February 8, 2018

Principal says Glaze report will create adversarial culture in schools 

Halifax area school principal Derek Carter says he will seriously consider retiring from the profession he loves if the Glaze report is implemented

He says the education system has faced many challenges recently and he predicts the government's proposed changes will not do what is necessary to make things better for our students.

“I believe teachers are committed to working tirelessly every day, trying their best to meet the diverse needs of students. Our education system presents them with many challenges that make their jobs impossible. The recommendations being implemented by the government fail to address the real issues crippling our education system,” says Carter.

“Much of the success that occurs in our schools is due to the collaboration and trusting relationships that exist between teachers and school administrators; working together and supporting one another to ensure our students are successful. I fear banning administrators from the union is going to create adversarial cultures in our schools that will further weaken the entire system. Our students will suffer.”

Carter adds, “I became a teacher because I love kids. I wanted to serve my community and help others succeed. I'm really not interested in becoming a manager. Many of the recommendations in the Glaze report will negatively impact my school and others like it. It's completely unnecessary.”

NSTU President Liette Doucet says it is unfortunate that this government’s actions are undermining what is in the best interests of families. “We’ve always had challenges in our schools, but instead of solving problems this government’s plan is intent on creating new ones,” says Doucet. “Forcing our most experienced teachers out of the classroom and into retirement is not going to help students. It is just going to create a leadership void in the public education system.”