Provincial Executive

Article III - Provincial Executive, 1. Composition of the NSTU By-Laws states:

(a)  The composition of the Provincial Executive shall be: the President, the First Vice-President, the Immediate Past-President, and twenty-one (21) Regional Members.

(b)  The number of Regional Members and the regions from which they shall be elected are as follows:

                  (i)         Annapolis/Hants West/Kings                                                   2 Members

                  (ii)        Antigonish/Guysborough                                                         1 Member

                  (iii)       Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA)       1 Member

                  (iv)       Cape Breton Industrial                                                            2 Members

                  (v)        Colchester/East Hants                                                            1 Member

                  (vi)       Conseil syndical acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CSANE)    2 Member

                  (vii)      Cumberland                                                                            1 Member

                  (viii)     Dartmouth                                                                               1 Member

                  (ix)       Digby/Shelburne/Yarmouth                                                     2 Members

                  (x)        Halifax City                                                                              2 Members

                  (xi)       Halifax County                                                                         2 Members

                  (xii)      Inverness/Richmond                                                               1 Member

                  (xiii)     Lunenburg County/Queens                                                     1 Member

                  (xiv)     Northside Victoria                                                                    1 Member

                  (xv)      Pictou                                                                                      1 Member

(c)  A Provincial Executive Member must be an Active Member of the NSTU.

(d)  A Provincial Executive Member shall not concurrently hold office at the Local, Regional, or Professional Association Level.

Provincial Executive 2021 - 2022

 (as of August 1, 2021)

Table Officers

Paul Wozney

First Vice-President
Thérèse Forsythe

Second Vice-President 
Russell Comeau

Peter Day

Regional Members

Yolanda Aubrecht (Cape Breton Industrial)

Myla Borden (Pictou)

Byron Butt (Luneburg County-Queens)

Duncan Cameron (Halifax County)

Mary Currie (APSEA)

Kathy Evans (Northside-Victoria)

Meg Ferguson (Halifax County)

Angela Gillis (Halifax City)

Michael Jamieson (Dartmouth)

Deena Jewers (Antigonish-Guysborough)

Natalie MacIsaac (Annapolis-Hants West-Kings)

Richard MacLean (Halifax City)

Jo-Leigh MacPhee (Annapolis-Hants West-Kings)

Sharon Midwinter (Cumberland)

Line Murphy (CSANE|)

Shannon Roy (Colchester-East Hants)

Georgette Samson (CSANE)

Phillip Samson (Inverness-Richmond)

Colleen Scott (Digby-Shelburne-Yarmouth)