Group Insurance for Reserve Members

Certification must be received from the school board that you applied for and were available for substitute teaching.

A substitute teacher for the purpose of being considered for the Nova Scotia Teachers Group Insurance Plan shall:

  1. be a Regular Reserve Member or an Active Reserve Member of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union;
  2. have taught at least ten (10) days in the Province of Nova Scotia in the previous school year;
  3. if application for the Group Insurance Plan is made part way through the school year, the substitute teacher must teach at least ten (10) days in the Province of Nova Scotia in the current school year to maintain benefits past August 31st. Once approved, the reserve member must keep the TotalCare / Medical plan for a full 12 month period.  See Total Care / Dental for enrollment information in the Dental Plan.
  4. be a resident of the Province of Nova Scotia during the school year;
  5. provide the Insurance Trustees, through Johnson Inc., with proof of the number of days substituted; and
  6. promptly pay all premiums.

Click here to download the Reserve Member Group Insurance booklet.

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