Sheonoroil Board of Directors

The Sheonoroil Foundation is a registered charity supporting research, inquiry, reflection, writing, distribution of information and interventions that focus on all forms of violence in the public school and community college systems, including anti-violence and peaceful schools initiatives.

Established by the NSTU in 1999, it operates with a Board of Directors. The Foundation will extend financial resources to any active or retired member of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, to any group of active or retired NSTU members, or to any group of public school or community college students working in cooperation with a teacher/faculty advisor.

Funding grants shall be awarded to anti-violence programs that have a direct and immediate impact on classrooms, students, teachers, faculty, staff, administration and community.

Further information on the Sheonoroil Foundation, and application forms for grants, are available on the Sheonoroil website or by email

Board of Directors

  • Janine Kerr, Chair, Executive Director, NSTU
  • Bill Bruhm (Retired), Lunenburg 2021
  • Jason Ralph, Halifax County, 2021
  • Angela Wisen, Halifax County, 2021
  • Kerry Doucette, Colchester-East Hants, 2022
  • Elizabeth Kyle, Halifax City, 2022
  • Anna Muise, Cape Breton District, 2022
  • John White, Exectuive Member
  • Pam Langille, Executive Staff Officer NSTU