NSTU Representation on External Committees - (As of August, 2013)

Department of Education

  • Distance Education (TPA Article 49.10): Donnie Holland, Leonard Hornung, Patsy Height-Lewis, Simon Wilkin
  • Computers for Schools Sterring Committee: Simon Wilkin
  • Education Week: Angela Murray
  • Leave for Injury on Duty (TPA, Article 26.07): Janine Kerr
  • Minister's Advisory Committee on Teacher Certification: Debbie McIsaac/Shelley Morse
  • Partners Working Group: Aligning Teacher Qualfications with Learner Needs: Debbie McIsaac
  • Power of Positive Change: Gérard Cormier
  • Professional Committee (TPA 9A): Joan Ling/Janine Kerr
  • Provincial Job Security Committee: Stacy Samson
  • Regional Job Security Committee: Stacy Samson
  • Restorative Approaches in Schools Project Advisory Committee:  Betty-Jean Aucoin
  • Special Education Programs & Services Committee: Debbie McIsaac
  • Student Information Systems Steering Committee: Simon Wilkin


  • CTF ad hoc Committee on Diversity & Human Rights: Pat Hillier
  • CTF ad hoc Committee on the Status of Women: Shelley Morse
  • CTF Francophone Liaison: Gérard Cormier
  • CTF Leonard Foundation: Gérard Cormier
  • Project Overseas: Gérard Cormier


  • CCPA(NS) Steering Committee: Debbie McIsaac
  • DSS Conference Committee: Betty-Jean Aucoin
  • Historica Fairs: Betty-Jean Aucoin
  • Media Awareness Network Advisory Committee: Betty-Jean Aucoin
  • N.S. Educational Leadership Consortium Board of Directors: Debbie McIsaac
  • N.S. Educational Leadership Consortium (Program): Betty-Jean Aucoin/Debbie McIsaac
  • N.S. Instructional Leadership Program Advisory Committee (NSELC): Debbie McIsaac
  • Partners for Human Rights: Gérard Cormier
  • Pension Appeals: Sandy Dyke
  • Pension Corporate Transition Board:  Bill Redden
  • Prime Minister's Awards Committee: Gérard Cormier
  • RTO Liaison Committee: Joan Ling, Shelley Morse, Randy Holmesdale, Jim Kavanaugh
  • Teachers' Pension Board: Paul Boudreau, Shelley Morse, Joan Ling & Allan MacLean
  • Teachers' Pension Plan Trustee, Inc: John Jordan (retired member), Russell Comeau (active member) , Bill Redden (Industry Expert) & Jack MacLeod
  • Vision for the 21st Century Stakeholders Group: Joan Ling and Debbie McIsaac