The Interview Process

Every interview team is different, every position is different.

In preparation ask the following questions:

  1. Who will be there? Where will it be held?
  2. How long are interviews typically? Try to be conscious of your time.
  3. If you are asked to do a presentation, inquire about the format. Does it involve technology? How long should it be? Make sure you understand what the team wants to hear.

During the Interview

  1. During the interview, let the team know at the beginning what paperwork or artifacts you have brought and ask how they would like it to be shared.
  2. Never read a presentation unless you are asked.
  3. FOCUS on the questions. Be very sure to answer what is asked.
  4. Ask to have a question repeated if it is unclear, especially if it has multiple parts.
  5. Interview teams would prefer that candidates took a few moments to gather their thoughts, than to respond in haste. Teams also do not mind if you jot a few quick words to keep you focused (for a few questions).
  6. Respond with your specific thoughts or experiences. Try to avoid commentary on the questions or lengthy stories.
  7. Be prepared to be probed for clarification.