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 Receipts for conferences will be distributed electronically from NSTU Central office starting the week following the conference.
They will be emailed to the address provided during registration.

October Conferences will be 100% virtual this year.

Every year, Professional Associations begin planning for their October Conference very early in the New Year. The decision to hold virtual conferences was made in the spring of 2021 based on COVID protocol information available at that time.

Participants can visit this website to get links to their individual sessions:

October 22, 2021

The NSTEA conference will aim to help Tech Ed and Skilled Trades teachers hone their skills in a variety of specialties from the comfort of their own work sites. Sessions will have teachers working with the tools, technology and practices they are already familiar with to help them improve or implement new skills in their spaces. All sessions are day-long format, with opportunities for breaks and practice between on-line instructional times with experts.

Registration Information


Contacts:  Andrew Seymour and Craig Thornton -

Fee breakdown:

Conference Fee - $70.00
Substitutes / Retirees / Pre-Service Teachers - $20.00

As per NSTU Operational Procedure 13 E. IV.: receipts of payment and attendance will not be distributed until the conference has concluded.

Workshop Descriptions

All Day Sessions – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Workshop 1:  Coding in the Classroom
Adam will take participants through lessons, projects and ideas for teaching coding in the classroom. Adam has developed a series of videos to be used in the classroom and participants will have the opportunity to practice using the same resources that they could bring back to their own classes.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Adam Connor

Workshop 2:  Pen Turning
Join the Lee Valley experts for a day-long lathe workshop on pen turning. Participants will join Scott Croucher while using the lathe in their lab to turn a pen from start to finish. You will also be provided an opportunity to develop a grade appropriate design challenge. Participants will be provided with the consumable materials they need by mail from the NSTEA. Participants must have access to a wood lathe, drill press, and bandsaw at their site.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Scott Croucher, Lee Valley

Workshop 3:  Digital Photography
Karla Hames is back for another day-long workshop on photography! This session will include info and practice on visual literacy, technical aspects of digital SLR cameras, opportunities to practice specific types of shots, and feedback from the experts throughout the day. Participants must have access to a digital SLR camera and tripod at their site.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Karla Hames, Photographer

Workshop 4: Skilled Trades - Next Steps
Skilled Trades teachers are invited to join Ian and Steve as well as special guests for this day-long session to learn more about implementing new concepts such as brick laying into the Skilled Trades 10 and Construction Trades 11 courses. Get tips on Transportation Trades 11, getting started in Skilled Trades teaching, partnering with industry, and creating a YouTube channel for improving student success. Participants should be currently teaching Skilled Trades courses.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenters: Ian Wilson & Steve Chase & Special Guests

Workshop 5: Google Apps for Education Tips and Tricks
This session will take you through the suite of Google Apps for Education and some of the recent changes. Open to all levels of users, you will learn techniques, shortcuts, and have an opportunity to apply some of the things you learn to your own lessons right in the session! Practice using Google sites, sheets, optimize your mail, classroom, and try some new concepts.
(maximum enrolment: 35)
Presenter: Andrew Seymour & Special Guests

Workshop 6: Multimedia & Adobe Creative Suite
Join NSCC Graphic Artist, Crystal McManus, her students, and other NSCC partners in a day-long session to practice using the Adobe creative suite software, learn more about the related programming at NSCC in the areas of graphic design, film & video, and multimedia. Participants should (but not required to) have access to a device with the Adobe Creative suite to fully participate. 
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: NSCC, Crystal McManus & Friends

Workshop 7: CNC i-Carver
This workshop is for teachers who have a CNC i-Carver and wish to have a day to practice using it, while implementing some new strategies, with expertise from Sam and other teachers. Concepts covered will include V-Carve software, set-up, cutting, and trouble-shooting strategies to maximize student success.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Sam Evanson & Friends

Workshop 8: Safety: Lab and Tool Maintenance
This session will take you into your production labs where you will discuss safe practices, have an opportunity to learn about and practice blade replacement, Sawstop cartridge management, sharpening, and other maintenance on a variety of common tools found in schools in Nova Scotia. 
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Craig Thornton & Friends

Workshop 9: Grade 7-8 New Tech Ed Curriculum
This workshop is a practical lab-based opportunity for teachers to write design challenges, and to create a project using the new curriculum outcomes. Concepts addressed will include Netukulimk, assessment, core subject integration, and writing design challenges for all four TE modules. Optional projects include: charcuterie board, structures, and hydraulics.  Participants will be provided with some workshop materials by mail, including a set of ‘outcomes cards’ for writing design challenges that integrate core subjects.
(maximum enrolment: 15)
Presenter: Terry Ryan & Kilah Hayden

Registration Closed

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