Pre-Retirement Seminars

NOTE:  Teachers do not register with the Union for the Pre-Retirement Seminars.  Employers are required to submit names by October 3 at the latest.  Members may wish to contact their principal/supervisor on how and when they can submit their names to attend a seminar this school year.

Teachers must register through their employer (Regional Centre for Education, CSAP, or APSEA) and receive approval from their employer to attend a pre-retirement seminar. The employer is responsible for advising teachers of their approval to attend a seminar, which seminar they have been approved to attend, and the appropriate absence code to use.

The Teachers' Provincial and APSEA agreements allow a teacher in their last five (5) years to register with the Employer for a pre-retirement seminar.

The Union provides a two day seminar.  The topics include the features of the Teachers' Pension Plan; money management in retirement; Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security; Retired Teachers Organizations; wills and estate planning, insurance, service awards and the psychological aspects of retirement. 

2020-2021 Pre-Retirement Seminars Schedule

The 2020-2021 schedule is currently being developed.