February 13, 2018

The following is a statement from NSTU President Liette Doucet

"Our education system is once again under attack from the McNeil government. Last week we held information sessions around the province to discuss what the Glaze report will mean for our students, our classrooms and our profession. It was clear NSTU members agree the situation is dire and that as teachers and administrators we need to stand up for public education.

We cannot sit on our hands and let Stephen McNeil do to our schools, what he did to our hospitals.  We need to be prepared to fight for what is right and just.

As a result, the NSTU provincial executive approved a strike vote to be held on Tuesday, February 20. This will give the NSTU a mandate to implement a job action if the government is unprepared to back down from implementing the Glaze report."

- Liette Doucet


Contact: Angela Murray, amurray@staff.nstu.ca 902.497.0194