Substitute Teacher Committee

(Operational Procedure 4.  Committees - Standing Committees of the Provincial Executive)

P. Substitute Teacher Committee

I. Mandate

The Committee shall:

  1. advise the Provincial Executive on issues affecting and of concern to substitute teachers;
  2. advise the Provincial Executive regarding workshops for substitute teachers;
  3. consider such resolutions submitted to Annual Council to make recommendations for Council’s consideration where appropriate; and,
  4. participate as required in the NSTU Policy Review Process by providing recommendations for the Provincial Executive’s consideration.

II. Composition and Term

  1. The Committee shall consist of five (5) Members appointed through the Nominating Committee process plus a Provincial Executive Member.
  2. Preference, where possible, will be given to Reserve Members.
  3. All Members appointed to the Committee through the Nominating Committee process shall serve a two (2) year term.
  4. The Provincial Executive Member appointed to the Committee shall serve a renewable one (1) year term.

III. Meeting Frequency

It is anticipated that the Committee can fulfill its mandate in three (3) meetings per year.

Reference: OP4 amended by substitution May 2019; November 2019; December 2020; February 2021; June 2021; September 2021; February 2023.