CTF/FCE Teacher Mental Health Check-in Survey – Pandemic Research

Dear NSTU members,

On behalf of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE), the NSTU invites you to participate in the following national online survey CTF/FCE Teacher Mental Health Check-in Survey – Pandemic Research. Please refer to the email below for the survey link and instructions. Filling out this survey should take 5-7 minutes. 

The results will be invaluable to the NSTU and to the CTF/FCE. Your response will help ensure strong teacher voice in our advocacy on behalf of members.

If you have any questions about completing this survey, please do not hesitate to send me an email at president@nstu.ca.

Paul Wozney, President

Greetings from the Canadian Teachers’ Federation,

As noted above, the CTF/FCE is conducting a teacher survey in partnership with your provincial teacher organization called CTF/FCE Teacher Mental Health Check-in Survey – Pandemic Research. The views of teachers collected in this survey will provide us with evidence to inform advocacy and programming going forward. All responses will be anonymous and treated with the strictest confidence.

Please complete the survey by end of day Sunday, October 25, 2020.

To complete the survey, please click on the link below. If you are unable to connect to the survey, copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your internet web browser to launch the survey.  

If you experience any technical difficulties with the survey, please notify us by email at research_recherche@ctf-fce.ca. 


Thank you for sharing your voice with your colleagues from across Canada.


The ongoing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on public education systems around the world has been profound. This research will assist the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) and all provincial and territorial Member Organizations (MOs) in advocating for appropriate supports, policies, and programs to support teacher mental health and well-being during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada’s teachers and education workers have been agile instituting emergency responses in this pandemic to create stability and continuity for students. Your continued efforts throughout the pandemic, including returning to teaching in an uncertain context, are to be applauded.

The following survey is applicable to educators who are currently teaching in-person, online/virtually, or hybrid delivery in the current 2020-2021 school year. If this applies to you, your participation in this survey will assist your provincial or territorial organization and the CTF/FCE, in determining how to most effectively meet the mental health and well-being needs of members during the 2020-2021 school year.

About the Survey

Your contributions as a Canadian teacher are both essential and greatly appreciated! This survey should take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete. Please complete this survey only once. The language of the survey can be changed at the top of the first page prior to beginning to enter your responses. Please do not change the language after having begun the survey, as this will erase the answers you have already entered. In addition, please navigate through the survey using the Next and Back buttons located at the bottom of each page of the survey, instead of the arrows on your internet browser, as this can lead to lost responses.

The CTF/FCE Teacher Mental Health Check-in survey closes October 25, 2020.

Research Survey Participation

The survey is completely voluntary and you are free to skip questions, in whole or in part, with the exception of the initial identifying questions, which are required. You can also end your participation in the survey prior to submitting your completed response. In addition, all responses will be confidential. Only aggregate data will be reported. No personal identifying data will be used in any analysis. If you wish to be contacted to participate in a follow-up interview, only then will identifying information be collected for purposes of future research.

Consent and Privacy Protection

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation adheres to Tri-Council ethical standards in the collection and use of data from survey respondents. Your participation in this survey implies that you have consented to the use of your answers in reports and/or communications. All data included in future reporting will remain confidential and anonymous. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Pamela Rogers email: progers@ctf-fce.ca at the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.


Chères et chers membres du NSTU,

 Au nom de la Fédération canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants (CTF/FCE), le NSTU vous invite à participer à un sondage national en ligne intitulé Sondage éclair de la CTF/FCE sur la santé mentale du personnel enseignant — Étude sur la pandémie. Le courriel ci-dessous vous fournit le lien vers le sondage et les instructions. Il vous faudra de cinq à sept minutes pour répondre au sondage.

 Les résultats du sondage seront très utiles au NSTU et à la CTF/FCE. En participant, vous faites en sorte que l’action politique que nous menons au nom des membres représente bien la voix des enseignantes et enseignants.

 Si vous avez des questions au sujet de ce sondage, n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un courriel à president@nstu.ca.

Paul Wozney, Président

Salutations de la Fédération canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants,

Comme c’est indiqué ci-dessus, la CTF/FCE mène un sondage en partenariat avec votre organisation provinciale de l’enseignement intitulé Sondage éclair de la CTF/FCE sur la santé mentale du personnel enseignant — Étude sur la pandémie. Les points de vue des enseignantes et enseignants recueillis dans le cadre de ce sondage constitueront une mine de renseignements qui nous aideront à orienter notre action politique et nos programmes à l’avenir. Toutes les réponses resteront anonymes et seront traitées dans la plus stricte confidentialité.

Veuillez répondre au sondage d’ici la fin de la journée le dimanche 25 octobre 2020.

Pour remplir le questionnaire du sondage, vous n’avez qu’à cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous. Si le questionnaire n’apparaît pas, copiez-collez le lien dans la barre d’adresse de votre navigateur Web pour le lancer.

Veuillez s’il vous plaît signaler tout problème technique par courriel à research_recherche@ctf-fce.ca.


Merci de joindre votre voix à celle de vos collègues des quatre coins du Canada.