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Professional Learning Workshops & Presentations

Many presentations are flexible as to their length and depth – facilitators will adapt to your needs in this regard. Most are available in French and English.

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NSTU Facilitated Workshops & Presentations

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Contracts & Benefits Unionism Professional Learning Governance Wellness

Contracts & Benefits

Article 60 Professional Development Fund
A presentation detailing the Article 60 Professional Development Fund regime across Nova Scotia.

Collective Bargaining (Regional/Public School)
A presentation explaining two-tier bargaining, the Provincial and Regional collective bargaining process.

A session to discuss policy and legal context within which members address parental and other harassment concerns.

Leaves *new
An overview of the various leaves that apply to NSTU members through regional and provincial agreements.

Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Legislative & Contractual Regime
An overview of the various statutory and contractual provisions that apply to NSTU members. This presentation examines the hierarchy of the contracts and various legislation, and some of the contents within each.

Pensions 101
An overview of the Teacher’s Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan, and Old Age Security and how these 3 pensions provide retirement income for Nova Scotian teachers.

Pregnancy & Parental Leave
A presentation describing the maternity, parental and adoption leave provisions found in NSTU collective agreements and relevant legislation.

Retirement Income
Not to be confused with the 2-day workshop provided in a member’s last five years of service, this is an overview of the difference between pre-retirement and post-retirement income as a starting point for determining income needs in retirement.

Social Media and Teachers
This presentation focuses on the appropriate use of social media by members in both a professional and a personal context, and why.

Substitute Teaching
A session describing the rights and responsibilities of substitute teachers with reference to the provincial and regional collective agreements.

Teachers and the Law
A presentation designed to provide a framework of the legal context NSTU members work within. Teachers gain some foundational understanding of the different contracts, regulations and laws which may apply to them and how some of these might be applied to everyday teaching.

Teacher Certification in Nova Scotia
An overview of the certification framework in Nova Scotia, including the classes of certification, undergraduate studies requirements, endorsation, increasing certificate classification (i.e. upgrading), and teacher mobility within Canada.

Term Teachers
A session customized for each region outlining contractual rights and responsibilities of term teachers.

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Empowering Engagement 
Cultivating a Strong Volunteer Community *new Are you striving to build a thriving volunteer community within our organization? We will delve into the art of volunteer recruiting and how to ensure that our members feel valued and impactful within the broader educational ecosystem.

Introducing New Members to the NSTU
Informing new members of their many benefits available to them early in their career in order to access supports and opportunities from the very beginning.

NSTU Olympics *new
A game-based, competitive overview of the NSTU structure, benefits of membership, as well as governing documents in public education. A fun way to introduce (or remind) members to important rights and supports.

Self-directed Learning with the Support of NSTU Grants
Highlighting the many grants and interesting opportunities available through the NSTU: how to access application forms, tips for applying, and selection criteria for various grants.

Unleashing Unity: Strategies for Engaging & Empowering Members *new
The strength of a union is determined by the engagement of its members. We will explore the levels of engagement, then develop strategies for connecting members to our organization through education, culture-building, branding, and leadership.

Women in Leadership
Some cultural norms and habits are sabotaging progress in our society through assumptions, microaggressions, and outdated understandings. This empowering workshop helps members discover actionable strategies and insights for breaking free form sexism, fostering inclusivity, and propelling positive change.

Your Money, Your Benefits, Your Union
This interactive workshop highlights the sheer volume of benefits and services provided to Members by the NSTU as well as through our agreements.

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Professional Learning

Cultivating Inclusive Learning Spaces
Providing practical tools for meeting the needs of our students from a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens.

The Impact of A. I. on Teaching & Learning *new
The dawn of a new age is upon us – artificial intelligence will have an impact on our profession through programming and student learning. Introductions to what is possible, what to avoid, and how to use A.I. for the forces of good.

Welcoming Gender Diversity in Schools and Classrooms
Let’s think about welcoming gender diversity in schools and classrooms in a respectful and safe way. This workshop is a blend of dispelling myths and misconceptions as well as tools to advocate and interweave gender diversity into your learning spaces. There will be small group as well as whole group discussion for participants to share their thoughts, experiences and questions.

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Parliamentary Procedures
A session detailing commonly referred to parliamentary rules as set out in Robert’s Rules of Order in order to help meetings run more efficiently.

Better understanding the NSTU Resolutions process from initial stages through to Annual Council and beyond to empower members’ voices.

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The Early Intervention Program
Provides information on the variety of offerings available to NSTU members through the EIP program.

Provides information to ensure members are set up properly in the environment where they work so that they are using correct body mechanics and posture to assist with injury prevention, symptom management and workday tolerance.

Teacher Wellness
An overview of diverse wellness strategies, drawing from resources such as occupational therapy, setting boundaries, mindfulness, and self-compassion. This workshop offers a set of tools that educators can integrate into their daily routines to enrich their wellness practice. Participants will gain valuable insights on expanding their support network through our Member Assistance Program and within their local communities and regions.

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