Professional Associations Directory

Below is a list of all NSTU Professional Associations, their fees to join, and links to their respective websites:

Link Professional Association Fee
AEA L'Association des enseignants acadiens $15.00
AST Association of Science Teachers $10.00
ATA Art Teachers Association $20.00
ATEC Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children $10.00
ATENS Association of Teachers of English of Nova Scotia $15.00
ATYA Association of Teachers of Young Adolescents $20.00
BETA Business Education Teachers Association $20.00
EDANS Educational Drama Association of Nova Scotia $25.00
FSTA Family Studies Teachers Association $15.00
MTA Mathematics Teachers Association $12.00
NSATEE Nova Scotia Association of Teachers for Equity in Education $15.00
NSLTA Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association $20.00
NSMEA Nova Scotia Music Educators' Association $15.00
NSSCA Nova Scotia School Counsellors Association $20.00
NSTALL Nova Scotia Teachers Association for Literacy and Learning $10.00
NSTEA Nova Scotia Technology Education Association $20.00
PETA Primary Elementary Teachers Association $10.00
PISA Psychologists in Schools Association $20.00
SPAA Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Association $15.00
SSTA Social Studies Teachers Association $15.00
TAPHE Teachers Association for Physical and Health Education $15.00

Affiliated Organizations - Retired Teachers Organization

In June 2005, the Retired Teachers Association became the Retired Teachers Organization of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. Its objectives, membership and operating constitution, with appropriate procedures, were incorporated into a new constitution approved by the Provincial Executive of the NSTU. The Retired Teachers Organization has its own executive, executive committee, standing committees, and branch locals throughout the province. Its mandate is to work within the NSTU to support retired teachers. Its mission advances, promotes and protects the welfare of its members.

Click here to access the RTO website.