Deferred Salary Leave Plan

The Deferred Salary Leave Plan offers teachers the opportunity of taking a one (1) year or a six (6) month leave of absence through the deferral of salary to finance the leave. Any teacher who holds a permanent contract with a school board is eligible to participate in the plan.

A teacher must make written application to the Regional Executive Director or Superintendent of Schools on or before April 30 of the school year prior to the school year deferred plan is to commence, requesting permission to participate in the plan. Approval of individual requests to participate in the plan shall rest solely with the school board and a refusal by the school board to approve an application shall be final and non-grievable.

While a teacher is enrolled in the plan and not on leave, any benefits tied to salary level shall be structured according to the salary the teacher would have received had the teacher not been enrolled in the Plan.

A teacher’s benefits will be maintained during the leave of absence, however the premium costs of all benefits shall be paid by the teacher during the leave.  Sick leave credits shall not accumulate and cannot be used during the year spent on leave. Pension deductions shall be continued during the leave. The leave shall be a year of pensionable service and teaching service. Pension deductions shall be made on the salary the teacher would have received had the teacher not entered the plan or gone on leave.

A requirement of the plan is that the teacher shall return to work for the same period as the leave (i.e. six months or one year). On return from leave a teacher shall be assigned to the same position, supervisory position, or if due to declining or changing enrollment patterns said position no longer exists, the employee shall be governed by the appropriate terms of the agreement.

A teacher may withdraw from the plan anytime prior to March 1 of the calendar year in which the leave is to commence. Any exceptions shall be at the discretion of the school board. Teachers may, under exceptional circumstances such as serious illness, resignation or early retirement withdraw from the plan at any time during the year(s) of deferral provided the withdrawal is approved by the school board. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. If a teacher withdraws, the teacher shall be paid a lump sum adjustment equal to any monies deferred plus interest accrued. Repayment shall be made as soon as possible within 60 days of withdrawal from the plan.  If a withdrawal is made during the year of deferral, a $500 service charge will be levied by the Teachers Plus Credit Union.

Teachers who are discharged pursuant to Article 20.04 and teachers who are terminated pursuant to Article 20.05 or in accordance with the provision of an agreement between a school board and the Union while enrolled in the plan shall be required to withdraw and shall be paid a lump sum adjustment of salary deferred to the date of withdrawal plus interest accrued.

All teachers wishing to participate in the plan shall be required to sign the approved contract before final approval for participation is granted. Once entered into the contract provisions concerning percentage of salary and time of leave may be amended by mutual agreement between the teacher and the board.

The Deferred Salary Leave Plan is described in the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement and the APSEA Agreement.  Further information is also available by contacting the NSTU Central Office. 

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