Professional Learning Workshops & Presentations

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union has the in-house expertise to provide professional learning opportunities covering a wide range of topics supportive of members learning and practice.  The workshops available are listed below.

In addition to sessions facilitated by NSTU staff, the NSTU can also arrange for Resilience® Wellness Sessions that are available through the NSTU Employee and Family Assistance program provider Homewood Human Solutions™.  To request a Resilience® Wellness Session please complete the online form found on the webpage.  Click here to view additional information on the Resilience® Wellness Sessions. 

NSTU Facilitated Workshops & Presentations

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Contracts & Benefits

Article 60 Professional Development Fund
A presentation detailing the Article 60 Professional Development Fund regime across Nova Scotia.

Benefits of Membership
A presentation outlining the financial and other benefits of NSTU membership.

Collective Bargaining (Regional/Public School)
A presentation setting out the Provincial and Regional collective bargaining regimes.

A session to discuss policy and legal context within which members address parental and other harassment concerns.

Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave
A presentation describing the maternity, parental and adoption leave provisions found in NSTU collective agreements and relevant legislation.

Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Legislative & Contractual Regime
An overview of the various statutory and contractual provisions that apply to NSTU members.

A presentation describing the Teachers’ Pension Plan regime including discussion of CPP integration and relevant financial and other benefits at retirement.

Preparing for a Job Interview
This session is for beginning and substitute teachers or teachers who hold a term contract. Topics such as what makes a good resume, pre-interview preparation, post-interview, and the various types of interviews will be shared.

Substitute Teaching
A session describing the rights and responsibilities of substitute teachers with reference to the provincial and regional collective agreements.

Teachers and the Law
A presentation designed to provide a framework of the legal context NSTU members work within.

Teacher Certification in Nova Scotia
This presentation provides an overview of the certification framework in Nova Scotia, including the classes of certification, undergraduate studies requirements, endorsation, increasing certificate classification (i.e. upgrading), and teacher mobility within Canada.

Term Teachers
A session customized for each region outlining contractual rights and responsibilities of term teachers.

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Professional Learning

Your Money, Your Benefits, Your Union
This workshop highlights the benefits and services provided by the NSTU to its membership. Given the recent raise in Union Dues it is more important than ever that members realize that they have many important benefits and services that are provided by their Union. This session is interactive and can be tailored for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Introducing New Members to the NSTU
Over recent years, many new members have joined the ranks of the NSTU. As new members they are unaware of the benefits, both negotiated and non-negotiated, that are available to them. This session highlights the benefits that new members should be immediately aware of when they begin their teaching career. After the session teachers receive new member kits which contain the Early Career Teacher Handbook, the Benefits of Union Membership Handbook, the New Member’s Guide to the NSTU Handbook and much more. This session usually lasts about 45 minutes.

 To book either or both of these workshops for your Local, school, Rep Retreat etc. please email Miguelle Légère at or Gérard Cormier at  


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Parliamentary Procedures
A session detailing commonly referred to parliamentary rules as set out in Robert’s Rules of Order.

A session describing the NSTU Resolutions process from initial stages to Annual Council and beyond.

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The Early Intervention Program
Provides information on the EIP program.

Provides information to ensure members are set up properly in the environment where they work so that they are using correct body mechanics and posture to assist with injury prevention, symptom management and work day tolerance.

Transitioning to the New You
This workshop supports members balancing their professional and personal lives.  Members will learn strategies on how to say no and how to incorporate proactive practices in support of life balance. 

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