Identifying Your Skills Bank as Teachers/Educators

By Jill Curley, M.Ed. Mount Saint Vincent University


  • Who we are?
  • Why you are or want to be a teacher?
  • What is a skill?

Why develop your skills bank

  • Targeted resume creation
  • Effective interview preparation
  • Purposeful portfolio generation
  • Resourceful internet profiles
  • Valuable investment in your future

How to identify skills

  • Reflect
  • Evaluate
  • Demonstrate
  • Accept
  • Communicate

The Language

  • Important to be well-versed/articulate
  • Recognize appropriateness of skill to situation
  • Types: transferable, work-content, task-oriented
  • Basic categories: data, ideas, people, things
  • Interests, values, personal qualities, competencies, strengths, motives

Words to the wise: writing for clarity

  • Exercise to reinforce learning
  1. Pick 3 general experiences that you enjoyed (i.e., camp counsellor)
  2. For each experience, list the actual tasks that you enjoyed doing (i.e., organizing educational activities)
  3. What skills did you need to have in order to be successful at the enjoyed tasks (i.e., organizational, listening, leadership, creative)
  4. When the list is complete, circle those skills that come up more than once

Words to the wise: relevant teaching skills

  • Evaluation, problem-solving, analytical, consultation
  • Adaptability, creativity, resourcefulness, flexibility, initiative, motivation
  • Communication (written/verbal), interpersonal, listening, coaching, persuasion, negotiation, influencing, facilitation, advisory, teamwork, training
  • Organizing, planning, critical-thinking, observation, goal-setting, classroom management, decision-making, learning

Words to the wise: other skill areas

  • Assertiveness, research, supervision, administrative, financial, budgeting
  • Technical (programming, computing, designing), networking, counselling, mediation
  • Public-relations, marketing, promoting, delegating, recruiting, developing, production
  • Trend-watching, risk-taking, self-awareness, personal management

Accessing your skills bank: when and where

  • Identify skills related to teaching field as well as skills developed through various experiences (extracurricular, employment, travel, other training)
  • You need to be able to pull/take out/adjust relevant skill areas (themes) from your skills bank at a moment's notice
  • Development and preparation is the key