McNeil government needs to fully implement inclusive education reforms

March 6, 2019

McNeil government needs to fully implement inclusive education reforms

(Halifax, NS) NSTU President Paul Wozney says the McNeil government must stop cherry picking the recommendations from the Commission on Inclusive Education and fully implement its 2018 report.

Wozney’s comments come on the heels of a Freedom of Information request from the NDP indicating the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is not following through with a plan to appoint a Director of Inclusive Education.

“We owe it to the many students who aren’t receiving the support they deserve to not cut any corners when it comes to improving our inclusive education system,” says Wozney. “The final report from the commission provided a road map for addressing many of the chronic issues in our classrooms. Unfortunately, there is now a long list of valuable advice that has not been acted on.”

He says part of the problem is Minister Zach Churchill’s reluctance to genuinely engage and work collaboratively with parents and teachers.

“The day the final report on inclusive education was released the Minister promised in a written statement that he would work with his 'partners' to develop a path forward, but this has yet to happen with either the NSTU and its members or with parents,” says Wozney. “Teachers and parents are fully committed to collaborative change that enables Nova Scotia to be the Canadian leader in inclusive education, but this can only happen if government is willing to listen to teachers and parents, the true front line leaders, who spend each and every day facing these challenges head-on.”

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