Education Week 2016

Education Week 2016

Education Week takes place from April 17 - 23, 2016 under the theme Media Literacy, Empowering Critical Thinking in a Digital Media World/ Les compétences médiatiques: savoir faire preuve d’esprit critique à l’ère des médias numériques.

Education Week provides a special opportunity for the education community to acknowledge educators and partners for their outstanding work relative to the Education Week theme. A ceremony was held on April 18 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Charles P. Allen High School. Click here to view a photo of the 2016 award recipients

This year’s theme focuses on the importance of media and digital literacy and celebrates educators’ involvement in developing the skills required to understand, create, and critically interpret print, screen-based, and digital text. These media are a primary means of daily communication in our students’ world. Education Week 2016 recognizes educators who are teaching students to become respectful, responsible and ethical digital citizens.

Education Week is a cooperative project between public education stakeholders in Nova Scotia. The communication officers from the NSTU, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association (NSSBA), and the Department of Education, a volunteer director of the NSSBA, the president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations (NSFHSA), a representative from the Association of Nova Scotia Education Administrators (ANSEA) and the executive director of the Fédération des parents acadiens de la Nouvelle- Écosse (FPANE) comprise the committee. The chair of the committee rotates between partners. This year’s committee is chaired by Angela Murray, NSTU’s Public Relations & Communications Coordinator.

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