Preparing a Professional Portfolio

Having a professional portfolio to share with the interview team is a way of extending their understanding of your professional beliefs and competency.

  • A portion of your portfolio is the philosophy and beliefs you have about learning
  • How well do you know yourself?
  • Collecting evaluations, feedback from practicums, performance reports, etc.
  • Official papers, record of courses, transcripts, degrees, diplomas, certification, license
  • Responses from your professors or mentors that you value
  • A record of community experiences and volunteerism
  • Significant artifacts such as pictures, writing, research
  • Record of other non-teaching qualifications, for example, valid first aid
  • List of conferences, workshops, etc. that you have attended or provided
  • List your participation on committees, planning teams, sports teams, educational travel groups
  • Record awards, scholarships, special recognitions