February 21, 2018

NSTU votes to protect public education

Nova Scotia teachers voted firmly in favour of protecting public education by giving the NSTU a strike mandate.

Eighty-two and a half per cent voted in favour of job action. Ninety-four per cent of NSTU public schools members participated in the vote.

“Teachers are prepared to put themselves at risk, both professionally and financially, to stop a damaging experiment in our public education system,” says NSTU President, Liette Doucet. “These are the people who have dedicated their lives to educating our province’s children. They will do whatever it takes to prevent the government from bringing chaos to their schools and classrooms.”

She adds, “It is evident that the Premier is moving too quickly with the Glaze report. He needs to talk to educators and properly consult with all Nova Scotians. I hope the Premier will consider the gravity of this strike vote and acts in a conciliatory manner.”

Doucet says teachers are willing do to whatever it takes to protect the future of their students.

“Nova Scotia’s teachers are not prepared to sit on their hands and allow this government to do to our schools, what it has already done to our hospitals,” says Doucet. “Teachers want only the best for their students, they don’t want to strike, but currently the Premier is not acting in a responsible manner.”