January 23, 2018

Education review a recipe for chaos in our public education system 

NSTU President Liette Doucet says if implemented, Avis Glaze’s report into public school administration would do nothing but bring turmoil to an education system, already fragile after the imposition of Bill 75.“What this report lays out is essentially the same failed experiment the current government tried with healthcare,” says Doucet. “This does nothing to help students or teachers, all it does is create a larger centralized bureaucracy while bringing division to our schools.”

Doucet says removing principals and vice principals from the union will not benefit students.

“All but two provinces in Canada have teachers and principals in the same union,” says Doucet. “Our current collegial model places emphasis on conflict resolution and healthy staff relations, this creates a positive work environment that benefits teachers and their students.”

Doucet says it’s just too much of a coincidence that the Glaze report copies the more controversial aspects of the Education Action Plan. “It seems like much of this comes from this government’s anti-union agenda. It’s just more of the same.”

In her book, The Children Cannot Wait, Avis Glaze is quoted as saying “For me, I have always held firmly the belief that to get things done in schools you need the support of unions. They are tremendously good at capacity building.”

Doucet says, “This report contradicts Dr. Glaze’s own philosophy.”

NSTU president Liette Doucet is available for media interviews at 1:30 pm at the NSTU


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