Reserve Membership

Reserve Membership application forms for 2024-2025

Proof of days taught (from payroll statements or statements of days taught) must be forwarded to the NSTU.  A minimum of 15 days taught and claimed is required in the previous and/or current school year.

Effective August 1, 2018 Reserve members must select a Local when applying.

Fee:  $32.00 per year (Expires July 31st of each year)

A Reserve Member is a teacher or other qualified person engaged on a day-to-day basis to take the place of a person regularly employed as a teacher by an Education Entity as defined by the Education Act, who has been employed as such for not less than fifteen (15) days in the preceding and/or the current school year, and who:

(i) is employed on a day-to-day basis by an education entity as defined by the Education Act to take the place of a regularly employed teacher;

(ii) pays an annual Union Membership Fee as fixed from time-to-time by Council; and,

 iii) pays per diem Union Membership Fees as fixed from time-to-time by Council.

The rights of Reserve Membership shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the right to:

(i) benefits as provided through NSTU as bargaining agent;

(ii) request legal assistance in instances resulting from problems arising in the performance of duties;

(iii) professional counselling within education;

(iv) vote at the local and provincial level;

(v) attend Council as outlined in Article II of these By-Laws;

(vi) membership in Professional Associations, except the right to hold office;

(vii) membership in the NSTU Group Insurance Plan, in accordance with the provisions of the plan;

(viii) membership on NSTU committees, where elected or appointed;

(ix) access NSTU publications and materials,

(x)  an NSTU web mail account.