Debriefing an Interview and Growth from the Process

  • Interviews are opportunities for learning and positive growth.
  • Thank the interview team for the opportunity before you leave the room.
  • When/If you receive a call telling you that you are the successful candidate, ask how you can prepare for the job and who would be the best person to speak to.
  • If you were not the successful candidate, this is a chance to demonstrate your professionalism and your qualities as a learner. Ask if someone from the team can give you a debriefing. Ask for an appointment or a time to discuss your performance over the telephone.
  • Take the debriefing suggestions very seriously. Ask for clarification and examples if you are unsure.
  • Look for opportunities to grow in some of your skills and experiences. Interview teams need to know that you are comfortable and confident in the necessary skills.
  • Have questions of your own ready for a debriefing. Perhaps you weren't sure what was intended by a certain line of questioning or you wondered what might have been a better response