Important Information for Substitute Teachers

Important Reminders

  • have you completed necessary forms
  • have you requested a principal's evaluation for your portfolio
  • have you reported any violent incidents to the school principal
  • have you received your NSTU email account as part of your NSTU reserve or active reserve membership

Important Forms

  • The Reserve Membership Application Form is to be filled out by substitutes wishing to apply for reserve membership with the NSTU.  It must be filled out on a yearly basis.
  • The Classroom Information for Substitute Teachers Form ( English / French) is to be filled out by the regular classroom teacher and left for the substitute (see below for further information).*
  • The Substitute Report to Teacher Form ( English / French) is to be filled out by substitute teachers at the end of their work day.
  • The Substitute Report to Principal Form ( English / French) is to be filled out by substitute teachers at the end of their work day.

Substitute Teacher Committee


The mandate of the Substitute Teacher Committee shall be:

  1. to advise the Provincial Executive on issues affecting and of concern to substitute teachers; and
  2. to consider such resolutions as may be referred by Annual Council and make appropriate recommendations; and
  3. to participate as required in the NSTU Policy Review Process by providing recommendations for the Provincial Executive's consideration.

Benefits Reserve Membership

The rights of Reserve Membership shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the right to:

(i) benefits as provided through NSTU as bargaining agent;

(ii) request legal assistance in instances resulting from problems arising in the performance of duties;

(iii) professional counselling within education;

(iv) vote at the local and provincial level;

(v) attend Council as outlined in Article II of these By-Laws;

(vi) membership in Professional Associations, except the right to hold office;

(vii) membership in the NSTU Group Insurance Plan, in accordance with the provisions of the plan;

(viii) membership on NSTU committees, where elected or appointed;

(ix) access NSTU publications and materials,

Reserve Membership application forms for 2018-2019

Fee:  $32.00 per year (Expires July 31st of each year)

Effective August 1, 2018  Reserve members must select a Local when applying.

*Classroom Information Form for Substitute Teachers

  • The Classroom Information Form for Substitute Teachers is an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) form that classroom teachers can download, fill in and print for a substitute teacher.
  • To complete the form, place your curser in the top left-hand field, enter the information and move to each succeeding field.  When the form is complete, simply print the form for the substitute teacher's records.
  • Please note that this form is supplied for the convenience of our members.  No data is gathered in this process. 
  • Renseignements sur la classe pour l'enseignant suppléant
  • Le formulaire intitulé Renseignements sur la classe pour l'enseignant suppléant est un formulaire PDF (Adobe Acrobat) que l'enseignant peut télécharger, remplir et imprimer afin de le donner à un enseignant suppléant.
  • Pour remplir ce formulaire, placez votre curseur dans le champ supérieur gauche, entrez les renseignements demandés et passez au champ suivant. Lorsque le formulaire est complet, il vous suffit de l'imprimer pour le placer dans le dossier de l'enseignant suppléant.
  • Veuillez noter que ce formulaire est fourni uniquement dans l'intérêt de nos membres. Aucune donnée ne sera collectée par ce moyen.