Government's Glaze Report wants to remove all Teachers with Administrative Responsibilities from their Union.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this topic

How will teaching vice principals and teaching principals be accommodated in removing them from the Union?

When asked this question, Dr. Avis Glaze did not have an answer.  Minister Zach Churchill does not have an answer.  The government has accepted these recommendations without the support of research or evidence.

We will continue to support all of our teachers with administrative responsibilities to remain in the Union following the well-researched fact that the collegial model is better for teachers and students.

Who will represent teachers with administrative responsibilities in bargaining? 

This recommendation does not allow for a new union for administrators, only an association.  This translates that the interests of the administrators will rest solely with the employer.

Who will represent teachers with administrative responsibilities should they face discipline?

As non-unionized employees, the administrators will be on “their own” in cases of conflict with the employer.  

Will I be able to transfer back into a teaching position should I want to?

Once a teacher opts to leave the NSTU they will no longer be able to transition back into teaching unless hired as a new teacher. Teachers with administrative responsibilities will have to make the final decision to remain as a teacher or leave as an administrator.

Will I have to work during the summers, March Break and other holidays?

This is unknown as the Minister has not communicated a plan or framework for implementing this recommendation.

Do most teachers unions in Canada have their teachers with administrative responsibilities outside the teachers union?

No!  Seven provinces and three territories have their administrators within the union.  Alberta and Saskatchewan pulled back from this action upon study and research of other jurisdictions.

Will it be business as usual at our schools if administrators come out of the NSTU?

No, in provinces where teachers with administrative responsibilities have been removed from the union, there has been an increase in conflict – a greater number of grievances, greater financial and human costs for grievances and poor school climate.  There is a more rigid and confrontational application of the agreement by both sides.

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