Substitute Teacher Committee

a. Mandate

The mandate of the Substitute Teacher Committee shall be:

  1. to advise the Provincial Executive on issues affecting and of concern to substitute teachers;
  2. to consider such resolutions as may be referred by Annual Council and make appropriate recommendations;
  3. to participate as required in the NSTU Policy Review Process by providing recommendations for the Provincial Executive’s consideration;
  4. to organize an annual provincially-sponsored conference for Local substitute liaisons. 

b. Composition

  1. The Committee shall consist of five Active and/or Active Reserve members with preference where possible for Active Reserve members.
  2. The Committee shall also include one member from the Provincial Executive as the Executive representative.
  3. Appointment to this Committee shall be for a one-year renewable term with consideration given to continuity.
  4. The appointment of committee members to the Substitute Teacher Committee shall be at the October meeting of the Provincial Executive.
  5. The annual report of the Committee shall be distributed to substitute teachers following approval by the Provincial Executive. 

c. Meeting Frequency

The Committee shall meet three times a year. 

Reference: October 29, 1999; March 31, 2000; February 2002; Feb., 2003; June 5, 2004; Aug.13, 2004; February 24-26, 2005; April 1, 2006

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