Information for Retired Teachers

  • The NSTU is unable to provide advice to retired members with respect to eligibility for any programs announced by the Federal or Provincial governments.  Retired members who have questions related to the various government support programs should contact the appropriate government agency for infomration related to elgiibility.
  • Teachers' Pension payments can only be affected by:
    • CPP integration taking effect at age 65.  The CPP integration is based on a formula over your workng career and has no direct relationship to the amount of CPP that you are receiving.
    • Working in a position (teaching, school administration, Community College Faculty, or Community College Professional Support) that requires pension contributions.  The Teachers' Pension Plan allows persons in receipt of a Teachers' Pension to work a limited number of days (69.5/99.5) without being required to make pension contributions.  It is only when a person in receipt of a Teachers' Pension works more than the alloted days that the person's Teachers' Pension is stopped until the person stops working and becomes elgibile for the pension to be restarted.
    • The Teachers' Pension Plan is only integrated with CPP.  Any changes to other programs such as OAS has no effect on a retiree's Teachers' Pension.