Between October 15th and November 12th, 2019 Grant Thornton hosted 19 regional one-hour group conversations, including three electronic sessions, asking you questions to better understand what Members need from their Union. We then sent out a free-form questionnaire for members unable to take part in one of these regional sessions, or for those who wished to give further input beyond what was shared at the sessions. Your voices have been heard, Grant Thornton gathered this information from the regional sessions and written responses into a comprehensive survey to help prioritize the services you’ve said are important to you.

The survey can be accessed at:

Click on this link to access the survey in French:

Having difficulty completing the survey?

It has come to Grant Thornton’s attention that a few individuals are experiencing difficulty completing their survey. The Member believes they have filled in the entire survey but when submitted a warning pops up stating that a section is not completed.

Question 1 of the survey is a ranking exercise; Members are being asked to rank 10 different themes from 1 to 10 in terms of the theme’s priority for the Member. Unfortunately, a down fall with the survey is that if the Member selects a priority as 1 and then further down the list selects another priority as 1, the survey will not “bump” or auto adjust the earlier ranking. All ten themes must be prioritized manually by selecting a number from 1 through 10, with no duplicates and no blanks.

Survey open until Monday, March 16th

Why should you participate?

Whether you are an active Union member or not, your opinion matters. Only by hearing from all members, with varying degrees of experience and backgrounds, will we be able to shape our short and long term goals to meet your needs.

Chance to win!

All responses are provided anonymously and results are received directly by a third party (Grant Thornton). Only aggregated data will be provided to the NSTU. Should you wish to provide your name, you will be entered into a draw for a chance at one of five $100 cash prizes. Note: only the names of the prize draw winners will be provided to NSTU for purposes of prize distribution.


Email us at with any questions you may have. This process is all about you.