she has been a respected leader in just about every role in the Kings Local NSTU, from school rep to Local President, from PE Member to Chair of the RRC. She has been an active, engaged member since her first year of teaching!

We want to acknowledge Shelley's support, knowledge, experience and tireless efforts with a Local Service Award from her home in Kings! 

Lunenburg County Carole Hipwell

Carole has been an active NSTU member since she moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 1999. She began her teaching career in Ontario and was actively involved with the teacher's union early in her career. Always a strong advocate for workers & teachers' rights and working conditions, Carole began her NSTU involvement as a school rep at New Germany Rural High. She then became involved at the local level as VP of PD. She has also held the positions of VP of Ec Welfare and President of the Lunenburg County Local.

At the regional level, Carole has been a member and Chair of the Article 60 committee, member of the OHS committee, chair of the South Shore RRC and a member of the Regional negotiating team.

At the provincial level, Carole has been chair of the Equity Committee and a member of PEWC and the provincial negotiating teams. She has attended numerous Annual Councils and Leadership Development at St. FX, along with many provincial workshops and Union events like the Labour Day walk and the Bill 148 rally at the NS Legislature.

Carole is passionate about education and the students we teach, as well as international travel and other cultures and had the opportunity to teach in China. She is thankful to the NSTU for their support and encouragement over the past 18 years and looks forward to her next adventure.

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips is a dedicated and passionate educator with a strong belief in the value and importance of the NSTU for all teachers in Nova Scotia. Having served a total of 18.5 years as a school rep with the Lunenburg County Local, Chris has been a member of many local committees including Finance, Social, PA & PD, and Regional Negotiations. As VP of Public Affairs he regularly attended Board meetings to ensure the membership of the local was kept well informed.

Chris has attended four Annual Councils, two Equity conferences, Leadership and numerous retreats for the Lunenburg County Local.

Chris is now the VP of the South Shore Habitat for Humanity and is building its 3rd house. He worked tirelessly over the years to secure funding and a strong community support in developing a quality Tech Lab and woodworking program at Chester Area Middle School. His passion, story-telling and humour will be greatly missed.

Northside-Victoria Charles Yorke

Charles Yorke transferred union membership from the PEI Teachers' Federation to the NVL in 1989 joining our PD and our Communication Committees. His commitment to serve membership quietly evolved in responsibility (speaking for members in adjudications). Over the past 31 years as a teacher, guidance counselor and now Principal, Charles served numerous local and provincial positions. He has humbly organized dozens of successful PD events after developing surveys to assess the PD needs and interest of membership. Charles is a reliable face of the NVL Executive but never felt comfortable in an Executive position and ready to take a seat with the RRC until he earned his stripes contributing to simply most every committee of our local.

During his time as a member of the Nova Scotia School Counsellors Association (NSSCA) executive he was called upon to complete a term as Chair of the provincial Education Research Committee. In that role he encouraged the NSTU to co-host with Mt. St. Vincent University the first NSTU conference on Child Poverty. He was successful in gaining a $10,000.00 Federal contribution to the conference from then Hon. Min. Lloyd Axeworthy.

Charles has served teachers in other roles. He co-designed the Cape Breton University Graduate Diploma in Education Counseling Program. He has instructed hundreds of teachers in graduate level courses for CBU, Mt. St. Vincent and UNB over the last 24 years. He is always excited to write an article for AVISO when requested and to speak on behalf of the work of teachers. Charles is instrumental in assisting students obtain scholarships, always a student based professional.

Charles credits retired NVL retired teachers Judy Jackson and Betty Farrell and many other icons of education for his long interest in teacher unionism.

Shelburne County Lee Goreham-Smith

Lee Goreham-Smith has been a member of the NSTU for almost 28 years. She began her career in 1988 at North Queens Elementary School, Queens County as a Special Education and Resource teacher. In September 1989 she returned home to Shelburne County where she taught in several county schools and in a variety of subject areas. For the past 23 years Lee has taught at her community school, ERMES, teaching all grade levels from Primary to six. She accepted the position of principal for two years.

Along this journey, Lee became interested in the operations of the Shelburne County Local. At her first meeting she was nominated and accepted the position of VP of Professional Development. "Ignorance is bliss." It was a challenging and learning experience. Lee has been First Vice President and Article 60 Representative. She has attended Annual Council and Leadership Conferences for the past six years. Lee is currently the treasurer of our Local; a position she has held for the past three years. She felt that the NSTU had supported her for many years; it was time to give back.

Lee is active in her church and community. She founded the Barrington-Cape Sable Island Dialysis Support Group in an attempt to bring a satellite dialysis clinic to the Barrington area to help local patients in renal failure, including her husband. Although retirement may happen in a few years, Lee has remained in the teaching profession because she loves what she does, the children and the smiles, accomplishments and achievements which she sees each day. Lee says the "Ah ha" moments are priceless.

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Colchester-East Hants Eric Boutilier

Locally, Eric held offices of President, Vice President of Economic Welfare and Public Affairs. He was a member of the Economic Welfare, Professional Development, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Grievance, and Finance Committees.

Regionally Eric was a member of Teacher/Board, Economic Welfare, Negotiating, Equity, Excellence in Teaching and Time to Learn/Teach Committees. He held offices of Chair and Vice Chair of Chignecto Regional Representative Council, Co-Chair Teacher/Board and a member of the Negotiating Committee.

Provincially Eric served on the Member Services, Negotiating, Personnel, Nominating, Public Affairs, Public Relations and Provincial Economic Welfare Committees. He was 1st and 2nd Vice President, Chair of Member Services, Personnel, Nominating, and Chair of Provincial Economic Welfare Committees.

Eric was a national representative on The CTF Board.

Internationally he was a delegate for Educational International at World Congress Delegate and a school rep (Germany) with the CTF Overseas Teacher's Association.

Community College
Peggy Joiner

Active with the NSTU since beginning her faculty position with the Corrections program at the Nova Scotia Community College in 1990, Peggy Joiner has consistently brought energy, experience and excellent judgement to her many roles in what has become the Community College Local.

Serving terms as a union representative at the campus level, Peggy has also been active on the Local Executive and NSTU committees, holding a number of positions over the years. She contributed to the success of contract negotiations over the past two decades. Her work as a member then leader of the Local's Professional Development Committee and annual conference has directly benefitted our members. She has also brought her valued perspective to the position as Chair of the Equity Committee. Most recently, Peggy has served as Member at Large for the Community College Local where she has willingly and ably shouldered a variety of responsibilities such as chairing Resolutions and Nominating committees.

Beyond her service on Local committees, Peggy has also been a member of several NSTU and joint contractual committees such as the Member Services Committee, Faculty Duties Committee and the College Advisory Committee on CCEDP. She has also been an active participant in NSTU Annual Council for many years.

Peggy Joiner has epitomized service to the NSTU membership and is a worthy recipient of this award.

Ann Windsor-Hall

Ann's introduction to the inner workings of NSTU occurred in August of 2000. As an indication of her commitment to NSTU, she spent her honeymoon at the Coast Guard College as her new husband was a delegate to Leadership. This wasn't a great burden however, as she had been a Local President in NSGEU before she became a member of the Professional Support bargaining unit of NSTU.

From an early point in her 21 year career with NSCC, she has seen both the need for and the value of a professional Union. Acting first as a Campus rep, and later as a multi-term VP of Economic Welfare, she has worked tirelessly on behalf of all members of the Community College Local.

Not one to shy away from controversy, she has shared her opinions freely during 5 separate Asking Package Committees. This was reinforced during her time as a member of 3 different Negotiating Committees.

As an active member of the CC Local, she has spent time on 5 different Contractual committees as well as 3 Local committees. Ann has also appreciated the opportunity to participate in every NSTU AGM since 2003, making 2015 her 13th Council.

We have been very fortunate as a Local to have a member who has been so dedicated since her first introduction: We truly appreciate all that she has done on behalf of the members, the Local, and for NSTU.

Robert Beardsley

Robert has been actively involved in the Cumberland Local NSTU at the school, committee and community level for the past three decades. He has been a valuable asset to his NSTU coworkers as he has served as the school Rep many times over the period of several years.

Robert recently retired from his teaching position at the River Hebert Schools. During his teaching career he was very supportive and instrumental in coaching, leading and providing support to many students on many different sports teams. Such teams as follows: soccer, basketball, softball, curling and table tennis. He coached senior boys' basketball teams taking them to the Provincial Championships in 1997 and 1998. He coached a mixed curling team to third place in 2013 and a girls' table tennis team taking them to the Provincial Championships in 2014.

Robert is best known for his encouragement of students in trying to do their personal best. He would make travel arrangements for students, set up facilities and along the way, remember to enjoy what he was doing and to always have fun!

Carol Ann King

Carol Ann has served the Cumberland Local for thirty-five years. In her early years, she took her turn as NSTU Representative and, although it was not until the end of her career that she returned to the position, she has always been a dedicated union supporter. It is Carol Ann who has been responsible for purchasing the retirement gift for teachers in her school. It was she who was often called upon to complete the teacher write-up for the retirement issue of Cumberland Local's newsletter, In Contact.

Carol Ann's educational involvement has not been limited to the NSTU Cumberland Local. She has been, involved in the coaching and running of a variety of OREC's athletic opportunities and groups including basketball, cross-country, math league, Envirothon, and the Oxford 4-H group. Carol Ann has almost single handedly organized OREC's graduation ceremony and keeping everyone involved on track. She produces the bursary and scholarship booklet for students in her school and has been involved in numerous fundraisers. In her community, Carol Ann is involved with Crime Stoppers, is the treasurer and choir director of her church, and has reached the rank of Captain in the Civilian Instructor Cadre, which means that she is actively involved in the Remembrance Day activities in the town of Oxford.

As a colleague Carol Ann has been invaluable. She is giving of her time and knowledge to any staff member who seeks it. She is a true mentor and has even earned that title officially as the math mentor at OREC. If there is someone who can help you take a close look at yourself within the educational system then she is that person. Of course, this is true not just for staff but for every student whom she teaches.

Carol Ann's concern for both student and teacher welfare, her passion for the profession, and her commitment to serving all of her communities make Carol Ann an example of what excellence in the profession looks like.

Irene Legere

Irene has been actively involved in the Cumberland Local NSTU at the school, committee and community level for over 24 years. She has been a valuable asset to the Professional Development, Nominating and Excellence in Teaching Committees and has served as a school Rep many times.

Irene has taught in a variety of schools and has worn several professional hats – physical education and Grades 1-5 classroom teacher. She has travelled as a circuit teacher and spent the past 10 years teaching in the classroom at Cumberland North Academy. She has completed two degrees and most recently graduated with a Master Degree in curriculum at the elementary level. She has also been a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from CCRSB.

Irene is actively involved in promoting all areas of student development and demonstrates patience and understanding of all students in a respectful manner. She encourages “what it means to be a good citizen” and actively supports the Climate Committee and all social justice activities.

Guysborough County Susan Cameron

After graduating from NSTC in 1982 Susan began teaching in a 1 room school house with 10 students, 5 grade levels and 1 hamster. She has continued teaching in various schools in Guysborough County and is presently teaching at St. Mary's Education Centre and Academy in Sherbrooke.

Susan has been active in the local in various positions including Communications VP, 1st VP, Local Resolutions Chair, Strait RRC, and the Strait REWC Negotiating Committee. She is always willing to lend a hand at whatever has to be done in the local. Susan is a valued member of the local executive and her school community.

Halifax City James Rooney

James has maintained an active role within the NSTU throughout his teaching career. In addition to serving as a school rep, he has held additional offices at the local level, including Member-at-Large, Secretary and Treasurer. James served as member of the local Finance, Economic and Social committees for many years. He sat as a member of the Metro Regional Council (currently HRRC) and served on the regional Board-Teacher Committee. James served provincially on the Professional Committee and attended Annual Council many times as a voting delegate for Halifax City.

James has been a strong supporter of the Professional Association for Social Studies and has worked diligently on their behalf. He has presented on numerous occasions and served in many capacities on the executive, including a term as President.

As James approaches the end of his teaching career, we would like to honor him for his continuous contribution to the Halifax City Local. His dedication to bringing issues, and those of his staff, to local meetings demonstrates the level of concern he has for the teaching profession and the NSTU. James has always been tenacious in supporting issues that he feels are important to teachers.

Halifax County Dominique Duchesne

After teaching in Ontario and Québec, Dominique Duchesne found her way to Bedford Junior High, Park West, John Martin Jr High, Seaside Elementary, HRSB Consultant and back to her current school, from which she will retire, Seaside Elementary School.

Since 1998, Dominique has taken an active role in our Local as a School Representative, delegate to Annual Council, Nominating & Resolutions Committee, Women in Education Committee as well as Communications Committee. In 2005 she was elected to our Local Executive where she kept us all in line as secretary. Last year she returned to us in her original role as School Representative at Seaside, hosting a Local President visit to ensure her members feel supported and connected to our NSTU.

Dominique championed our Local and its members through her voice and contributions. We will miss having Dominique in our education system and congratulate her on her retirement from public education!

Elizabeth Fraser

In 1974, Elizabeth was hired as a floating teacher at Sir Robert Borden Junior High in an “open area classroom”, along with some regular classrooms. From there she moved to the Bell Building, Colby Village, Graham Creighton and in 1990, she transferred to Hammonds Plains Consolidated where she remains still.

Do ask Elizabeth how she became interested in unions and their significance—not enough word count to share here. To our benefit, Elizabeth became actively involved at Graham Creighton as a School Rep and has continued her education as an informed union member ever since. She has also shared her skills and knowledge as a Local Committee member. Even in year 41 Elizabeth serves our Local as a Rep and as a delegate to Annual Council. Truly remarkable!

Elizabeth still has the Strike Official hat and copies of the NSTU Strike Picket Protocol for the averted June 7, 1994 1-day strike related to proposed Bill #72 removal of the right to Collective Bargaining. She references her regular involvement at meetings and workshops where she “began to understand the intricacies of negotiation and appreciate the long term prudence of sometimes using mediation and compromise.”

In her own words, Elizabeth explained that “over the years having received guidance and advice, either for myself or on behalf of other members, from Executive members and Provincial staff, I have also come to appreciate their good hearts and minds.”

Joel Fraser

Joel is a supportive force for our Local. She asks great questions, supports her members and went so far as to host the new Local President in her classroom for a day so that she could get a taste of grade primary! Joel and Lorna (also nominated) are our “go-to” people to facilitate all of our Local Council and General meetings as well as our Annual Fall Rep Training Conference. They are a significant part of why our Local runs so smoothly at these events.

Joel's teaching career started in 1977 in Northern Quebec and then to Halifax in 1979. Ms Fraser's contributions to our Local have been as a School Representative for the last 9 years, 4 years working with the Social & Wellness Committee and now 3 years on Equity & Reps Committee. Joel has also been a delegate to Annual Council for at least 6 years. Her dedication to our Local and our profession are presented in a quiet and consistent manner—which provides for the solid foundation required for an NSTU Local.

Turk MacDonald

Turk MacDonald's teaching career began in 1984 at Cole Harbour District High School, moved on to Auburn Drive High, Millwood High, and then Lockview High School. This past June, Turk's role in education took a new path in Guidance at Citadel High School.

Turk's contribution to our Local has been consistent and true for three decades through his work as a school representative, delegate to Annual Council, Nominating & Resolutions Committee, Women in Education Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Finance Committee as well as on our Local Executive. Turk will be finishing up his fourth year as Treasurer for our Local.

At the Executive table, Turk brings a down-to-earth perspective, focused on serving our members. He has put into place systems to not only simplify the huge task of being treasurer for our Local, but to ensure transparency, accuracy and sustainability.

Susan Noiles

Susan Noiles stated her teaching at Musquodoboit Rural High, then to what is now the Bedford and Forsyth Education Centres, to JL Ilsley and Halifax West in the City and she has now come back to the County at Lockview High School as a guidance counsellor.

Susan's involvement in the NSTU has been steady and significant throughout her career. She has been a School Representative; Committee member for Economic Welfare, Pa/PR, and Social & Wellness; a Local Executive Member; Insurance Trustee for our region; along with active participation on our Regional Council and Regional Committees. Susan has also been involved at the Provincial Level.

With this background, Susan brings a voice of reason, experience and clear vision to our Local at our meetings. She is a go-to person for the reps around her as well as to our Local Executive. Many of us are attempting to plant ideas of what Susan should run for when she is finished her term as Insurance Trustee!

Lorna Trethewey

Lorna is invaluable to our Local. In the last number of years, her contributions on the Equity and Reps Committee have been consistent and considerable. Lorna and Joel (also nominated) are our “go-to” people to facilitate all of our Local Council and General meetings as well as our Annual Fall Rep Training Conference. They are a significant part of why our Local runs so smoothly at these events.

Lorna became involved with the NSTU as a member of the Primary Teachers Committee in the mid-1990s. She has now served our membership as a School Representative for 17 years and a delegate to Annual Council for 15. Lorna has also volunteered on our Social & Wellness Committee (6 years), Professional Development Committee (2 years) and now Equity & Reps (4 years).

Ms Trethewey has been teaching in our Board since 1972, excluding a brief hiatus during the disco era, and we are so lucky to have her in our schools for 36 years….and counting.

Hants West Gary Schmidt

Gary began his involvement as a school rep in 1985, attended Annual Council as a delegate for over 25 years and is now retiring with 35 years experience as an educator in Nova Scotia.

Gary has been involved in many different capacities within the framework of the NSTU. At the local level, he has served as a school rep, in several vice presidents' roles as well as Local President for several terms. He has experienced the transition from county-based school boards to the present regional representation, serving on the Regional Representative Council. At the Provincial level, Gary has served on the Discipline and Pension Committees. Most recently, he successfully completed the 3-year Summer Leadership Certification offered through NSTU each August.

Gary believes it has been his desire to gain knowledge of the “workings of the NSTU” that motivated and inspired him to continue his active involvement as member of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. There is no doubt that in his 35 years as an educator, he has also observed many changes in the union and made many acquaintances along the way.

Inverness Sheila Hawley

After moving home in 2004, Sheila immediately accepted the NSTU torch and has yet to lay it down.

Sheila's involvement with the Union began while serving as a school representative. Within the Inverness Local she served on the Finance, Substitute, and Social Committees as well as holding the positions of treasurer, VP of Economic Welfare, and President.

Regionally, while holding the positions of Treasurer and Chair, Sheila also served on the Finance, Grievance, and Economic Welfare committees.

Provincially, Sheila continued to serve the NSTU by sitting at the table of the Economic Welfare committee. She currently represents the Inverness and Richmond Locals on the Provincial Executive.

Sheila exemplifies “commitment.” Her belief in collaboration, democracy, and social justice belies the person she is.

Kings Theresa Pelley

Theresa taught in PEI, then in Manitoba before coming to Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley where she has taught at various grade levels in many schools. She is currently the Secretary for the Kings Local, and is passionate about her teaching assignment at Horton High School. She instills a love of learning in her students, especially with the Mi'kmaq Studies 10 curriculum. Theresa was a Music teacher for many years, sharing her love of the Arts with countless young people, and giving much time and talent to extra curricular activities. Students and colleagues alike see that Theresa is a hard-working, dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond to provide valuable learning experiences and to speak out against inequities in our society.

Theresa has been a member of many Kings Local Committees, including (but not limited to) Finance, Equity and Professional Development. She is a strong advocate in our Local for members, and is particularly interested in member engagement. Theresa has attended Annual Council, where she has spoken with conviction about the issues that arise in order to support members in the teaching profession. 

Queens Leo Campbell

Leo Campbell began his illustrious NSTU career in 1982 when on his first day he was “voluntold” as his school's staff rep. Leo's interest in promoting positive change (and in deciding how his union dues were spent), led him to deeper and deeper involvement in the union. He soon found himself a member of the Teacher-Board committee in what was then the Queens County School Board. This led to him become Chair of Economic Welfare, Local Vice President and by 1990, Local President. He would serve as President of Queens Local for most of the next twenty years.

During the great amalgamation, Leo helped negotiate the first contract between teachers and the new South West Regional School Board. He went on to serve on the Southwest RRC and later the South Shore RRC in every possible role.

Leo's fondest memories of his time with the NSTU include marching on Province House during the Savage Days, fighting she who will remain unnamed to save the jobs of all the new teachers in Queens County, and working to ensure a strong voice for small locals within the NSTU. Most importantly, Leo will always be remembered as someone who stood, and fought, for what he believed in.

Shelburne County Rena Balcom

Rena is a fantastic teacher at Hillcrest Academy. She began her career in 1987 teaching Elementary French in Shelburne County. She has also taught Grade 6, Grade 5, and Grade 3 and is currently teaching Grade 2 at Hillcrest Academy. Rena is an active staff member; willing to work on the countless committees and activities in the school.

Rena became involved in NSTU activities in 1987 as a school representative and has continued to be an active member. Those who have had the pleasure of working with Rena realized early on that Rena was dedicated to her Local working for the benefit of its members.

Rena was also a provincial representative on the 2008-2009 Committee, Time to Learn, Time to Teach; Secretary for the Local; and Chair of the Provincial Public Relations Committee. She has also served on numerous school and Board committees.

Rena is a proud Cape Bretoner, an avid basketball fan, and enjoys quality time with her husband, Rick, and her two sons. It is with great pride that the Shelburne County Local nominates Rena for a Local Service Award. Her dedication to our Local makes her an excellent candidate.

Yarmouth Larry Fitzgerald

Larry J. Fitzgerald has been a dedicated, caring and ground breaking educator for well over 30 years. He takes great pride in teaching his students and takes on his duties as vice principal with professionalism.

Larry has been involved in a number of union activities: School Rep. 1990-present, Vice President of Public Affairs for the Yarmouth Local, Attended Annual Council and was a scrutineer for Annual Council for several years, Coordinator of Schools Today - Education Week and served on the Provincial Public Affairs Committee. Larry is also a huge factor on the Yarmouth Local Hockey team and is instrumental in organizing their weekly outings and tournaments. With each of these committees Larry was very dedicated!

Mr. Fitzgerald is an excellent role model to students and staff. He is a great educator who goes beyond the call of duty. Mr. Fitzgerald is well deserving of this award.

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Cape Breton District Arnold Burke

Arnold began his involvement with the NSTU in the mid-1970's as a School Representative. From there he added to his involvement in the Union by joining committees and serving on the Local Executive. Some noteworthy offices he has held over the years include: Vice-President of Economic Welfare; 1st Vice-President; Chair of the RRC; Co-Chair of the Local Grievance Committee; member of the Local Negotiating Committee for two contracts; Co-Chair of the RRC Economic Welfare Committee. He also gave of his talents to the Cape Breton District Local by serving as President for three years, which he did with great pride and dedication.

Arnold has participated in decision making at the provincial level by serving as a Council Delegate for many years. He has also served as Vice-Chair of AVISO and president of the NSTEA.

Sheila Jones

Sheila has been a dedicated educator with the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board for twenty-five years. She is committed to her students and colleagues in her collaborative and caring approach to everything she does. She is particularly passionate about social justice and instilling this passion in her students as they take on projects to help those in need, both in the community and the world.

She has served the NSTU as a school rep, always attentive to the concerns of her fellow staff members. She has also served on several committees at the local level, including Social Activities and PD/Equity.

She has given her input provincially as a Council Delegate for the past ten years.

Mary MacPherson

Early in Mary's career, she became fully invested in the NSTU. She has been a school rep in each of the schools where she has taught. She gave both her time and energy to several local committees, including PD/Equity and Social Committees. Mary has been a delegate to Annual Council for several years. On the provincial level, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Sheonoroil Foundation. She has attended CONTACT and was on the planning committee for the NSTU when our province hosted this conference.

A well respected resource teacher at Coxheath Elementary, Mary is a strong advocate for students and a valuable asset when it comes to Union concerns.

Mary and her husband Joe have helped with declining enrollment in Cape Breton by having FOUR children. Through their guidance and support two of her beautiful children have followed in their parents' footsteps and become teachers themselves, with one of them being a Union Rep for her school.

Mary McLeod

Mary has been teaching for 29 years and throughout this time has been very active in Union affairs. Mary's involvement began in 1988 as a school representative. She has served on many committees within the Cape Breton District Local and the Northside-Victoria Local, including Equity, Local Nominating and Social Committees. While with the Northside-Victoria Local, she was Regional Representative for Victoria South.

At the provincial level, Mary has served on the Equity Committee and is presently a member of TWAR. She has been a delegate to Annual Council for several years.

As Principal of Mount Carmel Elementary, CBVRSB, she is often described as a strong leader and approachable mentor.

Colchester-East Hants Cathy Doucet

Cathy is retiring after thirty-two years teaching with the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board/Colchester-East Hants School Board. Her teaching career has been mostly in upper elementary and recently as a Literacy mentor.

Cathy has a true passion for unionism and has been involved with the NSTU for most of her career, both in the Colchester-East Hants Local and at the provincial level. Cathy has served as a Rep at her various schools, was on the Local Executive as Secretary, a committee member and VP of the Social Inter-School Committee, a provincial Curriculum Committee member and attended most Annual Councils during her career.

Cathy's vast knowledge and expertise of the NSTU and her willingness to share and support this with other teachers has been invaluable to her local; she has inspired many teachers to become actively involved in our union.

The Colchester-East Hants Local would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all Cathy has done to support and promote the NSTU.

Community College
Peter Doucette

Peter was appointed to a continuing full-time position, beginning in the fall of 1984. Soon after, in 1988, he embarked on a path of commitment to serving his colleagues and his students, beginning with his accepting the vice-presidency of the NSTU Sub-Local. Following that, he spent numerous years as Sub-Local President, representative for CCTANS, as well as for the NSTU. In addition, he has served as President (or other office) of numerous NSTU Campus committees.

In 1996, Peter was honored to be the first NSTU faculty member elected to the NSCC Board of Governors. In addition, he has held the position of Faculty Chair of the NSCC/NSTU Faculty/Management Committee. He has served as member of the NSCC Trade classification Committee.

Provincially, Peter has served as voting delegate at NSTU Annual Council and many NSTU committees, including the following: Community College/NSTU Communications, Marking and Preparation Committee, Employer/Teacher Committee. His most recent contribution was serving from 2007 to 2012 as the NSCC member for the NSTU Insurance Trustee Board.

Damian Hall

A proud graduate of NSTC in 1987, Damian Hall was first introduced to the NSTU during a presentation at TC. Damian became a site rep at Pictou Campus, NSCC in his probationary period and continued to be active in the Pictou Local as VP of PD, and represented the Local at Annual Council starting in the early ‘90's. He gained a provincial perspective through committees including, PD and Member Services. After the formation of the Community College Local, he sat at the PE for 4 terms and served as CC Local President for 2 terms as well.

Damian said that there are two high-points to his NSTU involvement. The first was four rounds of bargaining, 2001 to 2013, where he played a role in recovering most of what was lost in the first NSCC/NSTU contract (1998). The second was the opportunity to campaign for president of NSTU in 2012. He feels extremely lucky to be able to meet so many dedicated and involved members of the NSTU.

Cumberland Louise Cloutier

Louise has been actively involved in the Cumberland Local for over 15 years as a teacher representative and committee member. She has served on the resolutions committee for the local, drafting and editing several timely resolutions with the aim of improving teacher workload and stress level. Louise has been a strong voice for the staff she represented and a valuable resource for her colleagues. Known for her diligence, Louise could be depended upon to follow an issue to a satisfactory conclusion no matter the cost in terms of time, phone calls, meetings and research.

Louise's contribution to the profession spans beyond the Cumberland Local. She has contributed greatly to her school, her community, and the schools in her family by promoting visual arts. She has been recognized both provincially and nationally for teaching excellence. Louise is currently co-coordinating, with community organizations, a Sheonoroil project through which her students will design and create elements of a park commemorating the Pugwash Peace Conference movement.

Debra Ripley

Debra was actively involved in the Cumberland Local NSTU at the school, committee, and Local Executive levels. Debra served as the secretary of the Cumberland Local. She was also a valuable asset to the Professional Development, Equity, Communication, and Finance Committees.

During her years of teaching at Amherst Regional High School, Debra was an active supporter of teachers and students. She was manager of the staff fund and helped organize fundraisers for students' council. She was a visible presence during school open houses and other community-school functions. Debra was actively involved in the Professional Learning Communities in her school and was always seeking ways to relate to the underprivileged. She manifested her interest in equity in the Special Education room and, especially, in her English classroom where many students were influenced by her theme of social justice.

Halifax County Kevin Currie

Kevin's contribution to the Local is as a rep for Sackville High School for two years and for Charles P Allen for 18 years. During that time as a rep, he provided an excellent example as member-leader by speaking on issues affecting his colleagues when necessary. He also attended Annual Council as a delegate for 8 years, and participated on the Communications Committee for one year, furthering his contribution to our membership.

Members like Kevin are the back-bone of our organization; using his voice from the membership level to guide the NSTU.

Kevin attended St. Mary's University, St FX and Teachers College. He is married to a fellow colleague, elementary teacher Deb Currie. They have two children, Lauren, who is in grade 12 and Michael, who is in grade 10.

Ernestine Oakley

A graduate of Saint Mary's University with both a BA in French and a B.Ed., Ernestine is also a graduate of Laval with a Certificate of Teaching French Second Language. Our nominee has taught with HRSB for 35.5 years - high school and elementary core French as well as English elementary classroom.

Over the last 10 years, Ernestine has been a school representative, a Women in Education committee member as well as her most recent role as Member-at-Large—Social and Wellness for Halifax County Local. She has attended 9 Annual Councils as a voting delegate, taking an active role through writing and speaking to many resolutions. She has also served provincially for 2 years on the Curriculum Committee.

Ernestine will enjoy her new-found time, in retirement, with her husband, Dean; daughter, Alexandra, 22; and son, Wesley, 19.

Inverness Stanley Cameron

Stanley has been teaching for 25 years, 22 of which have included service to the Nova Scotia Teacher's Union at the local, regional and provincial level.

Stanley's involvement with the Union began while serving as a school representative. Within the Inverness Local he served as Vice President of Public Affairs/Public Relations and Vice President of Economic Welfare.

Regionally, Stanley served as a member of the Economic Welfare committee before accepting the position of Regional Economic Welfare Chair.

Provincially, Stanley continued to serve the NSTU by sitting at the table of both the Economic Welfare and Discipline committees.

Stanley is a committed individual, whose belief in everyone having voice, collaboratively embracing change while still exhibiting democratic principles belies the person he is.

Kings Larry Coldwell

Larry Coldwell recently retired after 35 years of teaching, became involved in union activities as a school rep while at West Kings. He continued this role after transferring to Pine Ridge Middle School, for Kings Local. Larry was very successful promoting the NSTU among staff. He acted as a mentor to new teachers who later became very dedicated and engaged members, both locally and provincially. Larry was also a regular member at Annual Council during his 13 years as school rep.

Married for 31 years to wife Lynn (also a teacher), the couple have three grown children: Callista, Katrina and Brennan. Katrina teaches in Alberta, Brennan in Labrador, while Callista is currently completing studies at MUN. He also taught drivers education. Larry also was a top ranked badminton player both in doubles and mixed doubles (with Lynn). He has played at national level tournaments across the country, also coaching: badminton, basketball, softball, and facilitating many outdoor activities.

Bev Roy

Bev Roy has been teaching for 32 years. She is a graduate of Acadia University and Cape Breton University, holds two Master of Education degrees, and is a lifelong learner.

She has been actively involved in the NSTU for the majority of her professional life, with breaks to spend time with her children. She began volunteering as a new teacher in the Yarmouth Local as a school rep and a member of the Teachers' Centre Committee.

Bev has volunteered for many committees - locally, regionally, and provincially. She was a rep at various schools over the years and was a delegate to Annual Council numerous times. Professional Development work is her passion – she served as a Kings Local rep on the Regional Article 60 Committee when it was first negotiated into our provincial contract. Bev was a Kings' rep at the AVRRC table as well.

In 2008, Bev received a provincial Education Week Award. She is an activist for our members, and encourages them to get involved in union work. She is always advocating for support to help members cope with transition in the classroom.

Paul Bowne

Mr. Bowne's association with the Nova Scotia Union started in 1985. Paul began teaching with the Northside-Victoria Board in 1985. He started like many teachers around the province as a substitute, and then became permanent.

Over the years, he has been in the following Union positions: Finance Committee, Economic Welfare Committee, Professional Development, Social Committee, Nomination Committee, Resolutions Committee, Treasurer for the Local and RRC, Represented the Board at CONTACT and currently he is serving as a Member-at-Large

Charles Colson

Charles Colson's association with the Nova Scotia Union started in 1996 at Memorial Composite High School. Over the years, he has been privileged and humbled to have been elected to the following positions by the membership both Local and Provincial:

• Local Vice President of Economic Welfare, Professional Development, Public Affairs and Communications.
• Chairperson of New Teacher Committee, Social Committee and Scholarship Committee in our Local
• Delegate to NSTU Annual Council many times.
• Participant in the John Huntley Internship Program.
• Member of Ad Hoc Committee on Computer Technology
• Member of Provincial Special Association Coordination Committee
• Chairperson and Member of Provincial Development Fund Committee (Provincial/Local).
• Board Teacher and Management Teacher Committee Member.
• Occupational Health and Safety Committee (Board/School).
• Attended NSTU Leadership Certification Program.
• Provincial Occupation Health and Safety Advisory Council Board Member.
• Provincial Technical Committee Member for Welding Skills Nova Scotia.
• Developed Provincial Welding Program for Memorial High School.

Pictou Alison MacPherson

Alison graduated from Nova Scotia Teachers College with a Music degree and taught elementary music at three schools in New Glasgow. She then taught Grade 2 and now teaches Grade Primary at AG Baillie School.

Alison has been an active NSTU member throughout her career and an invaluable member of the Pictou Local. She has served on many committees of our Local and has held the positions of President, Treasurer, and VP of both Communications and Public Affairs. Regionally, she has served on several committees and was Chignecto RRC Secretary. Provincially, she has served on many committees; most recently the Provincial Economic Welfare Committee and Negotiating. While on Provincial Executive representing the Pictou Local, she served as 2nd Vice President. She has also served nationally as a CTF delegate. Currently, she holds the position of 1st Vice President of the Provincial Executive.

Alison's wisdom, guidance, professionalism, and sense of humour have been an integral part of the Pictou Local for many years. 

Richmond Jane Dorey

Jane Dorey came to the Richmond Local eight years ago from the Guysborough Local. She has been actively taking on some of our more challenging positions within our Local Executive such as Secretary, Treasurer and VP of Economic Welfare, contributing greatly to the bettering of our contract and services. Jane has also served the Richmond Local in the capacity of member at large on the Regional Representative Council for the Strait Area as well as on the Article 60 committee for the Board VP during her 8 year tenure.

She is currently serving as Chair of the Regional Economic Welfare Committee where she had worked tirelessly during Regional contract negotiations to ensure the gains made for the teachers in the Strait Regional School Board were protected.

Jane works hard for what she believes in professionally and will back any initiative that will increase prep time for teachers.

Donna Machin Donna embodies active engagement in her union, school and community. Donna has been involved with the Family Studies Teachers Association during much of her teaching career. She has been in various executive roles including President and Past President. She has chaired a number of October Conferences, acted as treasurer for many conferences and always been active in summer learning opportunities. Donna has supported both new and veteran Family Studies teachers through various Professional Development Opportunities which she has hosted. She has been an active member of the FSTA association all of her career and has been a member of the executive of the Richmond local for 6 years and is currently serving as VP of Communications. As our local shrinks in size, she is constantly trying to engage more of our membership in union social events. She never misses a meeting or a union social, and expects the same commitment from our executive.
Shelburne County Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith is completing her 33rd year of teaching. She has taught one year at grade 4, eighteen years at grade 7, and fourteen at grade 6. Dawn attended a general meeting in February, 1999 when the NSTU had the “Each One Reach One” initiative. The following May, she became the secretary of the Shelburne County Local - a position she held for 9 years.

In 2008-2011, Dawn became the VP of Economic Welfare. In 2011 to the present, she has enjoyed the position of President of the Shelburne County Local. She has served on several ad hoc committees at the local level, Article 60 for 3 years, RRC Treasurer for 1 year, Chair of the TWAR Committee for 1 year and she is currently in her second year as secretary of the RRC.

Dawn has enjoyed the networking, camaraderie, and knowledge of the union. She is honored to have been a speaker at the 2013 Leadership Conference at St. FX University. 

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Cape Breton District Jed Corbett

Jed Corbett has been an active NSTU member at the local, regional and provincial levels for more than 30 years. Presently serving on the Council Resolutions Committee, Jed has also been a member of the Provincial Executive, Local President, Vice President of Economic Welfare. He has served on many local, regional, and provincial committees (Finance & Property, Finance, Social, Economic Welfare, Resolutions, Governance, etc...).

Jed is a regular delegate to Annual Council and he is a "go-to" person for matters that deal with procedure and policy. The NSTU has been a source of satisfaction and good fellowship and is an important part of his professional life. Jed's commitment and dedication to his profession through this local service award. Once again, he is “in the book”. Congratulations and thank you for a job well done!

Community College
Janice Henderson

Janice Henderson has been a contributing member of the NSTU for 25 years and has been involved with the Community College Local since its inception. She has served as a member of the Local executive in the position of Vice President of Professional Development, has been a representative for the Kingstec campus and served on numerous committees at the local and union level.

Janice has also contributed greatly to the continued success of our annual Faculty and Professional Support Conference.

Richard Gilbert

Richard Gilbert has been one of the most effective campus representatives in the Community College Local of the NSTU for over 15 years. By focussing on the needs of our Faculty and our Professional Support members 'on the ground' Richard has provided guidance and support where and when it is needed.

Richard personifies the word "representative" whether he was at the Akerley Campus, The Strait Area Campus, or his present site, the IT Campus. Richard has also been a strong supporter of the Local's main professional association - the Association of Adult Educators (AAE).

Guysborough County
Christopher West

Chris began his teaching career at Guysborough Municipal High School in the fall of 1980 and has been there ever since teaching mostly senior high physical sciences.

Chris began attending NSTU meetings at the start of his career, starting off as a school rep, then VP of Professional Development during which time the Guysborough Local was successful in starting a mini teachers resource center in partnership with the Guysborough District School Board which continued until school board amalgamation in 1996. He continued on as a school rep again and finally has been on the executive as VP Communications/Webmaster.

Chris also lent his talent to the Association of Science Teachers for many years and has been conference chair for the last number of conferences. He has been an Annual Council Delegate for several years.

The Guysborough County Local applauds Chris for his efforts to his students, his colleagues and his union during his 33 years of service.

Wayne Weir

Wayne began his career as a classroom teacher in Canso in 1979 and remained there until he became the Vice Principal of Canso High School in 1997. From 1999-2000 he took on the challenge of looking after both schools; Canso Academy and Fanning Education Center. During his early years here in Canso, Wayne served as treasurer for the Guysborough Local for 3 years.

Wayne then moved to Antigonish in 2000 and became the principal of East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy until 2001, principal of St. Andrew Junior School from 2001-2006 and then vice principal of Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School from 2006-2009.

The Guysborough County Local was fortunate enough to get him back in 2009 when he accepted the position as principal of Fanning Education Center and became treasurer again and continues to do so for the Guysborough County Local. Wayne was the first local treasurer in the province to try out the new system of having the local’s funds managed from the NSTU Central Office. He encourages this successful partnership.

The local would like to congratulate Wayne on his successful career of 34 years and thank him for his time and efforts to his students, colleagues, and union.

Halifax City Cynthia Davies

Cynthia is retiring from teaching after 35+ years having made significant contributions to her school and community. Most know her as the singer and piano player at our annual Retiring Teachers Banquet where she plays Here’s to You, a tune she wrote herself.

A versatile accompanist, Cynthia has led numerous choirs including Soundtrax, Youth Honour Choir, First Baptist Girls Choir of Truro, and Halifax Camerata Singers. She was featured in the Sobeys’ commercial, Stars of Christmas, with the St. Agnes Elementary School Choir. She has accompanied Canadian Tenor Mark Dubois. She was also rehearsal pianist for the Symphony Nova Scotia Chorus, and Charlottetown Festival.

Cynthia has taught throughout Halifax City and upon her retirement will leave behind a legacy in the music programs in the city.

Halifax County Peter Balcom

Mr. Balcom has taught elementary and junior high over a period of 31 years in nine different schools - several grades at the elementary level, resource, learning centre, vice principal and principal.

Peter’s involvement with the NSTU began in 1986 as representative for Joseph Giles Elementary. Since that time, he has served as such until the present year. Most of his career has been with Halifax County, but also includes a two-year stint as rep in Dartmouth. For the past 5 years Peter has served as a member of the Nominating and Resolutions Committee and Chair for the past 3. He has been a delegate and impassioned speaker to Annual Council since 2000 and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience every year. Peter is a man who believes in public education as well as the good work of the NSTU. He is often a voice of reason and support—with his eye on maintaining and promoting the integrity of our organization.

Donna Elliott

Donna’s teaching career began in 1972. She resigned from Halifax City in 1977 to be a stay at home Mom to her 2 sons and 1 daughter (no Maternity, Parental or Adoption Leave in 1977). In 1990, she regained status after climbing the substitute and term teacher ladder. She then became an active member of the Halifax County Local.

Often referring to the NSTU as her “NSTU family”, Donna became involved with our Local Women in Education, Communications and Economic Welfare Committees. She has been the ever-important school rep for many years and says she has enjoyed the camaraderie of so many wonderful and caring people. Provincially, the NSTU Equity Committee called to her in 2007.

Sometime you should sit and enjoy Donna’s tales on a few demonstrations she has bared witness to: Savage Days, Calamity Jane (at the Legislature) & Kids Not Cuts, to name a few.

Hants West Belinda Snow

Ms. Snow has held countless positions within the Union and her contributions at the local level are invaluable to the membership. She is a proud union member who takes joy in representing her members and has proven to be a fierce advocate for the rights of the members of the NSTU.

She has held every position at the local level, was a member of the Provincial Executive, current chair of the AVRRC, member of the regional negotiating team and that is just to name just a few of her notable accomplishments.

Ms. Snow is also an excellent teacher who exercises good judgment and professionalism every day in her professional life. She works hard for her students and exemplifies all those qualities that good teachers have. She is not only a good union leader, she has demonstrated consistently that she a good member as well.

Inverness Local Donna MacDonald

Donna has been teaching for 27 years, most of which have included service to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union at the local, regional and provincial level.

Donna’s involvement with the Union began while serving as a school representative. Within the Inverness Local she served as Secretary and Public Affairs and Public Relations officer.

Provincially, Donna gained an appreciation of the importance of effective communication with the public in regards to education as a member of the Public Relations Committee.

Donna is a committed individual, whose belief in collaborative values, teamwork, social justice and democratic values belies the person she is. Her sense of thoroughness and attention to detail is the trademark of her calm spirit.

Lunenburg County Bill Bruhm

Bill has been teaching for thirty-four years and very active in Union affairs for most of those 34 years. He attended his first Union meeting while a substitute teacher in 1979.

Since then, he has served in many roles in the Lunenburg County Local such as Local President, Chair of the South Shore RRC and seven years as Provincial Executive member representing the Lunenburg County Local. Bill has also served on many Committees at the Local and Provincial levels: Article 60, Education Week, Public Affairs, and most recently served as Chair of the Governance & Policy Committee.

Two highlights of his Union career were the opportunity to act as a seconded NSTU Staff Officer during the Savage government’s attack on public education and serving as a lobbyist with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

The Lunenburg County Local thanks Bill for his commitment to unionism and his belief in the need for strong, properly-funded public education.

Danny Eddy

Danny Eddy willingly volunteered at his first school staff meeting back in 1977 to serve as school rep. This soon evolved into a 27 year adventure that saw Mr. Eddy serve as school rep, first VP of numerous committees in the old West Lunenburg Local. He moved on to the new Lunenburg County Local serving as VP of Public Affairs, Economic Welfare, President, Past President and on to the RRC. Danny helped negotiate 2 regional contracts, and served on the Provincial single tier bargaining team.

In 2004, Mr. Eddy, left the local to serve as an Executive Staff Officer for the next 8 years. As his career draws to a conclusion, he has seen 35 rewarding years of union service. He credits the support and encouragement of his wife, Claire, for making this a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Michael Stewart Michael Stewart can say, unequivocally, that he has enjoyed almost every moment of his career in Public Education. A big part of this involvement has been with the union in one capacity or the other. He started his career in 1979, being encouraged to be the school rep by Tom Sheppard. After some breaks he returned in 1993 as a rep and eventually VP of Queens Local. Moving on to Lunenburg County in 1999 saw Mike take on the roles of Rep, Treasurer, VP of Economic Welfare, President, and Chair of RREWC. He enjoyed his time chairing 3 committees at the Provincial level and a member of the last PEWC. Treasured the most were all the interactions that flowed from all his contributions to the Union effort. None of this would be possible without the love and support from his wife Nancy, and his Family. Unity means accomplishment!!!
Northside-Victoria Flora Cantwell

Flora Cantwell has been a dedicated and active member of the NSTU for over 25 years. Flora is in her 31st year of teaching, however she taught under the Federal system for her first 6 years. Flora was hired by the Cape Breton Victoria District School Board on a Monday, and the following Thursday she attended her first NSTU meeting. She has been actively involved in the Northside-Victoria Local ever since that first meeting. Well known in the Northside Local, Flora has served with an incredible resolve and deep concern for the well being of teachers.

Flora has served as a school representative for 25 years, a local area representative for Sydney Mines for 15 years, the Northside-Victoria Local VP of Communications and Social, as well as VP of Resolutions and Nominations. Flora has also served on many committees: the regional negotiations committee, finance committee, economic welfare committee, professional development committee, public affairs committee, and new teacher committee. She was also involved in the Constitution and Operational Procedures Review. She has been a scrutineer at Annual Council, and attended many Annual Councils over the years. Flora’s hard work, dedication, and tireless efforts have earned the respect and admiration of her fellow teachers. Flora has worked diligently and without complaint for many years and maintained a positive outlook throughout.

Jacinta Gracie

Jacinta Gracie has been a loyal member of the NSTU for over 32 years. Well known in the Northside and the Cape Breton locals, Jacinta has served with a steadfast commitment to represent the issues facing teachers.

Jacinta has served as a school representative, the Northside-Victoria Local's secretary, VP of Economic Welfare, and Provincial Executive member. She has been a local area representative to the Regional Representative Council as well as a member of numerous provincial committees including Curriculum, Discipline, TWAR, and Governance and Policy. Jacinta's hard work and dedication has gained her the respect of her fellow members throughout the Cape Breton area.

In retrospect Jacinta often states that her union involvement has allowed her to meet and network with countless other teachers and gain a broader perspective on the issues facing teachers today. 

Queens Terry Doucette

Terry Doucette began his teaching career in Beach Meadows, Queens County in 1980 where he served as a school representative and on the local executive.

Over the course of his career, Terry has worked with students and teachers as a classroom teacher, assistant superintendent, superintendent, vice principal and finally principal of Liverpool Regional High School for the past thirteen years.

Terry was elected as Provincial Executive member for Queens and Shelburne locals in 2005 and then as President of Queens Local in 2010. He has also served as President of TWAR and on the editorial board of Aviso Magazine.

Richmond Marlene Boyd

Marlene Boyd has been an exceptionally strong advocate for the NSTU; for the rights and well-being of teachers throughout her 30+ years teaching career. She has served the Richmond Local of the Union in all capacities from school rep to Local president, as well as two terms as 1st Vice President at the Provincial level. Marlene has served on numerous committees, both locally and provincially as well. Marlene’s passion and commitment for her profession and co-workers shows through in everything she does.

Our rewards in working with her or having her work on issues on our behalf are too many to cite, but we certainly feel them in our professional career.

Shelburne County John MacKay

John has been a strong supporter of education and unionism from the beginning of his career. He started as one of the original Elementary Core French teachers in Shelburne County. Working as an itinerant teacher for twelve years, he worked in many of the schools throughout the county. He has taught Core French, Art, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, and Science. John has also worked as a French consultant for the Southwest Regional School Board. He was chosen for a Pan-Canadian Core French participant by the Canadian Association of Second Language Teacher.

John has worked as an NSTU school representative, Local President, RRC Chair, and Provincial Executive Member. He has worked on several Local and Provincial NSTU committees.

Always willing to assist, John has been a presenter at the NSLTA on NSTU Professional Associations Conference Day.

Thank you, John, for your endless commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm to the Shelburne Local.

Wanda Nickerson

Wanda has been a dedicated educator in Shelburne County for 32 years at the Cape Sable Island family of elementary schools as a classroom teacher and a resource teacher.

Wanda is “very appreciative to the NSTU for the many opportunities they support”. In 2001-2002 she was awarded a PDAF grant, a Sheonoroil Foundation grant, and an Article 60 grant for a project addressing bullying at her school. Wanda has regularly attended the NSTU Provincial Conference. She has been honoured during the Shelburne Local’s Education Week celebrations.

Wanda has served as NSTU representative for several years. She has been a valuable member on various committees at the local level. Most recently she has served on the Education Week Committee, Retirement Banquet Committee, and our Education Award Committee.

It is with great honour, Wanda, to recognize you for this award. Thank you for your dedicated service to the teachers in your local.

Yarmouth Heather Rideout

Heather graduated from Acadia in 1977 with a BMusEd. She started in New Minas Elementary before moving to Yarmouth where she has taught in various schools.

She has always been passionate about her field, fighting for Music to be valued and protected in times of cuts. She has served as Local Liaison for the NSMEA, and as liaison between Tri-County Music teachers and the Board.

Heather has served the Local in many capacities: Annual Council delegate, Treasurer (ten years), and Committees including Professional Development, Social, Board-Teacher, and Economic Welfare. This last was always of particular interest to Heather, who took on a number of causes when she saw things as unfair for teachers.

Most recently, Heather achieved changes to the wording of the Teachers’ Pension Act Regulations to protect part-time teachers who also substitute in their final five years of teaching.

The Yarmouth Local congratulates Heather for a very successful career and wishes her all the best in her upcoming retirement.

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Antigonish Mary MacDougall
Cape Breton District Blair Lafford
Community College Joseph Salah
Pat Twast
Guysborough County Dianne Raoul
Halifax City Mary-Lou Donnelly
Marcia Webb
Halifax County Alexis Allen
Gwen MacLeod Farquhar
Inverness Monica Ryan
Lunenburg County Rhoda Crouse Eisnor
Renata Graham
Elsie Rhodenhiser
Northside-Victoria Garland Standing
Shelburne County Dan Morrison
Yarmouth Gayle Noah
James Rideout
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Annapolis Glen Pulley
Antigonish Jerry Berthiaume
Cape Breton District Redmond MacDougall
William (Bill) Sidney
Colchester-East Hants Ray Boudreau
Community College Scott McKellar
Deborah McVeigh
CSANE M. Clifford Maillet
Linda Samson
Cumberland Cynthia McCarthy
Digby Bobbie Archer
Tony Kelly
Guysborough County Edward Avery
Halifax County Brenda Butler
Sue Hannem
Inverness Marlene MacDonald
Kings Cathy Reimer
Pam Shelton
Lunenburg County Deborah Mitchell
Glynda Wimmer
Brenda Zwicker
Northside-Victoria Mike Dunphy
Chris MacInnis
Pictou Joel Pratt
Shelburne County John Markotich
Jeffrey Norman
Yarmouth Becky Anthony
Janet Smith
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Antigonish Dave MacNeil
Cape Breton District Ron MacIntosh
Rick MacKinnon
Donna Rankin-Neville
Cumberland Barb Black
Norman Jean Collison
John Gillis
Dartmouth Judy Knowlton
Guysborough County Berkley Guthro
Halifax City Barry Imber
Myles McCormick
Halifax County
Charlotte Myers
Kathy Siddall
Hants West David Ritchie
Inverness Sharon Ryan
Kings Susan Serieys
Lunenburg County Carol Hyson
Donald Rice
Ed Kelly
Glen DeMone
Northside-Victoria Jack Toomey
Shelburne County Marilyn Moore
Yarmouth Eileen Coady
Ken Langille
Sharon Sullivan
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Guidebook Excerpt


D. Local Service Award

  I. Purpose

To recognize the outstanding contribution of members who provided leadership and service at the Local level of the NSTU.


 II. Criteria

 a. The member has served for multiple terms on the Local Executive and/or Local Council;

 b. The member is viewed by peers as having given meritorious service which has helped to advance the objectives of the NSTU; or,

 c. The member has given particularly outstanding service to the Local, to education, or to the teaching profession; and,

 d. Awarded to Active Members and Retired Members or individuals who have ceased being NSTU Active Members.


III. Applications

 a. Candidates must be recommended by the Executive of the Local.

 b. The Local President must write a letter to the NSTU President seeking the approval of the Provincial Executive. The letter must outline why the member is deserving of this Local Service Award. The letter must be accompanied by a biographical description indicating the number of years of service in the teaching profession and with the Local, and any specific Local, Regional, or Provincial involvement with the NSTU. The biographical description should be approximately 125 words in length (must not exceed 150 words) and will be used for publication purposes.

 c. Application letters with biographies (one per member) must be received no later than one week prior to either the March or April meeting of the Provincial Executive. Applications may be forwarded earlier than the dates noted above.


 IV. Selection Process

 a. Local Service Awards are granted solely at the discretion of the NSTU Provincial Executive.

 b. The Provincial Executive member representing the Local(s) from which the names have been submitted will be responsible for notifying the President of the Local of the outcome of the decision of the Provincial Executive (Note: Some Locals like to keep the Award a surprise, if possible, until the time the Award is to be received). All notification to the individual is the sole responsibility of the Local Executive.


  V. Presentation of the Award

     a. The Local Service Award consists of a certificate and special pin which are given to recipients by the NSTU President on behalf of the Provincial Executive.

     b. The biographies of the recipients will be provided at the event to celebrate recipients.

     c. All costs associated with the attendance at the event to celebrate recipients (accommodations, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the Local.