January 24, 2018

Government’s acceptance of Glaze report bad for public education

NSTU President Liette Doucet says the government has decided to double down on its bad decisions by once again throwing Nova Scotia’s education system into chaos by attacking the collective rights of teachers.

“Without any meaningful consultation with parents, teachers or students the Premier decided he needs to legislate away more collective rights from teachers that have been in place for 123 years,” says NSTU president Liette Doucet.

“Removing principals from the teachers union is not going to improve the quality of education, creating a college of teachers isn’t going to impact teachers’ performance. All these measures do is offset costs from the Department of Education onto the backs of teachers while further eroding their ability to negotiate fair contracts,” says Doucet.

She adds, “If the Premier and Minister Churchill were serious about improving education, they would be opening up the Glaze report to public comment and consulting with teachers, parents and students before implementing any recommendations. Sadly they already proved last year they were not serious about improving education when they didn’t listen to teachers at Law Amendments.”

“History shows this won’t improve education, it will not save the province money,” she continues. “We need collaboration and cooperation from this government, not one that dictates and legislates.”