August 21, 2018

New NSTU president Paul Wozney on the job

NSTU president Paul Wozney is three weeks into his term as the Nova Scotia Teachers Union’s 45th President.

“Recent times have been challenging for the NSTU and its members,” says Wozney. “I’m looking forward to addressing these challenges head on to strengthen our public education system while working to restore the many rights teachers have had taken away by the current government.”

Prior to being elected President, Wozney was a teacher at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford and represented the Halifax County Local on the NSTU provincial executive. He taught in Montreal for 4 years, returning to Nova Scotia in 2002 to work as a substitute before earning his permanent status. He has worked at both junior and senior high levels and served as a mentor/support teacher within the Halifax Regional Centre of Education. He is happily married, raising three children who attend public school. 

“I’m committed to establishing a new more proactive approach when it comes to advocating on behalf of teachers and their students,” says Wozney. “Part of this transformation will be changing the current dynamic with government while also unifying and strengthening the collective voice of educators across the province.”

He adds, “I was elected to bring positive change to the NSTU and my primary focus as I assume this new role is delivering on that mandate. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us in the coming weeks and months, but I’m optimistic about our organization’s future.”

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union represents approximately 10,000 public school teachers and teachers who work for the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Since 1895, it has worked to improve the quality of public education for children and youth in Nova Scotia, while promoting and advancing the teaching profession.